Personnel Dossier (Preview)


While the Authority may be viewed by many as a large or small intergovernmental organization, it is without a doubt that the Authority employs some of the best people across the globe with special skills that enables the Authority to be one-step ahead against the threat of anomalies that prowls in the blind eyes of humanity. However, we simply don't hire the best; we also hire those who make a difference in the field.

- Assistant Director of Strike Forces, Benjamin Archer.

Foreword: The Personnel Dossier is a database that manages every employed personnel for both archival and internal reasons. Personnel ranging from; Research; Protection; and Containment; can be found here— except for those who have a Level 5 security clearance as those people are restricted from access.

The format for the personnel file can be found here

Personnel wishing to add a new personnel file, input the personnel's name and hit create:

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