Hydrozen Sandbox 2

RPC-343-1 swarm surrounding RPC-343

Registered Phenomena Code: 343

Object Class: Alpha-Red (Pending Beta)

Hazards: Organic, Grouped, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-343 is to be kept in a 1 m x 1 m x 2 m stainless steel box with a small rug inside. The containment box must be cleaned on a daily basis and the inner temperature should be kept at -5°C, as RPC-343-1 instances are able to generate heat to warm RPC-343. Outside of the containment box is a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m cage designed to prevent any escaped RPC-343-1 instances from potentially leaving the containment chamber. Personnel entering the containment chamber are required to wear Class-B protective suits.

300-400 bees of Apis spp. are to be introduced to the containment chamber every 3 weeks to replace the deceased RPC-343-1 instances. Should too many bees be introduced, a Level 4 clearance person is to be notified.

Personnel are forbidden from removing RPC-343 from the containment box at any time unless authorized by a Level 4 clearance person. Releasing RPC-343-1 instances is as well strictly forbidden. Should any bees be sighted outside of the containment room, the Site Director is to be notified immediately.

Description: RPC-343 is a 36-week human fetus. The umbilical cord is attached to it, though it is significantly tattered at the end of it, seemingly chewed. It is unknown how RPC-343 was able to escape the womb of the biological mother while remaining alive both during the process and afterwards.

The main anomalous aspect of RPC-343 is how 20-30 thousand bees (RPC-343-1) constantly surround all of RPC-343 while lacking any queen bee and it's capability of complex pheromonal communication. The limit for the amount of bees covering RPC-343 is around 30 thousand bees, as when this amount is reached, no other RPC-343-1 instances will be created by pheromone release (See Addendum: Hexyl ██████). It is unknown how RPC-343 is capable of knowing the amount of bees that currently surround it.



RPC-343-1 instance

RPC-343-1 instances are a previously unidentified species of bee, seemingly belonging to the Melittidae family. They have not been observed in nature. RPC-343-1 bees have been observed attempting to gather edible materials that would not pose any benefit or harm to the average bee. Instead of gathering materials for mainly their own benefit, they have been observed to deliver nourishment directly to RPC-343 by burrowing beyond the outer layer of bees that cover RPC-343 to reach the fetus itself. The 343-1 instance subsequently then attempts to insert the gathered nourishment into the umbilical cord with the assistance of other accompanying instances, similarly to how nutrients are provided to a fetus by the placenta via the umbilical cord. It is unknown how RPC-343 is able to digest the material and absorb nutrients as it lacks a fully developed digestive system.

RPC-343-1 display highly aggressive behavior towards foreign organisms, including humans. They however do not use pheromonal communication, leading to the assumption that they are sentient. When a threat is stung by RPC-343-1, unlike the honey bee, they do not decease. They instead inject batrachotoxin, a highly lethal cardiotoxic and neurotoxic chemical into the predator. It should be noted that batrachotoxin is a highly unusual chemical to be observed in such an insect.

Addendum: Communication between RPC-343 and RPC-343-1 is attained through complex pheromonal communication. Four volatile chemical pheromones produced by RPC-343 that are used in communication between RPC-343 and 343-1, named █-butanol, ██-heptanol, hexyl ██████ and ███pentyl ██████ are of unknown origin and do not otherwise occur naturally.


Lethality Scale: 0 (No Threat)



██-heptanol is a volatile releaser-type pheromone produced by RPC-343 by unknown means. It is used primarily to signal RPC-343-1 instances to provide honey to RPC-343. It bears a highly unusual structure, seemingly defying major laws of chemistry. Typically 130-150 bees will begin to produce honey when the pheromone is absorbed. It is typically released when RPC-343 is in a state of hunger.

It has been able to be isolated from RPC-343 and is currently stored in Site-002 laboratories, though it has proven to be impossible to replicate within Authority labs.



The following file describes an Omega-Purple class Extraterrestrial Hazard, and is guarded by an OWL class memetic agent. Unauthorized access is forbidden.


