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An instance of RPC-XXX, docked on the Valetta Waterfront in Malta.

Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Procedures: Primary containment procedures for RPC-XXX are focused on identifying the locations where instances of RPC-XXX have previously appeared and promptly responding to further appearances of these instances. Members of MST Charlie-37 'Land Lubbers' are to monitor any major ports known to host instances of RPC-XXX in case of a manifestation. All members of MST-Charlie-17 must undergo resistance training to mind-altering anomalous effects.

Should an instance of RPC-XXX manifest at a port monitored by the Authority, MST-Charlie-37 is to immediately be dispatched towards the area. Authority personnel are instructed to prevent all civilian access into instances of RPC-XXX through any means necessary.

During periods in which examination of an instance of RPC-XXX is required, three D-Class personnel are to be allowed to enter the instance equipped with audio and video recording supplies for the purpose of logging and studying events that take place to obtain a better understanding of the nature of RPC-XXX instances.

Immediately after passengers disembark an instance of RPC-XXX, Authority agents stationed at the port must immediately work to retrieve all affected individuals and administer Class-B amnestics to any passengers departing the instance.

Item Description: RPC-XXX is the designation for a series of ships owned by the "Wonderland Cruise Company". Instances of RPC-XXX are known to primarily resemble standard-sized cruise ships owned by companies such as Carnival, Disney, and Royal Caribbean, with a typical weight of 180,000 tons, an average length of 360 meters in length, and a breadth of 47 meters.

The anomalous properties of RPC-XXX begin to activate when an instance will manifest docked at any major port. These instances are never seen approaching the port from a distance or performing standard docking procedures. Once manifested, a standard boarding deck will appear enabling passengers to enter the instance of RPC-XXX.

While an instance of RPC-XXX is docked, any civilians within a ten-mile radius will feel a strong compulsion to board the instance. Those affected will begin to move towards RPC-XXX's location and attempt to enter the instance through a boarding ramp leading to the ship's hull. If those affected by RPC-XXX's mental influence are restrained or otherwise blocked from moving towards the instance, they will attempt to forcibly move obstacles in their way. In extreme cases, civilians affected by RPC-XXX will attempt to convince or force other civilians to board the instance. When questioned, those affected by RPC-XXX will often state they 'are taking a relaxing vacation' when confronted about their behavior and desire to board the instance.

Once an instance of RPC-XXX has gathered an appropriate number of passengers (Authority records report a current minimum of 200 passengers and a maximum of 3000), the instance will begin to depart the port it was docked at and begin drifting out to sea. To date, no instance of RPC-XXX has successfully been prevented from leaving a port (instances will simply navigate or force their way through Authority blockades). Once an instance of RPC-XXX departs a port, it will begin to move through the ocean with no discernable pattern while carrying its passengers. Voyages of RPC-XXX typically last approximately two weeks, during which passengers have been seen partaking in 'cruise activities' that tend to be anomalous in nature.

Instances of RPC-XXX will remain active at sea for a period of one to three weeks, during which passengers cannot be contacted by any means. Relatives or co-workers who would normally aim to contact these passengers will actively avoid attempting to do so, claiming they 'would hate to bother them while they're on vacation'. After the instance of RPC-XXX returns to the port, passengers will disembark and actively attempt to persuade others nearby to board the instance before attempting to reenter themselves.

If a previous passenger is unable to access an instance of RPC-XXX before it departs, all mind-altering affects of RPC-XXX instances will vanish, usually leaving the individual confused. Regardless of the experiences they were involved in on board the instance, the individual will always refer to their experience as 'wonderful' and express a desire to board an instance of RPC-XXX again.

Any individual who had boarded an instance of RPC-XXX will often attempt to bring up their experience during conversation, regardless of the original topic. Individuals who are engaged in conversation where RPC-XXX instances are mentioned with a former passenger will express a desire to board an instance of RPC-XXX themselves, and will actively visit nearby ports if able to search for an instance of RPC-XXX to board.

While no staff or crew have been reported on board instances of RPC-XXX, all passengers who have been involved in anomalous activities with RPC-XXX instances claim that they have made contact with an individual known as 'Brad'. This individual is classified as RPC-XXX-1, and is identified by passengers as the Cruise Director. RPC-XXX-1 is described as 'friendly' and 'cheerful', with most claiming that he is a young man in his 20s wearing blue jeans and a white polo shirt.

Periodically during voyages of RPC-XXX, an unknown voice (presumed to be that of RPC-XXX-1) can be heard over what seems to resemble an intercom system throughout the instances, announcing events for the passengers to take part in Passengers who hear these announcements express a strong desire to attend these events, regardless of prior attitudes toward them.

While Authority experimentation has shown that RPC-XXX-1 is able to be heard on audio recording, infrared scans have shown no signs of RPC-XXX-1 taking physical form. Regardless of this evidence, every individual passenger interviewed is able to recall a physical meeting with RPC-XXX-1. Interviewed passengers recall different experiences with RPC-XXX-1, often claiming that he befriended them during events on board the instance which the individual took part in.

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