RPC-171 (Dwright_RPC)

Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-171

Object Class: Gamma-Purple



Hazards: Aggression, Animated, Ballistic, Sentient, Transmutable, Contact, Electric, Extreme Temperatures

Containment Protocols: RPC-171 is to be sealed in a specially conditioned Tokamak Reactor with two reaction chambers. The Tokamak reactor is to be monitored by a certified engineer at all times. Maintenance crew for the reactor must be on-call and able to respond to any reported issues within 15 minutes.

The Tokamak reactor must undergo weekly maintenance upkeep checks to ensure continued operation of both reaction chambers. RPC-171 is to be transferred to the adjacent reaction chamber that is not in use. RPC-171 is not to occupy more than one reaction chamber at any given time. This allows engineers to make repairs to both chambers interchangeably.


A Standard Tokamak Reactor

An electrical fail safe must be maintained and undergo weekly maintenance upkeep with the reactor. A test to ensure the fail safe successfully opens all electrical circuits leading into RPC-171's containment chamber must be completed. During this time, a backup generator (separated from any electrical grids in the facility,) must continue to supply power to the Tokamak reactor to prevent RPC-171's escape. Please see Addendum 171-0 for more details on RPC-171's Tokamak reactor.

Description: RPC-171 is an extremely hostile, transmutable and sentient plasma-based humanoid. It is physically characterized as a black, humanoid silhouette surrounded by plasma-based aura. RPC-171 is able to produce different forms of plasma, such as fire and electricity. Outside of containment, RPC-171's temperature can vary between 1000 to 9726 °C. Coming into direct contact with RPC-171 will cause irreparable damage to the contacted areas. Entity has been reported to attack its victims through the following methods:
-Raising its temperature, rendering its immediate environment uninhabitable by biological life
-Projectile lightning
-Projectile fire

While the entity is sentient, it has made no observable attempt to establish communication with facility staff. Sentience has been observed through high-intelligence problem solving during re-containment procedures. Please see Addendum 171-1 for details on re-containment procedures.

RPC-171 is capable of taking different forms and changing it's physical makeup at will. The entity's main mode of transportation is traveling through electrical circuits and grids. Temporarily shifting out of its humanoid form, should it be located near a closed circuit, RPC-171 will shift into an electrical state and travel through it. This technique has been used to both escape and ambush facility staff.

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