Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-X is to be held within a soundproof chamber at Preliminary Site 06-Alpha. Explosives with the capacity to destroy or incapacitate RPC-X are to be present within the chamber. RPC-X must be monitored at all times. If RPC-X is observed to move or enter an active state at any time outside of testing, explosives are to be detonated and any nearby security force called in to assess the state of RPC-X.

To prevent any unauthorized personnel from accessing RPC-X, Preliminary Site 06-Alpha is to be kept under heavy armed guard at all times. Personnel approaching the inner containment zone without authorization are to be immediately terminated.

Description: RPC-X is a large mass of industrial steel alloy weighing approximately 3 tonnes. It is composed of a large central mass, with four appendages protruding from the underside. Crudely affixed to the center and legs of RPC-X are a large assortment of commonly available power tools which RPC-X has been observed to utilize intelligently when in an active state.

RPC-X will activate upon receiving a verbal command within audible range from the center mass. Upon receiving any recognized command, the appendages of RPC-X will move to lift the center mass several meters off the ground. As of ██/██/████, RPC-X has been observed to recognize only the commands 'kill' and 'destroy'. It is currently unknown whether or not there is an upper limit of commands that RPC-X will carry out in a single active state.

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