Haunted Bed
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RPC-993-2-03 peaking out of RPC-993-1.

Item #: RPC-993

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-993 is to be kept in well-furnished chamber with replicative similarity to Room no. 28 of the ███ Apartment (London) to familiarize RPC-993-2-18 with its surroundings. Every night from 7:30 PM - 6:30 AM, RPC-993 must be monitored cautiously for any RPC-993-2 instances; Monitoring must continue until instance disappears. If a new RPC-993-2 anomaly separate from any other recorded RPC-993-2 phenomena transpire, report to the site manager immediately. Class-A amnestics will be given to test subjects after RPC-993-2 experiments if necessary.

Description: RPC-993 is a twin-size memory foam mattress bed that acts as normally, no anomalous property has been discovered as of now. Beneath RPC-993, an irremovable black stain marks it's perimeter, registered as RPC-993-1. If RPC-993 changes location, RPC-993-1 will change its location accordingly. It must be known that RPC-993-1 has the ability to manifest itself in to a physical nightmare.

Every night from 8:00-12:00 to 3:00-6:00, an anomalous phenomenon generates where RPC-993-1 undergoes a drastic shift in configuration allowing RPC-993-2 instances to materialize out of RPC-993-1. These phenomenon all differ to one another in shape and form. The purpose of these anomalies is currently unknown.

Discovery Log:
RPC-993 was found on Room no. 28 of the ███ Apartment on ████, London. After a child by the name of J████ K██████ was reported missing. Authority agents found RPC-993 after the parents of K██████ reported that they heard strange noises inside of their child's bedroom. Class B amnestics has been given to the K██████ couple along with false memories.

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