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Full Name:

  • Eva Nereida Velazquez (1994–????)
  • Kelly Evangelina Connors (????–2020)

Personnel ID Number: 002-365-27643

Security Clearance:

  • Level 1 (2013–2015)
  • Level 2 (2015–2019)
  • Level 3 (2019–2020)

Division: Protection

Bureau: Authority Central Intelligence


  • MST Sierra-8 Cadet (2013–2015)
  • MST Sierra-8 Junior Investigator, Homicide Department (2015–2019)
  • MST Sierra-8 Senior Sergeant Investigator, Cartage Department (2019–2020)

Sex: Female

Height: 162cm

Weight: 59kg

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Birthplace: Oaxaca, Mexico

Date Of Birth: April 2nd 1994

Enlistment Date: September 17th 2013

Date of Death: ██/██/2020

Educational Background:

  • Jefferson Elementary School (Graduated 2006)
  • Helena Middle School (Graduated 2010)
  • Helena High School (Did not graduate)

Occupational History:

  • N/A


Early Life

Kelly Evangelina Connors (Born: Eva Nereida Velazquez) was born to Salma and Marcos Velazquez: Both were well-known entrepreneurs and owners of the Velazquez Auction House. Salma and Marcos Velazquez have been on the Authority watchlist since early 1992, where they were suspected of brokering potentially anomalous art pieces to anonymous buyers wiring the funds across offshore accounts.

There were numerous speculations circulating that the Velazquezes were affiliated with the American Continental Syndicate, with the best hypothesis derived from aerial surveillance projecting increased memetic activity emanating from their place of residence. The speculation was later confirmed in ██/██/1997 where the Velazquez Residence was ransacked and on-site Authority cleanup crew recovering anomalous art pieces deemed too unstable in maintaining normalcy.

There were no signs of Salma and Marcos Velazquez ever present in the residence during the incident, but according to the security footage, one assailant was seen forcefully taking Eva Velazquez—who was only 3 years old at the time—from the hands of a housemaid.


Kelly Connors (13) and her younger sister (4).

Little-to-no reports were found regarding the whereabouts of Eva Velazquez. Numerous speculations have surfaced regarding the incident—most notably, that the assailant attempted to use Eva Velazquez as hostage to extort ransom from the Velazquezes, or that the assailant had simply terminated her shortly after the incident.

However, recently in 2013, Eva Velazquez—now named Kelly Evangelina Connors—was found living with the Connors Family in Helena, Montana. Evidence suggested that Eva Velazquez was adopted by Montgomery and Jemima Connors in 1999—both of which were low-ranking members of the American Continental Syndicate.

Kelly Connors then lived a sheltered life with her adoptive parents and younger sister until in her late teenage years, where a Sierra-8 Investigator had recovered Kelly Connors during his homicide investigation in ██/██/2013.

The RPC Authority

Inv. Nathan Keller—who recovered Kelly Connors—had written in his report that she assisted him in his investigation during their brief time together, while also showing prodigious investigation skills. Due to Kelly Connors refusing to return to her biological parents, the Authority offered her a position among the ranks of MST Sierra-8 "Sundowners".

On 17/06/2013, Kelly Connors undertook the standard 3-month Authority Induction; Physical, Mental and Cognitive Examination; and the Sierra-8 Proficiency Test. She was officially enlisted as a Sierra-8 Cadet Homicide Investigator on 17/09/2013, at the age of 19.1

Capt. David Bannion then assigned her into a mentorship program under the command of Inv. Nathan Keller. In her early years, Kelly Connors showed great enthusiasm in her position as a Cadet Investigator, expressing numerous times of her desire to undertake field cases and her eagerness to serve the Authority. However, due to her young age and lack of firearm expertise, Capt. Bannion limited her deployment and ordered Inv. Keller to instead train her in investigative and marksmanship practices.

Even though Inv. Nathan Keller was given a directive to train Kelly Connors, The Board would at often times override Capt. Bannion's decisions and instead reassigned Inv. Nathan Keller into regular investigative duties. This was done due to his valuable in-depth knowledge of the American Continental Syndicate in addition to the further developments regarding Case H/001134 "Pythonslither" (KELLER, N)2. This left Kelly Connors mentor-less with a temporary replacement only available in about three weeks away from his reassignment.

However, working into the American Continental Syndicate has left an immense mental damage to Inv. Nathan Keller, with his psychiatrist advising The Board to restrict him from investigating the Syndicate further. On ██/██/2014, he was reassigned to Sierra-8 Cartage department under Capt. Alexandra McMahon and went back to mentoring Kelly Connors.

Kelly Connors was then promoted to a Junior Investigator in the Cartage department, based on her second proficiency test.3 While junior investigators do get to request a partner transfer, Capt. McMahon instead assigned her back with Inv. Keller, believing it was in their best interest.

However, The Board terminated their partnership when Nathan Keller received the order to accompany RPC-480 in its test as a possible asset for the Sierra-8 on ██/██/████.

Specter of Pelhrimov


The scene in Pelhrimov, Czech Republic. ██/██/████.

