RPC-477 in containment.


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazards: Contact Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-477 is to be stored in a 100x50x15cm standard Alpha-Class containment box. RPC-477 can only be removed from containment for testing with approval from the Site ██ Site Director. No individuals professing the Muslim faith are to enter the object's storage or test areas at any time, excluding CSD personnel for testing purposes. RPC-477 is to be held by a 5cm-tall plastic cover over the hilt, when not intentionally attempting to trigger its effects.

Description: "RPC-477 is a 12th century Knights Templar sword used in the Second Crusade.1 RPC-477 has a steel blade and pommel with a dark, wooden hilt. It weighs 1.1 kg, and its full length is 90 cm, with a 75 cm long blade. Despite its age, RPC-477 shows no signs of corrosion or damage, and is seemingly immune to rust.

Its anomalous effects manifest whenever any human holds the hilt of the weapon bare-handed. The anomaly cannot be triggered by non-humans or corpses. Exposed subjects (hereafter referred to as RPC-477-1 instances) express strong religious beliefs consistent with 12th century Catholicism. RPC-477-1 gain the ability to identify a human as a Muslim on sight with 100% accuracy, and react to them extremely aggressively, attempting to attack and terminate them with RPC-477. Subjects are highly skilled with the weapon when using it against Muslims, displaying swordsmanship techniques similar to those used by the Knights Templar during the Crusades. This effect does not apply to any other non-anomalous weapons, or against non-Muslim targets. Subjects will also attempt to spread their medieval Catholic religion and Islamic hostility to any non-Muslims they encounter by preaching to them in Medieval Latin, with a ██% chance of success to create another instance of RPC-477-1.

RPC-477-1 will also entirely forget all modern languages it knows, and only be able to speak medieval English, French, Italian and/or Spanish.

If the subject exposed professes a Muslim faith, the subject eviscerates themselves against their vocalized will, which leads to their death.

Addendum: RPC-477 was discovered in ██/██/██ when an instance of RPC-477-1 attacked a Muslim Mosque in ██████████, England, killing ██ people while yelling "Deus Vult"2 , "Non Nobis Domine"3 and "Ave Maria"4 until apprehended by local authorities. When the object was confiscated from this instance, the instance verbalized verbose pro-Catholic and anti-Muslim rhetoric such that another instance of RPC-477-1 was created. The new instance then terminated a female Muslim that was present in the Mosque attack and was being interviewed by a police investigator, as well as a Muslim Arabic-English interpreter. The new instance was then detained by his colleagues. Eventually, the Authority received information about this incident from an Authority informant in the local police department, and Agents ███████, █████ and ██████ were dispatched to retrieve the object and detain both instances of RPC-477-1.

Investigation into how the original instance came into the possession of RPC-477 is ongoing.

Addendum-2: It is believed that during or before the Second Crusade, Pope Eugene III commanded the Order of the Cross to construct RPC-477 for use against the Saracens. It was likely given to Everard des Barres, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar during the time period of the Second Crusade. Further investigation is required.

Addendum-3: The following letter is believed to date back to 1146. It was written by the Order of the Cross and addressed to Everard des Barres. It has been translated to English from Medieval Latin.

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