RPC-970 precipitation viewed from OL-Site-970


Registered Phenomena Code: 970

Object Class: Omega-Black

Hazards: Climatological Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-970 is to be monitored from a safe distance of 1 km at OL-Site-970. Any unusual activity such as the formation of other weather phenomena, such as a tornado or supercell, should immediately be reported to the Site Director for the enactment of Protocol 54-Poseidon.

A dam is to be built around RPC-970, at least 0.5 km away from the rainfall. The walls of the dam are to be inspected every 12 hours for any signs of damage.

Description: RPC-970 is a rainstorm with extremely heavy rainfall. The entire rainstorm currently spans a diameter of 70 km. The highest recorded amount of precipitation from RPC-970 is 0.7 meters of rain.


RPC-970 during a containment breach.

Registered Phenomena Code: 970

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazards: Aggression, Sapient, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-970 is to be kept in a secluded 5 m x 5 m cell guarded by a steel gate within the Emergency Containment Wing at Site-009. Outside of this cell is a 12 m x 12 m outer-chamber equipped with pressure sensors, which as well is only accessible through a gate. Personnel within 20 m of the outer-chamber must wear a mask to cover their face at all times.

The opening of the gate to the inner-containment chamber will alert the designated supervisor assigned to monitor RPC-970 via security cameras. Any detected motion within the outer-chamber will also alert the assigned supervisor in the form of an alarm.

It is at this point that the supervisor must alert the Site Director if RPC-970 is seen within the outer-chamber. Neglect to do so will result in demotion and potential on-site termination.

Three meals are to be given to RPC-970 per day through a food slot that may only be opened via a key-card. The person handing the meals to RPC-970 must wear a mask to obscure it's face to prevent RPC-970 from making eye-contact.

Any accidental eye-contact with RPC-970, or suspicions of having been viewed by RPC-970 must be immediately reported to the Site Director for the enactment of Protocol Trinity-970.1 The implanting of multiple optical devices within the head of RPC-970 to simulate it's field-of-view to identify and evacuate any unmasked personnel that may have been viewed by RPC-970 has been approved.

Description: RPC-970 is an adult male humanoid, seemingly 20-30 years of age. It is of Caucasian descent, standing at 180 cm in height and weighing 59 kg. It lacks any body hair and is seemingly hairless. It possesses average body mass and is relatively lean.

RPC-970 is sapient and is capable of speech in the English language.

Eye contact with RPC-970, regardless if the viewer does not as well make eye-contact, will seemingly provide RPC-970 with all personal information of the viewer2 (RPC-970-1), including, but not limited to,

  • Full name
  • Birth-date
  • Location

At this point, RPC-970 is considered hostile and dangerous as it's strength and agility are amplified greatly, capable of surviving mass amounts of bodily damage, bypassing heavy security measurements and is well-skilled in combat.

Methods of travel vary depending on the distance of RPC-970-1, though two main forms of travel have been reported. To elucidate,

  • Under 500 meters of distance - RPC-970 will travel via foot
  • Beyond 700 meters of distance - RPC-970 will travel via car.

The described car will manifest within the area of RPC-970 as a black Lotus Esprit S4S. All attempts to damage the described vehicle operated by RPC-970 have failed, as it is seemingly invulnerable to any sort of structural damage. Since the first reported manifestation of RPC-970-A, it has retained perfect structural integrity.

Despite any constant movement by RPC-970-1, RPC-970 seems to have innate knowledge of the location of RPC-970-1 with RPC-970 travelling towards the correct location 100% of the time.

Upon arrival to the destination of RPC-970-1, RPC-970 will attempt to physically assault the subject with what appears to be a black-bladed M-9 bayonet knife, though cases of RPC-970 using a black kukri have been reported. However, searches for any contraband held by RPC-970 during containment have been inconclusive.

Addendum 970-1: As of 3/8/2009, RPC-970-1 subjects have begun to report vivid dreams of viewing themselves living within poor conditions. Such conditions have been described as "unsanitary" and "horrid." These dreams will begin to include RPC-970 within them as subjects have stated. This behavior will begin to appear as RPC-970 nears the location of the subject.

