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Note: The following documented was created by the Medical Department and approved by the Human Resources Department as a manual guide for personnel on the administering of memory suppression agents, or amnestics.

A memory suppression agent (MSA), or amnestics, is widely used by the Authority for the intention of suppressing sensitive information by removing insubstantial memories. Generally, memory suppression agents are only applicable to eyewitnesses following an incident.

Utilizing memory suppression agents are generally handled by a Level 3 person or higher, and are responsible for whether or not should the use of MSA substances be necessary. Onsite personnel are not authorized to prescribe MSA substances without the authority of a Level 3 person, and without a valid reason on doing so. Additionally, onsite personnel must be supervised and approved by a Medical Staff in-order to use MSA substances in the appropriate condition.

Please note, the abuse of MSA substances is strictly forbidden and will result in administrative action, and subsequently will lead to temporary suspension or clearance revoke by the Human Resources Department.



Color Designation: Grey

Administered Procedure: Pills, Tablet, Aerosol

Clearance Level: Level 2, or Above

Side Effects: Headache, Dizziness, Blurry Vision

Result: Removal of Recent Episodic Memories (4-7 Hours Prior)

Substance Description: Generally, MSA Subtance-01 is used for field operations following an incident occurring, and the need of erasing key eyewitnesses to that incident. Many can be administered with an MSA Substance-01 by field personnel through an aerosol spray can that is only carried and authorized by the field case officer, or an MST medical specialist.

To prevent accidental exposure, field case officers and other authorized personnel are to be equipped with a specialized gas mask that prevents accidental inhalation of MSA Substance-01.

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