Expletive's Box of "Get Fucked" Drafts.

Recovered still footage of RPC-XXX ambushing IVT-2293 before descent, subject's body has not been recovered.

Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-XXX's properties, Authority assets have quarantined its current (40 kilometer) area of habitation. Three detachments of security personnel (each disguised as members of the U.S. Coast Guard) are to maintain coordinated boat patrols of the surrounding area in order to dissuade civilian parties from potential entry. Personnel are to refrain from interacting or communicating with RPC-XXX.

In the event of an unauthorized intrusion, security personnel are to immediately apprehend the violating individual. If the aforementioned party have submerged beneath surface level, security personnel are to immediately cease pursuit and report the incident to the nearest administrative outpost. Personnel should not resume detainment protocol excepting immediate resurface.

Description: RPC-XXX is an adult male of indeterminate age. RPC-XXX currently inhabits a 40 kilometer area of water situated near the western coast of Florida. RPC-XXX appears to be clad in aquatic gear consistent to that of a freediver's, including a pair of diving fins, diving mask, and a set of red trunks. Despite occupying an environment not suitable for human habitation, RPC-XXX does not appear to require a supply of oxygen or suffer from any adverse effects of unprotected diving in extreme ocean depths.

RPC-XXX's activity consists primarily of navigating the environment of its habitation; RPC-XXX's movement is mediated by its ability to utilize the breaststroke swimming style. RPC-XXX; however, has been observed to periodically deviate from this activity and exhibit inquisitive behavior, often observing or following surrounding wildlife and fauna. RPC-XXX has additionally been observed, although rarely, to protrude its head from the surface of the ocean, appearing to observe and track the movement of nearby individuals.

RPC-XXX's behavior; however, is immediately altered when an individual enters its habitation. Upon entry, RPC-XXX will develop an innate awareness of the individual's presence, regardless of distance or discreetness, and immediately conceal itself. If the individual progresses further and/or at a lower depth, RPC-XXX will emerge and begin approaching them. During this time, RPC-XXX appears to produce a cognitohazardous effect that renders the individual incapable of perceiving RPC-XXX as a potential threat. Immediately after, RPC-XXX will grab one of the subject's limbs and begin fusing its hand to the aforementioned limb at the molecular level.

RPC-XXX will begin to further tow the individual into gradually increasing depths until it reaches an approximate depth of 100 meters. It is at this time that RPC-XXX's cognitohazardous effect on the individual begins to diminish. Due to the rapid descent and overall ocean level, the subject will begin to gradually exhibit symptoms of severe nitrogen narcosis, including dizziness, confusion, euphoria, and convulsions. While restraining the subject, RPC-XXX has been noted to exhibit behavior equivalent to that of taunting, including waving its hand in a greeting gesture, laughing, and imitating the inability to breathe.

RPC-XXX will proceed to forcibly detach its fused forearm, with the individual remaining bound to it, and embed the severed limb into the sea floor; RPC-XXX does not appear to exhibit any notable reaction to the self-inflicted trauma. The individual, henceforth referred to as RPC-XXX-1, will continue to exhibit symptoms of severe nitrogen narcosis but does not appear to be capable of expiring from its effects. RPC-XXX-1 additionally appear to be incapable of succumbing to other physiological or environmental factors, including: starvation, dehydration, and drowning.

Following this, RPC-XXX will return to its original location and begin rapidly regenerating lost bone and soft tissue before regaining full motor function of its newly-developed limb.


Prior analyses have lead us to theorize that RPC-XXX is capable of voluntarily manipulating its rate of cellular mitosis in order to "bind" itself to its victims (or to other surfaces). How RPC-XXX manages to do so is currently unknown. We speculate that it is associated with the potential selective manipulation of mitogens, though we do not have enough information to conduct a valid hypothesis, even more with determining how RPC-XXX invokes physiological alterations to instances of RPC-XXX-1 once reaching the sea floor.

Addendum XXX-001: Exploration Log

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