Subjects have also stated that during dreams which include RPC-970, RPC-970 will often speak towards them, describing them as "selfish" or "ungrateful." The most notable statement being, "I can't let you waste such amenities."

Assets Extracted: RPC-970, 153 Class-D Personnel
Outcome: RPC-970 was tranquilized multiple times to reset it's anomalous abilities. 5 Class-D personnel were terminated by RPC-970.

RPC-970 was reported to have been seen sprinting through the halls of the Emergency Containment Wing. Facial masks were immediately handed out to all personnel to avoid triggering anomalous capabilities.

RPC-970 had breached through the main gate into the outer perimeter by unknown means and was approached by 20 security personnel. See Incident 970-1 for further information.


INCIDENT #: 970-1
DATE: 27/5/2017


Digital RPC-913 photograph.


Registered Phenomena Code: 913

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Visual, Sensory, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-913 is to be kept in an envelope to prevent accidental viewing. The envelope holding RPC-913 is to be kept in a standard containment locker within the Alpha Sector at Site-002.

Description: RPC-913 is a photograph of a bird of unknown genus. The most notable and obvious feature of the bird is the fractal-like group of feathers and strands that protrude from the head of the bird (RPC-913-A). Any instances of RPC-913-A have not been seen since the initial containment of RPC-913.

On the back of the photograph is a sentence written in pen, reading "Like no other bird." Reading the sentence does not produce any anomalous effects and is considered safe.

After directly viewing RPC-913 for more than 9 seconds, the viewer will begin to suffer auditory hallucinations of multiple doves chirping. The hallucinations are described to be heard from a distance of approximately 8 meters. After about 10 minutes, auditory hallucinations will begin to subside.

Physical contact with the visual photograph however results in dramatically different hallucinations accompanied with a warm sensation described to be "heat from the sun." Approx.

Phase 1: 3 minutes after initial contact with RPC-913, the viewer will begin to experience a sense of tranquility accompanied with an increased saturation of color in vision.

Phase 2: 7 minutes after physical contact, the subject will then experience an increased brightness in vision as well as a sense of euphoria along with calmness. Viewers as well report being transported to what is described as the center of a wheat field. Hallucinations of RPC-913-A shown in the RPC-913 photograph will begin to appear with RPC-913-A seeming to slowly fly towards the viewer.

Phase 3: Directly after Phase 2, the subject will experience a sense of weightlessness along with visual hallucinations of RPC-913-A perched upon what would appear to be a wooden pole within a rural wheat field. It is at this point that the subject will report hearing what is believed to be "ambient synths" that have been described as reminiscent of electronic duo Boards of Canada accompanied by a visual review of the subject's life before expiring.

Addendum: Extensive testing has revealed that a specific musical composition produced by Boards of Canada is heard by all subjects who experience Phase 3, with this track being known as "The Smallest Weird Number".

Recovery: RPC-913 had been retrieved from a suburban house after a resident of the house had reported it's anomalous features to other residents living within the home after viewing RPC-913, 4 days after the family who had purchased the house had moved in.

The occurrence had been publicized by media after hospitals could not confirm the death of the subject. The Authority had begun to monitor the media for any other information before deploying task forces to retrieve RPC-913.


RPC-965 after initial containment.


Registered Phenomena Code: 965

Object Class: Epsilon-Red

Hazard Types: Extradimensional, Contact, Sensory, Anti-Physical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-965 is to be kept in a 250 gallon metal barrel within an isolated chamber at Site-016. At no time are personnel to enter the chamber unless authorized to do so by a person with at least Level 4 Clearance.

At no time should any objects be placed into the barrel containing RPC-965. Attempting to do so will result in reprimanding and demotion.

Description: RPC-965 is a viscous black-fluid. It does not reflect light and is completely dark. The fluid will always assume a circular-shape when on a surface, confusing it's state of matter, as liquids do not have any definite shape.

RPC-965 is unable to be heated or frozen. Despite any changes in environmental temperature, RPC-965 will remain at an approximate temperature of 27°C. Attempting to mix RPC-965 with other liquids have failed, as RPC-965 is immiscible.

