Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Alpha Red

Hazards: Memory Alteration, Extra Dimensional

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX and OL-Site-24 are guarded by MST Bravo-46 "Edict of Francia" via two outposts set up at ████ and ██████ metro stations that lead to RPC-XXX. No staff or persons below security clearance level 3 are allowed inside of OL-Site-24.

Description: RPC-XXX is an underground structure located underneath Greece, RPC-XXX's entrance intersects with ██████ metro system ██ kilometers North of the ████ metro station. Entry to RPC-XXX is forbidden on all accounts aside from authorized personnel whos expeditions are limited to 74 kilometers at maximum. RPC-XXX's cognitohazardous properties have been recorded to affect individuals approximately 150 meters into the structure. RPC-XXX will also continuously alter the RAM and drive memory of any electronics electronics operating at or above 700 kB of RAM or have over 3gb of memory at approximately 130 meters inside of RPC-XXX; the area of RPC-XXX past 130 meters has been designated RPC-XXX's horizon. Individuals who travel past the horizon of RPC-XXX will experience gradual amounts of memory loss as well as altering of their memories in regards to RPC-XXX itself. Attempts by staff to utilize markings, ropes, and similar methods to help individuals and manned drones backtrack have been met with limited success; the effectiveness of these methods seems to be dependent on how far individuals or drones have traveled into the structure but even then only 3 personnel have ever left RPC-XXX.

Discovery: RPC Authority made first contact with RPC-XXX after reports of numerous civilian disappearances in █████, Greece during the monthly maintenance of the ██████ metro system. MST Romeo-31 was dispatched to investigate the metro and came across a man-made tunnel entrance ██ kilometers from their point of descent. Half of Romeo-31 entered the tunnel at around 13:30 GMT and lost contact with the rest at approximately 17:10 GMT.

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