Enkrum's Box of "Get Fucked" Drafts.

"Think that magistrate feller will get us the cut on-time?"

"He fucking better, I'll know if he's cheating."

Three young men quietly sat amidst the humid, foggy backroom doubling as a makeshift office. The laundromat's heat was forming beads of sweat from their hairlines. Two were looking at a tracphone and a piece of paper, the other sat back in his chair with his hands crossed and foot tapping. One of the trio dialed a number written on the paper and held the phone to his ear; the quiet humming of the outgoing call was overwhelmed by the laundromat's loud grinding.

The trio were quiet as they tried to reach someone on the phone. No one answered, and the three groaned. The man tried to redial and raised the phone next to his ear, again hearing the outgoing hum. A voice emerged on the other end and the man immediately fell into dialogue.

"Hi Mr. Kortz, this is Aaron Morrison of the Dade County Magistrate Court, I am on-duty Deputy at the county jail. I'm calling to let you know that your son has been arrested…"

"No sir, this is not a joke. The watch commander has posted a bail of $10,000. Your son is in temporary custody at the Department on a felony charge…"

"… yes, I would not lie to you sir, he is currently in jail. Yes, again. I understand your concern…"

"… I understand your concern, sir. Yes. If bond is fulfilled, he will be able to return to your custody. You will need consult the bail bondsman, however."

"The magistrate will affirm the bond during his hearing; you will be provided the option to pay the bond in cash, surety, or property. The hearing will take place on June 22nd." The man showed a devious smirk.

His friends chuckled before he waved them to stop.

"Yes sir, when the bond is paid, the Department will be able to release him within a specified period of time… yes, thank you, goodbye."

"How'd it go, Eddie?" One of them asked.

"Fucking idiot. Couldn't tell if he's got dementia or is just retarded." Eddie snapped the tracphone in half and threw it in a nearby bin.

The two exploded in laughter. One of them threw a high-five at Eddie, who didn't reciprocate. His friend's laughter turned into an awkward smile before he quietly dropped his hand. Eddie then turned to take a booklet laying on the desk.

"Alright Rocco, it's your turn to call a… uhhh… Dale Ridgefeld - sounds like a hick name, probably some inbred - and let him know about the $12,000 bail. Remember, it's his cousin that's in county jail on a felony charge for theft. Don't fuck it up again. Shenck, let's go see the man." Eddie ordered.

Rocco nodded eagerly and pulled a tracphone from his pocket and began dialing the written number. Eddie and Shenck retrieved their coats from a nearby coat rack and headed toward the laundromat exit. Eddie waved the seamstress goodbye before the two exited for the street.

"Come on, Eddie, why didn't you high-five Rocco? That was mean! He was so happy." Shenck said.

Eddie shook his head and threw his hand in a disregarding manner. The two continued down the street without a word. The trio picked an indiscriminate location: it was a typical, quiet suburban town, surrounded by organized rows of townhouses bordering a large park in the center. The two made their way through several avenues before entering an apartment complex at the edge of town.

Eddie and Shenck greeted the lobby receptionist before making their way into the elevator; Eddie pressed the button to the ninth floor. The two patiently waited as the elevator went up the complex.

"Do you think Rocco's gonna fuck up this call?" Shenck asked as he turned to Eddie.

"I'm giving him one more chance. If he does, he's out. I'll tell Marcus to get him out of my hair." Eddie responded.

The elevator door opened, and the two men stepped out before turning left into a nearby hall. Eddie scanned the doors' numbers before stopping at "926." Eddie knocked on the door as Shenck fell in alongside him, his tall, lean figure towering over Eddie's shorter, stockier one. The two quietly waited before hearing the lock click on the other side.

The door opened slightly to reveal a man's face peering out, only to go out of view. The door fully opened, and Eddie and Shenck were greeted by a middle-aged man dressed in business casual attire, far outclassing the two's rugged street clothes.

"Hello, my dear friends! Praise our benefactor you two are healthy! Come in, come in, please please please…" He said as he waved the two to come in.

"Hey Bruce. How're things at the camp going?" Eddie asked as he removed his shoes.

"It's absolutely wonderful. Do you need anything? You look absolutely famished. Especially you Shenck! You've gotta eat more, young man."

"We could use a bite, yeah." Eddie replied.

The three headed into Bruce's living room. Shenck sat on the couch while Eddie followed Bruce into the kitchen. The two discussed recent events while Shenck reached for the TV remote on a nearby coffee table and flipped to the sports channel.

"So, how is the laundering operation going, my friend?" Bruce asked.

"Well, it's going good. We just nailed $10,000 out of some old coot in Dade County so I got Rocco on the next one. We're fixing to get $12,000 this time." Eddie replied.

"Excellent, excellent! I'm sure Rocco will do well. What about Marcus, has he been well?"

