Registered Phenomena Code: 'PC-BAD-J

Object Class: Gamma-Purple as fuck.

Hazards: It's baaaaaad.

Containment Protocols: 'PC-BAD-J is not to be acknowledged outside of this document. Information pertaining to 'PC-BAD-J is inaccessible to staff with Level-4 clearance or lower. The 'PC-BAD-J Council (AKA "Specialized Council for 'PC-BAD-J") has been established to regulate censorship.

Any unauthorized texts acknowledging the existence of 'PC-BAD-J (e.g. films, documents, literature) must be confiscated, put through significant alterations (see methodology listed in "Description") then reintroduced to the original owners/distributors. A media-based task force (MedTF-BAD-J-α, "Specialized Censorship Patrol") has been established to locate unauthorized media, and re-distribute altered texts.

Any personnel, regardless of clearance level, found dispensing information pertaining to 'PC-BAD-J to the public will be immediately terminated. Any unauthorized groups and individuals found acknowledging the existence of 'PC-BAD-J will be immediately terminated.

'PC-BAD-J is bad. All personnel interacting with 'PC-BAD-J are to be made to acknowledge how bad it is. Failure to do so will result in reassignment termination crucifixion.

Description: 'PC-BAD-J is this icky sex thing called "r█pe". It is the majority opinion of the 'PC-BAD-J Council that r█pe is bad. It's really, really bad. IT'S BAAAAD. In fact, it's so bad, that all texts referencing 'PC-BAD-J must be altered, to prevent civilians from becoming aware of its existence.1

Methods of altering textual references to 'PC-BAD-J include the following:

  • removal of references
  • destruction of text
  • substituting the word "r█pe" with "vicious hugging"
  • incineration of text
  • sub-atomic annihilation of text
  • brutal █████ of text
  • a classified procedure performed with the text by researcher Dr. Kavorkian, in the staff toilets on Site-65

(The 'PC-BAD-J Council would like to comment that all of these procedures will be performed with the text's consent. Failure to receive consent will result in the termination of all parties involved.)

The following is an extract from the list of alterations made by the 'PC-BAD-J Council thus far:

Text Alteration Notes
"LAPD Report KNB-7143-J", a Los Angeles Police Department report on the 12/03/████ rape assault on ████ ██████ Text was destroyed
"The 231 Steps", a 2001 short story by ██████ ████ (neutralized) that uses ‘PC-BAD-J as a narrative device to explore themes of despair, control, and sexuality in modern society 'PC-BAD-J was replaced with intense cuddling scenes
"847 Miles From Home," a 1974 novel by ████ █████, praised as a masterpiece of Egyptian horror literature Neutralized
An undated leaflet, titled "How To Not R█pe People" Neutralized
"Okama", a 2011 Japanese hentai series, that graphically depicts 'PC-BAD-J multiple times2 Salvaged "I'm gonna need to do some, uh, research with this one." - Dr. Kavorkian
The Wikipedia article on "R█pe" Pending
RPC Authority article for 'PC-BAD-J Pending
A story written for an online collaborative writing project about gambling prostitutes Salvaged "this is edgy af lol" - Official comment from 'PC-BAD-J Council
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