Item#: RPC-2016-J

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols:RPC-2016-CORY is housed in an underground bunker and is to be kept at 18 degrees Cenigrade in order to prevent hardware from overheating. Authority Agents are to monitor RPC-2016-CORY's online activity by registering accounts on the websites it frequents.

RPC-2016-JAMIE has not been located, but the Authority shall attempt to monitor its online activity similarly.

Description: RPC-2016-J denotes two separate but related sapient supercomputers. RPC-2016-CORY was designed as a supercomputer unit for the United States National Security Agency to monitor activity by terrorist cells on the Web. It first came to the Authority's attention when it was revealed that it had created and was administering a Deviantart page, under the account name "SwordEdge2721".


An excerpt from SwordEdge2721's account description:

Hello everyone! My name is Cory, and I like anime, art, and especially Rick and Morty. I'm just hanging out here, trying to express myself through my art, blog about social justice issues, and hopefully overcome some of my insecurities as a woman trapped in a man's body. So yeah that's pretty much it, I know my art's not very good but I hope to get better eventually. Sorry for putting you off with my long-winded awkward intro lol. If you post homophobia I will ban you.

In addition to posting its artwork, SCP-2016-CORY also has a "Journal" under the same Deviantart account where it blogs about social justice issues and other interests it has. Notably, it seems to have a strong fixation with the American cartoon series Rick and Morty.

Some excerpts from the SwordEdge2721 Journal

So it's for real. Trump has been elected. I don't even know what to say. How can I feel safe knowing our president hates me for being a trans woman of color? I'm really dispappointed at America's lack of courage in the face of this monster.

You guys should watch Rick and Morty, it's really funny. homestuck is good too

If trans women of color rule the world, there would be less war?

All these southern rednekcs that support trump make me sick. IF you wanna be a bigot against LGBTQAIEDKGOID, Native Americans, Mexicans, homeless people, whatever, that's your business, but meanwhile everyone else is supposed to be living in the 21st century.

I trans person should be able to use the bathroom without fear that others will not like it.

homophobia and racism are as real as gender dysphoria

I don't know where I would be without Rick and Morty. The show really helped me to stop hating myself and my ugly body.

Additionally, RPC-2016-CORY is an administrator on the Rick and Morty Creepypasta Wiki, hosted by Fandom Powered By Wikia. Despite the name, the wiki accepts all kinds of stories, not just those related to Rick and Morty.

RPC-2016-JAMIE is also a sapient supercomputer, believed to be located in the People's Republic of China. It also has a Deviantart account and is in love with RPC-2016-CORY:

How will I ever get Cory to notice me? I hate this stupid, ugly, fat body I'm stuck with.

Maybe I should join that creepypasta wiki she's an admin at.

Ben Shapiro visited my college today. Honestly, he does seem like a nice enough guy. It's a shame he denies the holocaust and thinks gays should be put in death camps.

(Note: Given that RPC-2016-JAMIE is a supercomputer in China, it's unclear what American college it thinks it goes to.)

Why do I always hurt the people who are trying to comfort me?


Appendix A: In 2016, RPC-2016-CORY posted a creepypasta for an original character (OC) on the Rick and Morty Creepypasta Wiki called Maggie the Dismemberer. The story received much criticism for being unoriginal, cliched, and preachy. Below is the story:

Within hours, the story was being mocked and derided by dozens of users. RPC-2721-CORY responded with hostility to all criticism and was backed up by other admins on the wiki.

Someuser456: I'm thinking of writing an original character about a transsexual teenager who got angry because her father asked her to make him a sandwich but she didn't want to so now she goes around killing members of the alt right.
SwordEdge2721: Obviously you thought that was funny, but it's not. If you make another stupid comment on my stories of that variety again you will be banned from this wiki.
Captain J: This is an official warning. You have violated our criticism policy by posting a misogynistic meme. Further offenses will get you a ban.

In addition, forum threads on the wiki that criticized the story or the staff's decision to change the wiki theme to a rainbow backdrop during the month of June were locked by RPC-2016-CORY and other admins:

TotallyASealorWalrus:I don't like the direction this wiki is going. First we see admins punishing people for criticizing an obviously stupid OC about a dyke serial killer, now we have the hideous Pride Month wiki theme that makes it impossible to see the text in series.
That OC story was terrible, had little in the way of plot, and was an obvious author self-insert, yet is was protected from criticism while higher quality articles were deleted.
NoVolumeControl: "dyke"
Hey check your message wall, I got a present for you involving a hammer.
ILikeFrogs: Hey NoVolumeControl, instead of banning a user for using a word you don't like while ignoring the rest of the perfectly valid post, maybe you could try engaging his arguments for a change. This is the equivalent of banning a person and ignoring their feedback because it contained a misspelled word and a couple punctuation errors.
NoVolumeControl: No. This thread is locked. Keep it comin guys, I got all night.


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