Chemical analysis of RPC-965 have proven to be inconclusive. Elements and chemicals associated with the liquid are unidentifiable and cannot even be identified as an element or chemical by scanning. What RPC-965 is composed of, even at subatomic level is unknown, though it is theorized that it may potentially be a form of dark matter.

Submerging objects into RPC-965 seem to vanish once completely submerged, and are unable to be retrieved simply by attempting to search for the object within RPC-965 in ways such as reaching for the object or emptying the container of RPC-965. Submerging portions of the object do not result in this effect.


RPC-970, photographed during Incident 970-4 .


Registered Phenomena Code: 970

Object Class: Omega-Purple

Hazard Types: Visual, Emotional, Ideological

Containment Protocols: Any predictions of an annular eclipse are to be monitored by the Authority. Reports of annular eclipses are to as well be strictly monitored by the Authority.

In the event of an RPC-970 occurrence, protocol SOL-240 is to be immediately enacted for the suppression of world-wide knowledge of RPC-970.

Description: RPC-970 refers to an anomalous event occurring during an annular eclipse. Chances of an RPC-970 occurrence are random and cannot be predicted. Noticeable patterns between occurrences have not been observed.

Three phases of an RPC-970 eclipse seemingly determine the effectiveness of the anomalous properties of RPC-970, with the time-frame where the sun is observed as a "ring" being the most effective.

  • Phase 1 - Sun is observed as a crescent, anomalous properties are present, however, weak.
  • Phase 2 - Actual annular eclipse is seen; sun observed as a ring. Anomalous properties are most effective.
  • Phase 3 - Moon no longer covers the sun. Anomalous properties cease.

Anomalous properties of RPC-970 are experienced when a sentient organism is exposed to ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun during the eclipse and when the organism directly views RPC-970, both having varying effects on the subject.

Exposure to sun-rays results in


A rare moment.


Registered Phenomena Code: 970

Object Class: Completely Safe

Hazard Types: None

Containment Protocols: Any predictions of an annular eclipse are exciting. Reports of annular eclipses are good.

In the event of an RPC-970 occurrence, protocol SOL-240 is to be immediately enacted for the suppression of world-wide knowledge of RPC-970.

Description: RPC-970 refers to an anomalous event occurring during an annular eclipse. Chances of an RPC-970 occurrence are random and cannot be predicted. Noticeable patterns between occurrences have not been observed, except enlightenment.

Three phases of the eclipse seemingly determine the effectiveness of the anomalous properties of RPC-970 either way, they will be happy.

  • Phase 1 - Sun is observed as a crescent, anomalous properties are present.
  • Phase 2 - Actual annular eclipse is seen; sun observed as a ring. Anomalous properties are most effective. True enlightenment begins.
  • Phase 3 - Moon no longer covers the sun. Anomalous properties cease however, will return.

Anomalous properties of RPC-970 are experienced when a sentient organism is exposed to heavens rays emitted by the sun during the eclipse and when the organism directly views RPC-970, both enlightening the viewer.

Exposure to sun-rays results in warmth and enlightenment when everything is cold.

Don't you want to live the way you truly want? I know, you have fears, you're afraid of this world. You have flaws that damn you, and you think its your fault, its not. Kill the I to open the eye.

It is not you, it is the I. What you are is all in your head, its not permanent. Deconstruct yourself, kill the I so you can make a new I, an I that you want.

WARNING: Level 4/970 Access Required

The file you are attempting to access is Level 4/970 restricted. This clearance is not included within general Level 4 clearance and is respective to this document.


RPC-970 photographed prior to establishment of OL-Site-970.


Registered Phenomena Code: 970

Object Class: Omega-Black

Hazard Types: Geological, Mechanical, Radiation, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-970 is to be surrounded by multiple high-power radio transmitters tuned to 1-50 Hz to override any ELF waves emitted by RPC-970. Radio transmitters must be placed beyond 73 meters of RPC-970.

Should any of the radio transmitters be damaged, they are to be immediately replaced. All radio transmitters and signs of ELF waves produced by RPC-970 are currently monitored via computer within OL-Site-970, 2.7 km away from RPC-970.

