Ianofdoom2's Sandbox: Goodbye SCP, Hello RPC!

Item number: RPC-XXXX

Object class: Beta

Containment protocol: RPC-XXXX is contained in a rotating module attached to Site-99. The module has a radius of 10 meters and is to retain an angular velocity of 8 revolutions per minute, simulating a 0.7 g environment. Tangential-velocity related health issues are not present in members of RPC-XXXX's species. Redundant video cameras are to monitor the entrance to the containment module at all times, with nearby guards on standby in case of emergency or breach. RPC-XXXX is to be given 3 meals a day consisted of a rendered macroalgae, arthropod and bovine samples.
RPC-XXXX cannot survive air consisting of over 10% oxygen. All personnel entering the module must be equipped with rebreathers.

In the event of a containment breach, magnetic heels are to be added to the footwear of the containment team in order to maintain balance if RPC-XXXX were to leak synovial fluid.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a species of highly aggressive extraterrestrial fauna. It is sentient, but not sapient; with an intellect comparable to a domestic cow. Because of it evolving on a world with a different biome from our own, RPC-XXXX has several traits that are either rare or non-existent in lifeforms native to Earth. These traits include, but are not limited to:

RPC-XXXX is omnivorous, eating both algae and fresh meat. It will eat anything offered to it if the meal is suited to its dietary needs. Although the subject is not an active hunter, it has been seen eating small-medium sized live animals prior to containment. This is believed to have been out of desperation, as it has not demonstrated this behavior since it came into Authority custody. The subject is very territorial, defending its territory until overwhelmed or killed. The territory ranges in size from 300 meters to one acre of land. When an intruder enters RPC-XXXX's domain, the subject will attempt to intimidate and chase the perpetuator, though it rarely kills them.


After various interviews and analysis, it has been determined that RPC-XXXX suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic depression; which seems to stem from its history prior to containment. RPC-XXXX was originally a high-ranking officer for an artillery platoon working for the aforementioned "Selohssa Commonwealth", believed to be the name of the species RPC-XXXX hails from. Members of said platoon were conscripted from various penal institutions and shipped off to fight in armed conflicts against the enemies of the Selohssa. More detail about the origins of RPC-XXXX can be found in the following interview.


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