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Name (for the Series Page): The Chimera


Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Gamma Neutralized (See Incident Log XXX-02)

Containment Protocols: The remains of RPC-XXX are to be preserved in cryogenic cell 2-17, with samples only to be thawed for analysis by Level 3 or higher Researchers.

Description: RPC-XXX is an organism that took the form of a 1.1-meter long Megalographtus1 with varying bio-components. RPC-XXX is capable of copying selective parts of organisms it consumes, utilizing them to it's advantage. RPC-XXX, either through assimilation or instinct, is an adept predator, utilizing bait and lure, and ambush tactics against its targets.

Incident Log XXX-01: RPC-XXX Breach
On ██/██/19██, RPC-XXX escaped from the testing lab, killing 3 researchers before security teams apprehended the entity using noxious gas grenades. Testing of RPC-XXX's appropriation abilities has ceased.

Incident Log XXX-02: RPC-XXX Termination
On ██/██/20██, RPC-XXX escaped from its containment cell during a site-wide containment breach. Due to the difficulty in handling the en mass of entities, MSF-Phi-7 "Helsingers"7 terminated RPC-XXX under the assumption that other entities like it were on-site.

Addendum XXX-01: Origin of RPC-XXX
RNA analysis suggests RPC-XXX did not form naturally, as it would've displaced much of the ecosystem. It is believed that it was created by [DATA EXPUNGED] as a [DATA EXPUNGED]. Current research into reverse-engineering the advanced sequences are ongoing.

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