Here is the idea for my First Tale

Basic Facts on the three:

- They're living in England
- They're British
- All three of the trio possess an anomalous ability.
- Parents = Deceased

Emotions that I want to primarily focus on during this tale, mainly because I find them easier to write in comparison to horror, unsettling and fear that many others do:

  • Love
  • Hope (This one in particular will be a major theme)
  • Control
  • Comedy

Main Characters

LolFortnite4Eves Plans:

  • I was planning them acting as a sort of mysterious character for the first tale and are only referred to without making any actual appearance, although if I did want them to have a mysterious vibe I think that that should be done on a second tale for better effect. They're like the watcher or the one that is manipulating events from behind the scenes to their own advantage even if it does result in either of her brother's harm but doesn't let them die or go through personal or psychologically strong injury (unless she can fix it) from it and does use MTHD to express love for the both of them (Not incest or anything, family love).
  • They have moderate contact with MTHD and little to none with TTMLT for reasons and constantly stay in their own room. Most contact they make is done through messages.
  • Anomalous ability won't be revealed.
  • Oldest
  • 21

MrTopHatDuck Plans:

  • I want MrTopHatDuck to pull out a feeling of comedy in the tales and bring a smile to people's faces.
  • Arguably, comedy I lack so much with as I don't bring out that sense in people, nor do I have any real knowledge on how to write comedy so I guess bland comedy would be the best type of style for this guy. Otherwise, he's often randomly devolving into politics and unusual topics that often aren't just immediately brought up into discussions to the annoyance of his younger brother.
  • Their anomalous ability revolves around mind compulsion in which they can control the minds of groups of people but this seems only be at full control when he's trying to get people under any form of British Politic Propaganda.

- His anomaly doesn't have much power in influencing the mind when he consciously uses it, but can still affect people's emotions strongly.
- Also what could be cool is that his top hat also represents how much of this ability he has left, like if its very tall then he has a lot but it gets shorter with the amount he uses, so maybe an inch or two short every minute?

  • Constantly speaks like a stereotypical British person and is always wearing a top hat on their person even in sleep.
  • Middle Child
  • 19


  • The character that should embody the emotions of hope and love. He is seen as the kind protagonist with the most human emotions and thought set compared to his other two siblings. A common colour that will be associated with him is yellow due to both of their themes of hope.
  • Is an amnesiac as they sometimes forget memories of the past or have fake memories as pointed out by their brother either hinting at MTHD lying and taking advantage of TTMLT or telling the truth but keeping it to themselves to not distress TTMLT. He carries with him a special journal that isn't affected by his anomalous ability so that he can write things down in case he forgets them. I think this could be an interesting plot point in the story if he can't trust his own memories.
  • Homosexual (Just gonna mention that with it being a part of his story).
  • His anomalous ability is that he can control the temperature around himself, often manipulating the smoke he can make or use his ability to freeze things by lowering the temperature but he rarely uses his ability to raise the temperature due to a mental block that he isn't aware of for reasons later explained.

- Their ability can also subconsciously act out at moments of high stress but this may be a bit bland since it's commonly seen in a lot of tragic people. He often releases smoke jets from out of his body as a way of self-defence.

  • Youngest
  • 16

Tale Idea

I was planning to start out the tale with TTMLT walking down the street and writing down in their journal some important things that they don't want to forget in case their memory starts going fuzzy again, with most of their writing being about a boy that he liked in school and that the two were friends with each other but he never had any courage to come out with his true feelings for the boy, and also writes down the part that he cried extremely hard and stayed in his room for a day after learning that the boy he liked had died in a car crash while watching the news. One of his rare permanent memories was of this boy having faced bullying for being gay and TTMLT being mad at himself for not having been able to stick up for the boy.

As TTMLT is walking down the street, he is apprehended by two agents from MI13 and taken to an alleyway. Nervous, TTMLT begins heating his body and is worried that his lack of control over it might cause him to make a scene, however the agents introduce themselves and say that they're not an enemy but are just doing this for security reasons and deemed him as non-hostile after having followed him for a while.

They take him to a nearby cafe which starts to calm him down a bit and preventing a secrecy break. The agents reason is that they caught his anomaly going off on one of their cameras and that while it was at 4:00 AM and there wasn't any witnesses, they were still in a public area and mustn't let this kind of thing happen again. TTMLT promises that he won't let it happen again but also asks why they're not taking him to some sort of underground facility if they're MI13 and the agents reply that they don't capture every anomaly they find but will want to keep contact with TTMLT in case something like this happens again.

TTMLT explains his situation but also adds that he lives with his brother and sister but doesn't say their actual names, only giving his online username which prompts anger in the agents as they demand for his actual name and the location of his residence since they don't know just who he is exactly and believe that him keeping information from them means that he might be dangerous.

