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Deus Lothar Vulte avant son embauche par l’Autorité, env. 1995.

Nom complet : Deus Lothar Vulte

Accréditation : Niveau 4

Classe : Chercheur en Chef en Biologie

Âge : biologiquement 76 ans

Description Physique : Le Chercheur en Chef Vulte est un homme blanc européen avec des cheveux précédemment bruns, désormais blanc. Il a une calvitie et une longue barbe dense. Sa taille est d'environ 1 mètre 91 et son poids de 112 kilogrammes.

Histoire : Deus, prior to taking any medical or scientific training, was a German boxing champion in his local home of [SUPPRIMÉE] winning 4 championship belts before retiring due to required military action. He served for approximately 5 years before being removed for multiple disciplinary actions and disrespect towards superiors in the chain of command.

Deus proceeded to enter the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg and gained the following awards:

  • Examen Médical Réussi
  • Master en Immunologie Intégrée
  • Master en Médecine Moléculaire

Unsatisfied with the twenty years spent, he proceeded to perform research on the potential to splice virus shells with human DNA to 'force' gene therapy with little success for several years. The work itself is [SUPPRIMÉE] and currently archived by the Authority.

After attending a seminar to discuss how the human body itself uses RNA on a DNA-scale level and his expectations on how to use this to modify humanity on some level, the Authority picked up on his work and employed him after a month of debate between the previous Head Researcher of Biology and Deus at the age of 53.

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