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Huge thanks to Ascriber for helping me make the idea not terrible

Anomaly that causes various media performances (such as TV shows, books, and movies) to suddenly change in genre. This would also explain -J articles, as they're just articles corrupted by the anomaly.

XXX is the device used by GOI RPCA to twist the media into alternate bizarre genres, but the effect is weaponized and turned into a memetic threat is XXX-1


-Original RPC-XXX is the device used by RPCA to torture people by twisting things they enjoy

-Device is retrieved by Authority in a RPCA outpost raid

-Attack on our servers matches effect of RPC-XXX, but transmitted non-physically. Study is ongoing, but affected articles have been moved to isolated data server to prevent cross-contamination.

-Isolated Database is actually -J Hub

Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

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