Of course he explains that he can't do this but never actually gives the reason as to why, which even seems strange to him but he's unable to think about it as the agents try to take him into custody. Of course because of their experience in dealing with anomalies, the MI13 agents manage to get him captured by using special handcuffs that can dampen the powers of humanoid anomalies and they are now calling for backup so that they can take him into a MI13 holding cell for anomalies, when they suddenly fall unconscious onto the floor and MTHD appears. He tells TTMLT that they should make a break for it while the two agents are out for a couple of minutes and so the two do break for it.

As the two are quickly running down the street, TTMLT has one of his amnesiac episodes and loses his memory of why they're running so MTHD decides to just tell him that two crazy people are after them and that MTHD managed to get rid of them, although TTMLT asks about the cuffs to which MTHD claims he has no idea as to who the two actually are and instead insists that he and TTMLT try to remove them.

They make it back to their house, where they hear LF4E busy playing Fortnite with MTHD going up to ask her on what they should do about the MI13 situation while TTMLT tries to relax his mind by watching some TV. MTHD comes back down having received a text from LF4E on his phone before she answered him at the door and tells him that they should go and meet someone she knows who can get the cuffs off of him.

Meanwhile the MI13 agents including the two that were knocked out are looking in the camera system for TTMLT and any possible accomplices when they find a picture that has MTHD and TTMLT together at the place they're meant to be and send a response team to capture both of the threats or if they're unable to do so, then they have permission to terminate them. The odd bit is that the camera is showing a picture of the two at a place they're meant to be but with a wrong time, hinting that someone sent them this image.

As TTMLT and MTHD are both walking towards the location that MTHD was given, a man steps out wearing little clothing and looks like he had been on something. The man asks who they are and MTHD says stuff but because of the way he talks the man can't really understand it so TTMLT says that they were told that the place here could help get these off and shows the man the cuffs. The man invites TTMLT and MTHD inside and says that he knows how to get off those cuffs and the place looks like a run down shack with various strange looking objects on the wall and even a dog with a chain on its neck.

The man tells the two to make themselves comfortable while he goes and finishes something and walks into another room while the two of them sit down and wait. TTMLT talks to MTHD and asks him about why exactly this is the place they had to go to but MTHD tells him not to question it since it was LF4E that suggested it with TTMLT replying that he knows she wouldn't send them here if they were likely to die but that he still has a bad feeling about this.

The man comes out holding a shotgun at the two and asks them what exactly they're doing here and to give him answers. TTMLT immediately starts freaking out while MTHD is very nervous but seems more confused at the current situation and is questioning why LF4E might have sent them here.

Just as the situation is becoming more tense, the dog perks up and begins barking as the MI13 team arrives. The team is consisting of 5 members that are making use of weaponry that is specialised to deal with what TTMLT and MTHD are. Once the MI13 Team has surrounded the building, the old man unchains his dog which begins mutating into some sort of 15 foot tall, demonic looking monster which begins attacking the attack team by bursting through the walls but is unable to attack due to them also bringing heavy weaponry just as a precaution.

While the MI13 team is busy dealing with the gigantic dog monster, MTHD uses his powers to induce the anger in the old man who currently has it directed at the MI13 team which causes him to run out of the broken house and shoot at the MI13 team which of course gets himself killed causing his dog to go berserk. As the team calls for backup, MTHD tries to find something that will hopefully get the cuffs off of TTMLT so that he can use his powers so they can escape. He lies to TTMLT that he found something and cuts off his arm which causes TTMLT extreme pain and emotional pressure that his ability activates on its own and he begins releasing large amounts of steam as MTHD drags him while having to deal with the pain of the steam and heat. While the MI13 team is dealing with the dog and calling for backup, they're too preoccupied to deal with TTMLT and MTHD making an escape.

In the next bit, TTMLT wakes up distressed but sees that his arm is still attached to his body. He looks around and finds that he is in his bed, with his TV on. He has no memory of the past day and gets up to look for MTHD. He heads downstairs and finds MTHD on a computer who says he's writing up a page about politics these days. TTMLT asks if MTHD could help him remember what happened yesterday since he can't seem to remember anything and also feels like he's going to be sick as he holds some vomit in his mouth. MTHD says that he had been feeling ill the entire day, having come down with a fever and had to stay in bed the entire day and should go and get some more rest.

LF4E is then seen narrating that the death of the man was a success and so was the deaths of the dog and strike team though she really only cares about the man's death. She then explains to MTHD that the death of the man is needed for reasons that are personal and that the strike team's death will bring unwanted but necessary attention to them. She also says that hopefully while she's fixing TTMLT's actual arm, his current 'replacement' won't be a distraction of some sort.

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