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Item #: RPC-XXX


RPC-XXX in its powered off state.

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation given to a mechanical sword of the Falchion1 class measuring [x] in length and comprised of an unidentified alloy presumably crafted through the use of highly articulate methods. The weapon appears to be a technologically advanced piece of equipment, capable of producing vast amounts of energy through a combination of high frequency vibrations and arcane enchantments. The length of the blade is engraved with an indiscernible series of geometric patterns which are believed to be Thaumaturgic in nature. The hilt of the blade serves as control panel, allowing the wielder to alter various properties of the weapon including weight, sharpness, and [redacted] by pressing down on a set of triggers. The hilt and its triggers are reminiscent of keys found on a flute, allowing the wielder to press different triggers in a variety of combinations to adjust the properties of the weapon as needed.

RPC-XXX's most distinctive trait is manifested when all four triggers on the hilt are pressed simultaneously, causing the length of the blade to emit a pale glow. Further testing has revealed that when RPC-XXX enters this state, it is capable of cutting through the fabric of baseline reality, creating temporal tears which can be used to travel into an alternate dimension, hereby designated Universe-XXX-1. Further analysis of Universe-XXX-1 via exploration drones has revealed that it is an alternate reality similar to our own, save for the fact that it appears to be uninhabited and in a perpetual state of [decay.] A variety of items have been recovered from Universe-XXX-1, including documents belonging to an organization known as [redacted] inc.
Please see Addendum-XXX-A for an abridged log of items recovered from Universe-XXX-1.

Addendum-XXX-A: Recovery log
The following is a collective log of notable items recovered from Universe-XXX-1. The expedition on which the item was discovered is included alongside a cursory description of the item. All items listed here are currently being held in storage on site-XYZ. Level 2 clearance is required to access items.

  • Expedition-XXX-2: A silver locket attached to a sterling chain. The interior of the locket contains a fine powder believed to be human ash. Recovered from a desk inside of a deteriorated office building. The words "Si vis pacem, para bellum" have been engraved inside.
  • Expedition-XXX-9: A standard college ruled notebook. The name "A. Davis" is written on the cover. Appears to have belonged to a scientific researcher. Various pages have been torn out but remaining pages contain detailed notes and prototype sketches of RPC-XXX.2
  • Expedition-XXX-11:A [redacted] brand voice recorder with a retractable USB prong. Contains four MP3 files saved to its memory. Three of the files belong to a male who refers to himself as "Dr. York" while the final file appears to have been recorded by an unidentified female sometime after Dr. York had expired. Transcripts of the four MP3 files are available with [level-01] clearance. See Addendum-XXX-B for complete list of audio transcripts.

Addendum-XXX-B: Audio Transcripts

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