Ianofdoom2's Sandbox: Goodbye SCP, Hello RPC!

Item number: RPC-XXXX

Object class: Theta

Containment protocol: RPC-XXXX is to be contained in a rotating habitat built into Site-99. The habitat is to have a constant acceleration of .7 Gs due to the subject's species being built for a planet with similar gravity. Two security guards are to be stationed outside at all times. As a reward for good behavior, RPC-XXXX can be given access to a painting kit. Any suspicious paintings are to be confiscated immediately. The subject is to be given 3 meals a day, with each meal consisting of seaweed, insect life, and beef. Because RPC-XXXX is accustomed to lower oxygen levels than our own, all personnel entering the containment chamber are to be equipped with space suits.

As RPC-XXXX lacks the ability to speak via traditional means, RPC-XXXX has learnt Morse Code. Whenever an interview with RPC-XXXX is conducted, the subject is to be accompanied with a linguistic specialist capable of translating Morse Code into whatever language the interviewer is using. Due to the subject's familiarity with the organization, RPC-XXXX can be consulted for operations relating to the extraterrestrial threat known as the ''Holy Commonwealth of the Motherworld, Selohss-Hana''.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a highly intelligent extraterrestrial life form. It is sentient, sapient, and fully aware as to why it is contained. Due to information gathered in interviews, it is believed that RPC-XXXX is a male. Because of it evolving on a world with a different biome from our own, RPC-XXXX has several traits that are either rare or non-existent in lifeforms native to Earth. For a list of said biological abnormalities, look bellow.

After various interviews and analysis, it has been determined that RPC-XXXX suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic depression; which seems to stem from its history prior to containment. RPC-XXXX was originally a high-ranking officer for an artillery platoon working for the aforementioned Selohssa Commonwealth. Members of said platoon were conscripted from various penal institutions, and shipped off to fight in armed conflicts against the enemies of the Selohssa. More detail about the origins of RPC-XXXX can be found in the following interview.

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