Registered Phenomena Code: 178

Object Class: Alpha Orange Neutralized Beta Red

Hazards: Ecological Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX must be contained in a steel room found in the 6th floor of Site-041. Inside, a 4.5 x 4.5 x 5-meter room is to be equipped with two air conditioners on the ceiling to maintain the temperature inside at a constant 20°C. The temperature must only be altered in situations where violent behavior is shown towards Authority staff, in that occurrence, the air must be lowered to between the range of 5°C-0°C immediately to cease anomalous effects coming from the entity.

As RPC-XXX appears to only acquire energy by photosynthesis. Due to this, the following procedure is to be done weekly:

  • 6 Lamps capable of emitting Ultraviolet radiation type B, with a wavelength varying from 280 to 295 nm are to be fitted to the walls and ceiling of the room and staying on constantly. The intensity of the light is to be dimmed at exactly 18:40, gradually returning it to daylight intensity. This process is to reproduce a circadian rhythm. These lamps are to be covered with waterproof materials.
  • Water must be sprayed directly by sprinklers fitted to the corners of the room, twice a day. Irrigation intervals may vary between the 12:30 and 18:30 hours. Care must be taken to ensure the plants growing from RPC-XXX torso are properly and thoroughly irrigated.
  • Pruning of the organisms that sprout from RPC-XXX neck is to be done every 6 days. It is necessary to avoid overgrowth inside the room, as it will grow unlimitedly, independently from the entity's will.

No quantity of soil (either loose or potted), neither any quantity of water held in any kind of receptacle is to be presented to RPC-XXX in a radius of 17.5m, as this can trigger its anomalous effects. The entity must be constantly patrolled by 10 soldiers of MST Yankee-67 "Forest Fire" on rotative 12 hour shifts, prepared for any aggressive reactions coming from RPC-XXX at any given time.

Description:RPC-XXX is an anthropomorphic entity of an estimated age of 200 years1. RPC-XXX measures 1.73m of height, weighing 98kg.

The entity is shrouded by a robe made of leaves connected by strings of a substance similar to spider silk. It seems to be very protective of its clothing, always removing it before testing. When asked about the origins of the clothes, RPC-XXX was reluctant to divulge any information. Once its clothes are removed, the entity body shows a 2.10m stature2 made of wood of a Juniper Tree3.

Removing the robe of leaves also reveals the existence of four arms 42 cm in length each, with each hand appearing to have about 9 holes with burned lines connecting each forming a star. It contains two root-like legs and a hole in the center of the stomach measuring 34cm diameter. And two root like feet.

The creature exhibits vague facial structures. To compensate for that factor, it wears a wooden mask4 Carved out of the wood of european white birch5 offsprings. The mask presents no design factors beside a line in the nose elevation.

While it is wearing this mask, where its eyes would be, two white dots that are capable of movement can be seen, however they are only visible in dark places. It is presumed to work as the eyes of the entity, following the vision line of the entity similar to one of a human pupil. These dots are also capable of generating light in places with a high level of humidity6.

RPC-XXX possesses a pair of horns on top of its head, measuring about 17cm each. Both present similar characterist to those of an Asian Buffalo in its structure. These horns are composed of a dense xylem covered by a hard cuticle.

The anomalous properties of RPC-XXX are referred by itself as "Nature Magic". It separates it's anomalous ocurrences as "Miracles" and "Blessings." And correcting anyone that uses the word "Anomalous" around the entity. The "Miracles" can be classified as voluntary anomalous activities:
Control over flora native to the North American region.
Transformation of animal tissue into the equivalent plant tissue.7
Recreating a hollow wood body replicating its anatomy, this replica exhibits no anomalous properties besides creating wooden thorns8 once it is fixated to its desired solid surface.
Expulsion of seeds from the holes on its hands, seemingly any type of seed it desires, however, the type of seed must be known by the entity before reproducing it.
Generation of a liquid made of herbs and other substances9 this liquid has exhibited tissue regeneration capabilities when exposed to any living organism in approximately 5 seconds.
Induction of plant growth, reaching maturity in approximatly 3-18 Seconds.
Reanimation of an organism by contacting it with part of its torso and touching it with its four hands. Missing appendages or structures of the exposed organism will not regenerate however.
[[include component:image-block|name=https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/499036728175362049/519533209650987008/tumblr_pii3849ZuY1rdredko3_540.png|caption=RPC-490-B.]]
The "Blessings" refeered as it by RPC-XXX can be classified as involuntary anomalous properties. It can be transmited to any individuous the entity enters in contact with10:
RPC-XXX is able to create rapid fiber, fur, skin and organic growth besides faster metabolism resulting into a great increase in the time of the regeneration.


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