Class A Dossiers


Many have heard of the Global Directors, but none have ever learned of them.

Every Global Director knows almost everything about the Authority, every part of it is within reach to them, granting them unlimited access. Many members of the Authority spend their entire life without even hearing the footsteps of a Global Director, and if they do, they don't know it.

When you have supreme power and control over an organization that manages to keep Hell locked behind bars, you are bound to be respected, no matter who you are. Their name means what you think it does; they direct the world.

You do not know a Global Director personally, but a member of the Board likely knows everything there is about you, and if they don't, they are capable of it.

Despite a Regional Director having control over an entire region, a Regional Director is nothing compared to a Global Director, just like how a country is nothing compared to the Earth itself.

There are many other powerful leaders in the world, people who lead their nation, their country, or whatever it may be. Bring a Global Director into play, and all those people suddenly drop 5 ranks down with the Global Director standing above them.





The Founder during a Global Director meeting regarding The Church of Malthus.

Position: Founder of the Authority

Clearance Level: ██████

Biography: The Founder seemed to have simply "appeared" into existence when the Authority was founded, as if it was his sole purpose in life. When it is described that he seemed to have come into existence to create the Authority, it is often elaborated that nobody had ever seen him, anyone biologically related to him or even anyone who resembled him.

Investigations of such subjects have met with failure, as well with The Founder advising personnel to cease any attempts to do so.


The Founder, GD-04, 05 and 02 discussing RPC-███ containment with Richard Nixon and Willy Brandt.

Since the founding of the modern Authority in 18██, the Founder hasn't seemed to have aged ever since and maintains an appearance of a male in his mid █0s, greatly confusing speculation of his birth date.

The Founder has been noted to have always preferred loose, comfortable dark-colored clothing, especially composed of materials such as silk. Said clothing has included cardigans and kimonos, as The Founder seems to dislike formal attire, though will gladly wear such clothing in formal situations.

He has been described as respectful, honorable and especially charismatic towards women and it has even been reported by personnel that some feel "cognito-hazardously" compelled to admire The Founder. However, when seemingly angered, personnel claim feeling a sudden sense of dread and are often quick to give sincere apologies.

Perhaps its the soul that sustains the biology of a living being.

Founding of the Authority

Before the Authority was a small private group of 4 individuals, including The Founder himself, who had originally formed the team. It was not formed specifically because of the world of anomalies, it was formed for the speculation of such anomalies. Each person in the group had come into contact with what they could not find any other explanation to, nor could anyone else.

They however did not form the Authority until 2 years afterwards. Until then, The Founder decided to recruit and draw in multiple individuals after he had first witnessed RPC-001. With no choice but to let RPC-001 roam free for the time being, The Founder and his team hastily attempted to discreetly recruit multiple highly intelligent individuals from the public, with the first specified type of people being scientists.

One person had proposed the idea of a military-team, supporting this idea with the fact that aggressive and dangerous anomalies have been encountered before. The Founder accepted this idea, soon forming MST units.

It had taken about 18 years for the Authority to become a fully fledged organization due to the attempt to recruit people in a discreet manner. His original 3 colleagues that were present in the private group were appointed as the first Global Directors for their experience.

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