📑 Agent Eldritch: Case Files

RPC-XXX in its habitat.

Registered Phenomena Code: xxx

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazards: h-sentient.png h-chronological.png h-geological.png

Containment Protocols: A fortified perimeter spanning 26 km² has been established around the [redacted] forest in [redacted], Oregon. The perimeter is comprised of concrete barriers topped with steel barbed wire and motion detecting cameras. Authority assets are to inspect the barrier for any defects every 36-hours. Should any defective areas be discovered during inspection, they are to be addressed immediately to prevent a potential security breach. A cover story involving a wildlife sanctuary has been prepared to deter any unauthorized personnel from entering the vicinity. A series of 24-hour surveillance feeds are to be installed at various points around the [redacted] forest to monitor RPC-XXX.

In the event that Authority personnel are unable to locate RPC-XXX within the perimeter or if RPC-XXX is discovered to have expired, protocol RPC-XXX-T is to be immediately executed in order to minimize the casualties of a [reset] event. Should RPC-XXX breach the perimeter, Authority personnel is to prioritize its capture at all costs. Due to RPC-XXX's latent temporal properties, the use of lethal force is forbidden when engaging the specimen. Meticulous care must be taken to ensure the specimen remains alive at all times.


A deceased instance of RPC-xxx

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation given to a bipedal humanoid specimen of unknown origin currently residing within the confined boundaries of the [redacted] forest in [redacted], Oregon. The specimen stands at [meters] in height and weights approximately [weight]. Preliminary testing has revealed that the majority of RPC-XXX's body is comprised of a variety of organic wood material, including Acer campestre, Myroxylon balsamum, and Ocotea porosa.1 RPC-XXX does not appear to require sustenance and has been observed to remain motionless unless disturbed by external factors.

RPC-XXX is docile in nature and has yet to show any visible signs of aggression or predatory behavior. The specimen will instead attempt to flee when approached by Authority staff or local wildlife, likely as an instinctive means of preserving its own well being. Additional cognitive analysis has revealed that the RPC-XXX has a level of intellect comparable to that of a common Pongo pygmaeus.2

RPC-XXX's anomalous properties manifest when the specimen expires. Upon expiring, the remains of the specimen's body will remain motionless for a period of eleven minutes. Once this time has passed, a [reset] event will commence during which RPC-XXX will create a temporal shift spanning 11.5 meters around its deceased remains. During this time, all tangible matter within the perimeter, including RPC-XXX's expired form, will revert back to a state 72 hours 156 hours [redacted] hours prior to RPC-XXX's expiration. RPC-XXX does not appear to retain any memories of its death and will continue to function as normal after a [reset] event has occurred. Additional analysis has revealed that with every [reset] event, the amount of reversion time increases by [redacted] percent.

As of [2017], the effected range of RPC-XXX's temporal shifting abilities have increased from 11.5 meters to 19.5 meters. It is speculated that the range of effectiveness increases with each [reset] event.

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