Fleshy Aircraft Carrier

Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Alpha/Beta/Gamma (indicate which class)

Containment Protocols: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: RPC-XXX is an aquatic mammalian organism with a similar shape and size to the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. All organs within RPC-XXX are in the same place as, and operate very similarly to, the corresponding mechanisms aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov.

There are three vaginal openings on RPC-XXX's flight deck, corresponding to the number of launch positions on the Admiral Kuznetsov. These vaginae produce instances of RPC-XXX-1.

RPC-XXX-1 are large flying creatures similar to the Quetzalcoatlus northropi, except they possess the anomalous ability to rapidly project fragments of bone from their fingers. They are also able to fly at speeds close to 1000km/h.

RPC-XXX-2 are humanoid figures with a similar bone-fragment-projection ability as RPC-XXX-1.

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