Registered Phenomena Code: 786

Object Class: Neutralized

Hazards: N/A

Containment Protocols: RPC-786 had been neutralized, as such no containment protocols are required. Site-786 is currently under renovations in order to be convert into a Containment/Research Site-███, all personnel previously working with the anomaly are to be reassigned to different projects.

Description: RPC-786 was a caucasian male, 18 years of age. RPC-786 was formerly a Class-IV Memory-Altering entity capable of "erasing" the memory/existence of objects, since its termination, these effects had stopped. For more informations of previous descriptions. Please contact Researcher Adrian █████ at Site-███.

Incident-786N: on ██/██/████, RPC-786 manage to escape containment due to repeated malfunctions in power supply with culminated in a total system failure, during the breach RPC-786 gained access to a large sum of lesser anomalous items, allowing the entity to continued to evade capture, RPC-786 was later found in Dr. Gabriel's offices, holding the recently deceased doctor repeating the phrase: "You will never forget me." before termination.

Attention:Project Retirement This project has been slated for deletion, the next team of researcher is going to replace this with a new entry, to those who are still unaware of the update: pack your stuff, there's like 6 of you who haven't, we're leaving.- Researcher Adrian █████

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