A photograph of RPC-XXX-1


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained in a standard humanoid chamber at Site-007 and be allowed access to various toys and games as a reward for good behaviour. Due to the nature of RPC-XXX, all personnel must maintain a calm demeanour when interacting with it.

Under no circumstances should RPC-XXX-1 be separated from RPC-XXX, unless by RPC-XXX's own will. All personnel must maintain the narrative that RPC-XXX-1 is sapient and alive while interacting with RPC-XXX.

All instances of RPC-XXX-2 are to be contained within separate standard humanoid chambers at Site-007. All instances of RPC-XXX-2 are allowed standard privileges provided continued positive cooperation.

The instance that is designated RPC-XXX-2A is to be provided with a time table detailing time periods at which they are authorised to spend with RPC-XXX. Said time table must scheduled and authorised by the head of RPC-XXX's research, at the beginning of every month. All interactions between RPC-XXX and RPC-XXX-2A will be supervised by no less than 1 guard.

Description: RPC-XXX is a Caucasian male of approximately six years of age and roughly 0.48 m in height, formerly known as Scott Lewis. RPC-XXX shows signs of Generalised Anxiety Disorder1 and has shown reluctance in socially interacting with other personnel.

RPC-XXX-12 is a sock puppet that RPC-XXX keeps on its left hand at most times3 RPC-XXX-1 shows no anomalous traits, and is believed to be a coping mechanism created by RPC-XXX. If any person attempts to forcefully remove RPC-XXX-1 from RPC-XXX, they will immediately become an instance of RPC-XXX-2.

RPC-XXX's anomalous effects occur whenever someone disagrees with RPC-XXX that RPC-XXX-1 is not real in any way or form. A list of symptoms during the process has been documented below. If any person attempts to forcefully remove RPC-XXX-1 from RPC-XXX, they will immediately become an instance of RPC-XXX-2.

Stage 1 Subjects will begin experiencing severe headaches and proceed to hear a 'voice' talking to them. The voice is described by many instances as being high pitched and at random moments, going into long fits of rage over the subject's 'falsified' view of RPC-XXX-1.
Stage 2 After 72 hours, subjects will start suffering from the first physical change to their body, starting with their eyes. The eyes will begin to increase in size, causing damage to the ocular sockets and all organic material of the eye will be replaced with a white plastic shell containing a black plastic disk. Despite the severe damage to ocular function this would cause, all subjects retain their sense of sight and while they are affected by the pain that this would cause, they have not held RPC-XXX or RPC-XXX-1 as being responsible for this.
Stage 3 Subjects will apologise for any problems that they might have caused RPC-XXX regarding their disbelief of RPC-XXX-1's existence and will make attempts to become RPC-XXX's friend however, subjects maintain their sense of self-preservation in this stage and will not intentionally engage in self-harm.
Stage 4 Subjects that are in proximity of RPC-XXX-1 will be able to 'hear' RPC-XXX-1 talking to them and will come under complete belief that RPC-XXX-1 is in fact a sapient entity that they can converse with.

RPC-XXX-2A is an instance of RPC-XXX-2 that is RPC-XXX's mother. RPC-XXX-2A displays no different properties from other RPC-XXX-2 instances, but RPC-XXX has shown to prefer being in their company in comparison to all other instances.

Addendum XXX-1: Discovery Log

RPC-XXX was discovered on 02/01/2019 during an investigation sweep of the Police Department in Southampton, England. According to the police report, a woman (Mary Lewis, designated PoI-1817) was discovered by police officers as an RPC-XXX-2 instance. A search of Mary Lewis's home discovered RPC-XXX to have been playing with RPC-XXX-1.

RPC-XXX was briefly taken into custody and was to be sent to foster care, however during the process, a police officer had taken RPC-XXX-1 from RPC-XXX which immediately turned them into an RPC-XXX-2 instance. An Authority operative was immediately sent to retrieve RPC-XXX and RPC-XXX-1, while RPC-XXX-2 and RPC-XXX-2A had already been placed in Authority custody.

Addendum XXX-3: Message from TOAS Psychology Department4

From: Senior Researcher Wilson

It is of current belief by the Psychology Department and myself that after interviewing and testing RPC-XXX, that RPC-XXX-1 is not the cause for subjects transforming into RPC-XXX-2. I theorise that RPC-XXX may be in fact be an unconscious reality bender. My reason for this being that after much and careful observation from our research team, we find little evidence to support that RPC-XXX-1 is in fact, a belief powered entity.

  • First thing I found is that RPC-XXX-1 itself displays no sort of ACS level. When RPC-XXX was [REDACTED], we quickly took RPC-XXX-1 and administered an AECR5 to it.6 I found out that RPC-XXX-1 had an exact ACS level of 4, meaning that it's at Baseline level coherency, which is the same level for everything that is currently explainable by modern science.

I do however believe that we should keep RPC-XXX under the illusion that RPC-XXX-1 is real as a way to control its powers. While a Cognitive Compliance Harness (CCH) would also be efficient, I believe that it's a more cost and reliable method to keep RPC-XXX constantly in belief that RPC-XXX-1 is in fact alive.

Addendum XXX-4: Report Log:

Senior Researcher Wilson was found to have died during a containment breach that occurred. An autopsy was performed on Wilson's corpse, with evidence pointing towards a heart attack from witnessing RPC-███.


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