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Marion Valérie Riviera



Overview: As a skilled infiltrator, Marion has demonstrated exceptional skills in manipulating subjects to complete her assignments, including several operations where she has successfully infiltrated various Groups of Interest to obtain intelligence. Her skills are forged from her youth where she went to an acting school and starred for a short-lived TV show to being an MI6 field agent by her twenties.

Marion was offered a position in the Counterintelligence Division of MST X-Ray-6 "Annullifiers" after she caught the attention of The Board by her skills. Marion gladly accepted the position and has demonstrated excellent performance ever since. However, recently in 2018, Marion has gone rogue and insubordinately assassinated several mob leaders stationed in New York City. As of September 2018, Marion has taken several freelance espionage assignments for various organizations including the Church of Malthus GoI.

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