Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Alpha Red

Hazards: Memory Alteration, Extra Dimensional

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX and OL-Site-24 are guarded by MST Bravo-46 "Edict of Francia" via two outposts set up at ████ and ██████ metro stations that lead to RPC-XXX. No staff or persons below security clearance level 3 are allowed inside of OL-Site-24.

Description: RPC-XXX is an underground structure located underneath Greece, RPC-XXX's entrance intersects with ██████ metro system ██ kilometers North of the ████ metro station. Entry to RPC-XXX is forbidden on all accounts aside from authorized personnel whos expeditions are limited to 74 kilometers at maximum. RPC-XXX's cognitohazardous properties have been recorded to affect individuals approximately ██ meters into the structure. RPC-XXX will also continuously alter the RAM, memory and data of any electronics electronics operating at or above ███ kB of RAM at ██ meters inside of it. Individuals who travel past the safe distance of RPC-XXX's tunnels will begin to experience a combination of memory loss and an altering of their memories in regards to RPC-XXX itself. Attempts by staff to utilize chalk drawings, ropes, and similar methods to help individuals and manned drones backtrack have been met with limited success; the effectiveness of these methods seems to be dependent on how far individuals or drones have traveled into the structure.

Discovery:The RPC Authority made first contact with RPC-XXX after reports of numerous civilian disappearances in █████ during the monthly maintenance of the ██████ metro system. Romeo-31 was dispatched to investigate the metro and came across a man-made tunnel entrance ██ kilometers from their point of descent. Half of the Romeo-31 squadron entered the tunnel at around 13:30 GMT and lost contact with the rest at approximately 17:10 GMT.

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