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» Authority Central Intelligence - Information Central «

The Authority Central Intelligence (ACI) is an operative wing of the Authority specializing in the coordination of intelligence, counter-intelligence, cyber security, and espionage networks in and out of Authority facilities. The ACI operates in a vast network of information processing and filtration, being able to allocate and pinpoint sources containing critical data relating to Authority interests and concerns. Affiliated operatives ensure the foundational security and safety against various logistical threats, including espionage, sabotage, blackmail, and information breaches.


Embedded ACI operative during a reconnaissance operation on the Tibetan-Indian border.

Description: The Authority Central Intelligence (ACI) is the integral body of the Authority's efforts for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information pertaining to military, government, and commercial interests. The ACI maintains both a domestic and external area of operation, allowing for its assigned operatives to track and monitor assets of various organized bodies in order to maintain an up-to-date logistics network and intake of relevant or critical information.

Training of operatives (also known as the Operative Establishment Program (OEP)) incorporates a period of sixteen months, with the curriculum consisting of the development of analytic ability, investigative techniques, firearm proficiency, and defensive tactics. Prior to training, all applicants are provided an examination pertaining to adherence to the Authority and psychological stability; individuals who fail to meet the required score will be promptly returned to their original duties. Accepted inductees will begin with a three month period of physical conditioning before transitioning to a classroom-based setting to study fundamentals of investigative and intelligence techniques, forensic science, and documentation.

Upon completion of training, graduating operatives will be assigned to a specific department within the ACI. Each department consists of a specialized function in ensuring the proficiency and punctuality of the ACI's network:

  • DEP-010: Intelligence Department
  • DEP-022: Counter-Intelligence Department
  • DEP-036: Operations Department
  • DEP-038: Espionage Department
  • DEP-041: Cyber Security Department
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