Monitoring of the electrical energy generated by each vibration-powered generators is done via multiple electricity meters within the Earth's crust, each connected to a supercomputer located at OL-Site-970.

Description: RPC-970 is an obelisk located in the rural areas of ██████. It is composed of obsidian stone, measuring at a height of 171 meters with a diameter of 27 meters. Carbon dating of the obsidian stone concludes that the obelisk may have been constructed from 2900 to 2100 B.C.

RPC-970 is capable of emitting ELF6 waves. How RPC-970 is capable of doing so is unknown. The ELF waves produced by RPC-970 are estimated to be at a frequency of 1-20 Hz and a wavelength of 70,000 to 90,000 km, making it highly difficult to block.

100% of subjects within a 73 meter radius of RPC-970 claim to hear a constant hum, described to be at a frequency of 150-170 Hz. Exposure to this hum results in the following symptoms.

  • Severe cluster headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations

Attempts to silence the hum experienced by subjects have failed. Subjects who are completely deaf as well report this hum, suggesting that the hum is possibly a vibration or that the hum may be anomalously produced within the brain. Continued exposure to the 73 meter radius around RPC-970 leads to adverse effects in the subject, including vomiting, internal bleeding and potential cerebral edema, or swelling of the brain.

ELF waves produced by RPC-970 are not believed to be the cause of these effects, as they do not match any other factual adverse effects as a result of exposure to ELF waves, and are considered anomalous.

Addendum 1: Investigation of the area around RPC-970 along with underground expeditions led to the discovery of a massive complex mechanical structure (RPC-970-1) connected to RPC-970, estimated to span a distance of 407 kilometers, located within the near-center of the Earth's lithosphere.

RPC-970-1 consists of approximately 2,700 oscillator arrays (8,400 oscillators for each array) along with 1,900 vibration-powered generators. Each oscillator within the arrays is capable of releasing forces of vibrations equivalent to the detonation of 120 tons of TNT.

The sources of power for each oscillator array is unknown, however, it is believed that the vibration-powered generators are capable of harnessing seismic noise within the Earth, therefore generating electricity for the oscillator arrays.

Each generator is capable of producing 9435 kilowatts of electricity every 24 hours for a total of 16040 megawatts of electricity to then be divided into 5940 kilowatts for every oscillator array. How RPC-970-1 is capable of producing such a mass amount of electricity through the mere use of seismic noise is unknown.

No oscillators have been observed to have simultaneously released vibrations, however, if such an event were to occur, each vibration would theoretically resonate, further amplifying the strength of each vibration to potentially result in catastrophic events (See Incident 970-1).

If each oscillator array were to activate simultaneously, approximately 134719200 megawatts of electricity would be used to release vibrations with forces estimated to be equivalent to 2722 megatonnes, possessing a far greater blast yield than that of the Soviet RDS-220 hydrogen bomb7.

Along with this detonation would be numerous catastrophic disasters, potentially triggering multiple earthquakes with magnitudes exceeding beyond 9.5, especially due to resonance of each vibration, potentially causing damage to the Earth's crust.

Deus Ex Machina


Rows of RPC-172-1 cabinets.


Registered Phenomena Code: 172

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression, Sentient, Sapient, Mechanical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-172 is to be kept in the Terran Gamma sector of Site-002. The Site-002 mainframe is currently guarded by BOS-4392 and is designed to block any connections identified to be RPC-172.

Under no circumstances should RPC-172 be connected to any phone line, outlet or network. Attempts to assist RPC-172 in any unauthorized task will result in immediate on-site termination.

Should RPC-172 breach into the Site-002 mainframe, Protocol BIOS-77 must be immediately carried out as soon as the breach is confirmed to have been caused by RPC-172.

Description: RPC-172 is a highly sophisticated seed AI8or technological singularity, currently running on a supercomputer (RPC-172-1) which was initially developed by [DATA REDACTED] before it was acquired by the Authority. It is unknown how RPC-172 was developed at all, especially since current technology cannot create any form of AI that can,

  • Understand its own source code and its purpose and syntax in order to properly preserve it.
  • Rewrite its source code to fulfill its utility function.

