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Draft: Pere Fouettard is a forgotten Christmas icon from Eastern France, who was originally a butcher who murdered three kids. He got found out by a red-suited, fat bastard and was blackmailed into being the fat man's sidekick for years, beating naughty children while the fat man got to give the good ones presents. As the legend of the fat man grew, the focus became solely on him, and eventually the fat man abandoned Pere to become a beloved icon. Pere continued to work solely in a small French town until he became fed up and allowed himself to be captured.


RPC-563 upon initial capture.

Register Phenomena Code: RPC-563

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Containment Protocols: RPC-563 is to be contained on-site in the town of Chamonix, France. A perimeter barrier of sniper towers has been established along the outskirts of the town in order to prevent RPC-563 from breaching containment. If activity relating to RPC-563's anomalous properties is reported outside of its permitted intervals, RPC-563 is to immediately be detained and questioned regarding the reported events.

Although RPC-563 is permitted to engage in activities the night of December 24, Authority-approved security cameras have been installed in any building containing at least one child (a census is to be taken to check for any new births each year) to monitor RPC-563 while it performs its routine activity. If RPC-563's behavior during these activities becomes overly aggressive, on-site members of MST-Lima-21 ('Santa's Helpers') are to be dispatched to forcibly restrain or temporarily incapacitate RPC-563. Medical staff are also to remain on-site to provide any necessary aid following an appearance of RPC-563. Any victims of an assault by RPC-563 are to be administered class-B amnestics during recovery.

Due to the anomalous properties of RPC-563, it is permitted to continue its ritualistic activities on the evening of December 24 each year without impediment from Authority forces.

Description: RPC-563 appears to be an elderly man of French descent.

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