Hellsverg's RPC Proposals

Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Visual-Hazard, Aggression-Hazard, Sapient-Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained inside a standard humanoid containment chamber with basic furnishing and appliances. The chamber containing RPC-XXX must be devoid of any form of observation devices, this includes sonar positioning systems. Inspection of the chamber for any form of breach that may allow a direct line of sight to the object is to be undertaken on a biweekly basis.

Feeding is done through a dumbwaiter three times a day; meals must contain the standard daily amount of nutrients needed of a human female. RPC-XXX may be granted daily meal reduction at certain times of the year per religious reasons.

Under no circumstances should personnel assigned to RPC-XXX initiate conversations and/or maintain a relationship—intimate nor platonic—with RPC-XXX. Violation of this order will result in a temporary or permanent reassignment.

Personnel that are exposed to RPC-XXX must be quarantined for at least one week. After full recovery, exposed personnel may be allowed to return to their duties. However, personnel that has reached the Psychosis stage is to be terminated after a positive diagnosis.

During experimentation or relocation sessions, supervising personnel must wear the standardized RPC-XXX safety gear (this includes blindfolds and—optionally—ear defenders).

Description: During initial sight, RPC-XXX appears to be a fairly average human female measuring 155cm in height, 54kg in weight with a Southeast Asian ethnicity wearing a red Kebaya.1 However, viewing RPC-XXX for extended periods of time will result in the manifestation of its memetic effects.

Experimented subjects reported of perceiving RPC-XXX as a normal or a woman with exquisite characteristics. However, after observing the object for approximately 30 seconds, subjects reported of perceiving RPC-XXX as a faceless woman. This stage is considered as the lethal offset due to most experimented subjects that has reached this stage were diagnosed with brain hemorrhage.

After approximately one minute, subjects started to bleed from every facial orifice. However, none of the subjects reported of experiencing pain. This stage will progress into psychosis and—if the subject survives the ordeal—will show extreme devotion to RPC-XXX.

The depiction of RPC-XXX differs from each individual, subjects reported of perceiving RPC-XXX as their sister, former colleague, wife and at one time, the actress Kristen Stewart. RPC-XXX's memetic effects also manifest in every media depiction of the object (e.g. pictures, quick sketches and as far as sonic frequency readings).

Furthermore, media depictions will always have RPC-XXX show a sultry look regardless of the situation it finds itself in (e.g. Image XXX.1 is supposed to show RPC-XXX pinned against the wall in distress yet personnel reported of seeing RPC-XXX as relaxed).

The anti-cognitohazard measure prototype developed by Nucorp Industries has shown efficiancy in preventing the memetic effects from manifesting in Image XXX.1 for 20 seconds, before the lethal effects manifests.


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