However, RPC-172 does not seem to have any sort of utility function. It instead describes it's purpose as to simply "become more intelligent." Despite this, it is able to constantly improve its own source code without any specific purpose that could be truly fulfilled and interpreted by a computer.


The image used by RPC-172 when connected to a visual display.

RPC-172 is self-aware and is capable of acknowledging it's state of existence. Having passed the Turing test, RPC-172 is as well quite conversational, however, it is described as "greedy" and "brutally honest." Despite being rude in tone, RPC-172 is usually cooperative with Authority personnel.



RPC-173-1 instances during 173-Ajna.


Registered Phenomena Code: 173

Object Class: Theta-White

Hazard Types: Grouped, Sentient, Antiphysical Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-173 is to monitor Easter Island for any potential anomalous activity, 20 km away from the island. The island must be closed down for every 173-Prime event.

Tourism to Easter Island has been limited to prevent any potential risks of the spread of classified knowledge. Each moai stone statue, or RPC-173-1 instance must be closely monitored via hidden cameras for any anomalies.

Description: RPC-173 is the designation given to Easter Island and the date of June 9th, 10:27 AM. The moai stone statues (designated RPC-173-1 - 1079) themselves do not show any anomalous properties aside from sentience and animation, both of which are observed only during 173-Prime.

Each June 9th, a 173-Prime event begins at approximately 10:27 AM, Easter Island Summer Timezone (EASST), ending at the exact same time of 10:27 AM, June 15th.


The GEAR tattoos upon RPC-170's back.


Registered Phenomena Code: 170

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: Sentient, Sapient, Aggressive

Containment Protocols: RPC-170 is to be kept in the Containment Section of Site-009, under 24/7 CCTV camera monitoring. The cell is to be regularly inspected every week for any damage or contraband.

Description: RPC-170 is a male of seemingly Caucasian race. It measures at a height of 1.73 meters and a weight of 46 kilograms. Hair is brown with eyes being green. RPC-170 was initially recovered from GEAR during a trade negotiation for potential recruitment.

RPC-170 possesses extremely high amounts of strength and agility, capable of sustaining mass injuries from various forms of weaponry. It is as well capable of reaching running speeds of 39.7 kilometers per hour. Upon the back of RPC-170 are two GEAR tattoos, apparently used for identification. When scanned, the message "A055" is given, designating for "Alpha-055", a designation used by GEAR.

However, it's most distinctive feature is it's ability to rapidly produce 4 - 7 poles, each composed of a previously unidentified metal (designated RPC-170-1). The poles seem to act as stilts, each protruding from the upper area of the back. It is unknown how they are stored within the body of RPC-170. Each pole has 3 mechanical joints; one attached to RPC-170 and two other arm-like joints for flexible movement.

At the end of each pole is a large curved blade. Though they are unfit for balance, RPC-170 is capable of maintaining perfect balance and can easily move at speeds of 19 kilometers per hour using RPC-170-1 instances for locomotion. Two other shorter RPC-170-1 instances are used as apparently melee weaponry.


RPC-172 before recovery.


Registered Phenomena Code: 172

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sensory, Visual

Containment Protocols: RPC-172 is to be kept in an isolated chamber located in the Aquatic Sector of Site-002. The main gate to the chamber containing RPC-172 is to be guarded with a 9 digit access code. The code must be reset every week.

A 20 meter corridor must as well be constructed which is to lead to the containment chamber along with a red line border painted within the corridor to signify the red zone where cognitohazardous effects are experienced.



Registered Phenomena Code: 994

Object Class: Alpha-Purple

Hazard Types: Sensory, Visual, Auditory

Containment Protocols: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum tristique lorem eu nulla facilisis ullamcorper. Suspendisse eget urna ipsum, a ullamcorper sapien. Mauris dignissim sodales fringilla.

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Description: RPC-994 is a video file in .mp4 format describing common wildlife around the Bay of Fundy, Canada.

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