"Well, he told me he was having some problems with the misses. Something about her purposefully concealing his son from him. Other than that, we're expecting to launder the usual $60,000 by the end of this week to him and the sect."

"Heh… might finally give those Lindmannites a run for their money, eh?" Bruce snickered while he began boiling the water on the stovetop.

"Eddie. You've got to cook that prison spread of yours again." Bruce followed.

"I don't have stingers on me."

"Oh, darn. Oh well, I'll just cook the usual."

Bruce and Eddie stood silently as the stovetop sparked on; Eddie intermittently turned toward the TV to see what was on the air.

"Eddie." Bruce broke the silence. "I wanted to inform you of an opportunity that's important to our organization's funding. I think it might interest you."

"What's the opportunity?" Eddie turned to Bruce.

"Well, it involves the casing and robbing of jewelry store about t-"


"Please just lemme sa-"

"Last time we did that, Shenck was locked up. You know we're not the kind of crew to be pulling these." Eddie stated.

"But the pay came out bigger than our entire annual income!"

"- and we lost a quarter of the goddamn take." Eddie interjected. "We make enough with the calls, Bruce."

"I know, but listen. We got reports that the stones in the store can amount to $6.5 million! That can greatly contribute to expanding our influence! But we don't have anyone trustworthy or experienced enough to pull off the heist. We need you, Rocco, and Shenck to do this for us so we can finally get the upper hand on the other sects." Bruce explained.

"Bruce, I'm not doing it. The heist is not gonna go the way you hope it would." Eddie rebuked.

Bruce timidly nodded and mouthed an "okay," his face bearing disappointment. Eddie stood firm beside him, arms crossed, glaring each time Bruce turned to look at him. Bruce started to hunch over and inch away from Eddie as he continued cooking. Eddie didn't budge until the food was ready; Shenck continued to quietly watch TV.

The trio ate dinner, and Bruce eventually bid the two men goodbye as they exited his apartment. The two men descended to the lobby and silently made their way back to the laundromat. As they entered, they saw Rocco in the back of the store, waving at them.

"Hey guys! How as the trip?" Rocco inquired.

"Was alright." Eddie muttered nonchalantly.

"… everything alright?" Rocco asked.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry about it, Rocco. Did you make the call?"

"Yep. Got him to wire twelve thousand. Didn't fuck up this time." Rocco hunched beneath the desk. "- and I also got rid of the phone, like you said."

"Good." Eddie complemented. "You can go home, Shenck and I are just gonna wrap something up for the day, alright?"


Rocco stood up from his chair and put his sweater on. The neckline was partially drenched from his sweat. He waved the two goodbye before making his way to the exit, meanwhile acquiring his car keys from his pocket. Eddie watched as the door closed fully behind him.

"Shenck you heard everything that Bruce said, right?" Eddie asked.

"Yeah." He replied.

"What do you think? Should we case the place and pull the heist?"

"I don't know, that's up to you." Shenck suggested.

"Just voice your opinion to me for fucking once. I don't fucking like it when my guys are acting solely like earpieces. Rocco's a bit dumb, yeah, but at least he expresses himself every once in a while."

"Well what do you want me to say, Eddie? I don't fucking know! I don't know, I guess if Bruce's claim is legit then we can probably scope the place and steal from it." Shenck stammered. "Is that what you wanna hear?"

"Yes, you fucking vegetable. I'm not asking you to be the leader, I'm just asking you to speak your mind more often." Eddie said.

"What do you fucking mean, Eddie?! You never let me say shit while you're doing all the planning. You always want me to sit on the fucking couch when we're visiting Bruce." Shenck threw his arms up.

"This is different." Eddie retorted.

"How is it any fucking different?! I put my fucking life on the line more than you. You never told me open up, and now all of a sudden you want me? What the fuck is up with you?"

"It's this fucking act that Bruce wants me to pull off. I don't even know if Marcus is gonna approve of it - you know how he is! He's the type of guy that'll probably ask us to politely return the stones and write a fucking apology letter to the manager." Eddie exclaimed.

"Well… we should think it over the next few days. I know we fucked up last time and I went to prison… but we can make this one turn out differently." Shenck suggested.

Eddie remained silent, squinting his eyes.

"… and we can probably get a crew together, too. I know a guy who sells untraceables in the state…"

Shenck's dialogue faded as Eddie shook his head and stared at the ground. He wordlessly waved his arm toward Shenck before heading for the exit. Shenck stood alone in the now-quiet laundromat, watching Eddie as he got out.

"I hate it when he fucking does that." He said to himself.

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Mobile Specialized Teams (MST) is the collective designation of various military formations dedicated to carrying out the Authority's international operations. MSTs operate under various functions and specializations to allow for the fulfillment of specific objectives necessitating their involvement. Notable functions include: tracking and capture of anomalous objects/entities, armed confrontations against hostile groups and agencies, and apprehension of targeted individuals. MSTs incorporate manpower through three methods:

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