Still image of RPC-130-2 tuned to RPC-130-1 after a pregnant D-Class activated it.


Registered Phenomena Code: 130

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard, Info-Hazard, Anti-Physical Hazard, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-130-2 is to be maintained in a soundproof Alpha-class containment room, unplugged from the electrical systems of the facility. The only RPC-130-2 instance is currently on Site-██.

Pregnant Authority personnel and infants less than 6 months of age are prohibited from entering the containment room, with the exception of D-Class for testing. Any television set is to be kept at least 50 meters away from RPC-130-2, to prevent the same effects manifesting in other televisions (See Incident Log-130-1), but, this is not a guaranteed way of restricting the ability to affect televisions outside of this range. The anomaly area of possible effect is likely larger than the maximum area of effect that has been observed. It is believed that the phenomenon constantly changes its range, due to this, tests are made monthly to monitor the changes in range.

Description: RPC-130 is composed of 3 distinct anomalies, labeled RPC-130-1, RPC-130-2, and RPC-130-3. RPC-130-1 is a TV channel, with the registration name of [REDACTED]. RPC-130-1 has the ability of "spreading" to nearby TVs, the range of this ability varies randomly as RPC-130-3 instances appear, additionally, RPC-130-1 can randomly self-tune to any TV, although extremely rare. Anomalous properties manifest when a TV is tuned to RPC-130-1.

The television set; Hereafter referred to as RPC-130, will begin to generate a white noise and static. When this noise is heard or the static is seen by anyone currently pregnant, the noise and static will change to an image displaying children running around a campfire in a forest and a sound of soft music which has been identified as soothing to listener, these are visible by anyone non-pregnant and/or older than 6 months. Said children are also heard speaking in an unidentified language. After approximately 1 minute of viewing RPC-130-2, the viewer will suffer from a miscarriage, with several severe side effects, including, but not limited to: intense pain, internal bleeding, vomiting, and death. Infants younger than 6 months, introduced to RPC-130-2 will simply disappear and a new instance of RPC-130-3 will generate.

After this process, a new child or fetus will appear on the screen, now designated RPC-130-3; each time someone suffers from the effects of it, a new child, exactly like the one who disappeared, will appear on RPC-130-2; All RPC-130-3 instances appear on the channel, no matter the TV where the channel was tuned, there are currently 21 instances of RPC-130-3. They also seem to age as time passes with RPC-130-2 turned on, the oldest RPC-130-3 instance being approximately 7 years old.

Recovery was made when the town of Athol, Massachusetts, in 14/07/1986, reported 11 miscarriages, with 9 of them bringing death to the mother; at the same time, 3 newborn infants disappeared. The investigation found that the Church of Malthus had acquired the anomaly and used it as a hazard. Authority agents were deployed, terminated the Church of Malthus operatives and administered the proper amnestics; a cover-up story of water poisoning and a gang shooting was made.

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Registered Phenomena Code: 877


Photo found in RPC-877

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: Geological Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: The perimeter of RPC-877 is to be patrolled by the Authority Cruiser Voyager at all times. Seismic activity must be monitored constantly, as earthquakes are frequent when [placeholder]-event manifests.

The Breinsfeld shelter is to be ressuplied bi-weekly. Any personnel who is in RPC-877 when [placeholder]-event manifests are to remain on the Breinsfeld shelter until [placeholder]-event occurs again.

Any Authority or Remnants personnel that is located in RPC-877 must be rescued before [placeholder]-event manifests. Exploration missions in RPC-877 are prohibited due to the anomalies that it houses and due to the risk of dissapearance during the mission.

Description: RPC-877 designates an island located ███km off the west coast of Ireland. RPC-877's anomalous properties manifest in a randomly timed phenomenon, named [placeholder]-event, where RPC-877 is warped to a different timeline.

This timeline is that of an authority who failed in containing RPCs, called the "Remnants". RPC-877 and other RPCs were made to aid in the evacuation of the timeline, as a event denominated "Alpha Trigger" left various anomalies uncontained causing a [placeholder] event that reshaped or destroyed most of the solar system and possibly the universe.

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RPC-XXX "Funeral Transporter"

Work In Progress



Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazards: Sentient Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained on OL-Site-89, afar from any human settlements in a ███km radius. RPC-XXX is to be equipped with a tracker and fed daily with 10 kg of vegetable based rations. To also ensure further complicity from RPC-XXX, its cell is to be cleaned daily.
RPC-XXX is to be administered Class-A amnestics when triggering its anomalous effect to avoid containment breaches.

If RPC-XXX is to escape containment, MST-[placeholder] is to recontain the entity and recover the corpse at the location RPC-XXX is in. As RPC-XXX doesn't show any harm or any resistance to containment, simply transporting RPC-XXX to OL-Site-89 avoiding any human settlements is sufficient.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation for a sentient and sapient humanoid resembling a Pan troglodytes1, easily distinguished by its abnormal height (4.52 meters), weight (234kg) and fur that covers the entirety of the torso, legs, arms and head. Altough Pan troglodytes is a omnivore species, RPC-XXX prefers a herbivore diet and has refused to consume meat of any kind on several occasions.

RPC-XXX's intelligence is comparable to that of a 4 year old and is capable of responding to simple and complex questions, speaking simple English, completing mathematical problems, recognizing itself in the mirror and etc. RPC-XXX is neither cooperative nor hostile to the Authority or personnel and has not shown any harm. As shown in interviews, RPC-XXX will either remain silent or respond to questions in simple manner, such as "yes" or no".

RPC-XXX's anomalous property manifests when a body, belonging to a victim killed in a deliberate, premeditated act of violence, or the body belongs to a person which commited suicide within a ███km radius. Under these circunstances, RPC-XXX will exhibit agitated behavior for approximately 10 minutes, and then suddenly teleport to the location of the corpse. RPC-XXX will then carry the body2 and teleport to a nearby location within the same ███km radius as long as the location is:

  • A house with a cellar or a basement
  • A cathedral or church
  • An alley
  • A police station
  • A site of any organization (including the Authority)

If any of these conditions have not been met, RPC-XXX radius of teleportation will extend until it finds a nearby location matching with any of these requirements.
RPC-XXX, when arriving at the location, will leave the body in a fetal position. RPC-XXX will then proceed to instantly teleport randomly within a ███km radius with no observable parameters.

Recovery was made in ██/██/1984, on the town of Oaktown, Indiana, when the ████████ family heard "muttering" in their cellar. When they went to investigate the cellar, they saw a "strange being" leaving the dismembered body of Alice ███████3 on the ground. After intensive investigation, the authorities were unable to match any of the evidence to any member the ████████ family.
The Authority noticed the incident, applied Class-A amnestics on family members and tracked down RPC-XXX with similar cases, but only on ██/██/1998 were able to contain it due to its abilities.


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