On ██/██/2019, developments were made regarding case C/02389 "Solid Serpent" (KELLER, N). The original case directives called for the investigation of several wrecked Authority convoy that had its cargo stolen while on its way to Site-067 located in the city of Brno, Czech Republic. The trucks were found to have crashed in the outskirts of Prague.

RPC-480 was initially planned to be transported into the city and to conduct its first maiden field testing under Inv. Nathan Keller—the acting investigator at that time. After doing some initial investigations, he reported back to the Division Commander informing him that a possible anomaly had been involved and that the missing convoy may have indeed been ambushed.

Due to the reported nature of the anomaly not actively attacking civilian populations, the Commander In Chief of the MSTs authorized the emergency case re-designation into a Special Investigations case, as opposed to launching a priority containment operation. The new case directives stated that a Special Investigations Officer is to be sent into the scene, while Inv. Nathan Keller along with RPC-480 were to be recalled back to their garrisoned site.

The transport carrying RPC-480 experienced major delays to Prague and as such, the flight never reached the Czech Republic and was rerouted directly back to Site-002. As for Inv. Nathan Keller, however, he insisted on staying in the city as he believed his knowledge of the case and experience would supplement greatly to the investigation. Nevertheless, the Division Commander cannot assign him as the Special Investigator as he was still technically assigned to supervise RPC-480.

Being the only qualified investigator with no active case, Kelly Connors was sent as the Special Investigator along with a translator by the name of ████ ████████. Little were known during her time in the Czech Republic, as Kelly Connors was given a strict radio silence directive and to serve under the command of the acting senior field officer of Authority's Czechia Branch. However, it was known that Kelly Connors elected to take on the case along with her former mentor only because of his reluctance to obey the recall order.

Rumors had also been circulating among the ranks of Czech ASF personnel that Kelly Connors and Nathan Keller had made a temporary pact with the European Continental Syndicate as they were suffering the same attacks as the Authority.

There were also talks regarding a predatory entity that went by the name of "Přízrak Pelhřimova"4 circulating around the local Czech news stations. There were also nicknames given by the local citizens that the aforementioned entity was a mythological creature named "Kikimora". The numerous talks and allegations were promptly expunged by MST X-Ray-6 Operatives after Kelly Connors confirmed that the entity being discussed was indeed, the suspected anomaly. The anomaly was observed to be most active in the City of Prague; being located over 100 kilometers away from the city it had derived its name from.

After the case was closed due to the successful termination of the anomaly, Nathan Keller expressed his disdain of Kelly Connors directly to Col. Ryan O'Connor, asking not to have her assigned as his partner ever again. However, it was done verbally and not in writing.

Operation Sub-Vesuvia




Classification Date: 01/01/2020
Security Clearance Required: Level 4

The Tyrrhenian Sea Incident

On ██/██/2020, six months after Operation Sub-Vesuvia, Kelly Connors was tasked in investigating the possible internal corruption aboard the ranks of the Authority Deep-Sea Surveying Ship, ANV Magdalene's Tears. She was given a strict directive to investigate the case inconspicuously, with her Administrator giving her the cover of an Authority Archive & Documentary personnel, assigned to the ship to document its crew's morale and day-to-day activities.

This relatively undemanding task was issued to give Kelly Connors extra time to recover from her previous injuries suffered during Operation Sub-Vesuvia, while also sating her propensity for duty as she had repeatedly asked Capt. McMahon for a case to take. Her doctor advised her to take at least two additional months to recover—but promptly allowed her to go after reviewing the case's circumstances.

ANV Magdalene's Tears was set to sail from the Port of Naples to Authority's Indian Ocean Fleet Repair and Resupply Facility located in Perth, Australia. However, the Authority naval command lost radio contact after the ship had traversed 300 kilometers off the coast of Naples.

The nearest Authority rescue ship, the ANV Saliviero, stationed at the same port they left from, was notified of this incident. The crew aboard made preparations for departure immediately after receiving the transmission. Just three hours later, a substantial memetic activity was detected with the source determined to have originated somewhere near the shores of the island of Ustica.

The Authority then launched a massive containment operation and formed a perimeter around the Tyrrhenian Sea. However, most of the effort went to determining the exact source of the anomaly and identifying the threat, as opposed to search and rescue operations.



On ██/██/2020, the wreckage of ANV Magdalene's Tears was found in the beaches of the island of Sardegna. No human corpses, nor any biological matter was found inside the wreckage. However, it was noted that the exterior of the ship below the waterline was covered in dried hemoglobin.



Sgt. Inv. Kelly Connors' burial.

Due to the circumstances of The Tyrrhenian Sea Incident, MST SIerra-8 "Sundowners" Senior Sergeant Cartage Investigator Kelly Evangelina Connors was presumed dead, along with the 58 crew of the ANV Magdalene's Tears.

She was buried symbolically on ██/██/2020 in the Palm Eastern Cemetery located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She was promoted posthumously to Senior Lieutenant Investigator and was awarded the following:

  • Authority Distinguished Service Medal
  • Authority Protector Medal
  • Battle Bravery Medal
  • Albatross Medal
  • and the Sundowner's Respite Medal

In her Last Will and Testament, Kelly Connors only ever listed Inv. Nathan Keller as the sole recipient of her listed belongings.

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