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Name: Dr. Frederick C. Isaac

Dr. Isaac (right), circa ████

Clearance: 4C

Position: Senior Engineer

Division: Containment

Age: 82

Physical Description: Dr. Isaac is a Caucasian male of German descent. He is 1.83 meters tall and weighs 82kg. Dr. Isaac is known for his blue eyes, prominent baldness and full beard, which he has continuously maintained since 1983.

Notable Work: Dr. Isaac was brought to the attention of the Authority in 1987 due to his exceptional work as a prison architect, and general talent in engineering. The prisons he helped design and construct frequently hold an extremely low record of successful escape attempts. In addition, Dr. Isaac's improvements and expansions to existing prisons vastly decreased successful escapes and escape attempts in general. Notable examples include the United States Penitentiaries of ███████, ████████████ and, █████, the ███████ Correctional Facility, and the ████████████ Correctional Institution.

Notable Authority Awards:

  • Authority Innovation Award: Awarded in recognition of Dr. Isaac's work in the development of Authority technology.
  • Authority Award for Effective Containment: Awarded in recognition of Dr. Isaac's involvement in the containment of multiple beta/gamma entities.
  • Authority Badge of Bravery: Awarded after containment breach incident 12-05, where Dr. Isaac dragged wounded ASF guard Harry █████ to safety, despite the significant risk to his life.


  • Born: 1937, ███████, USA
  • Work Experience: Construction Worker, 1955-1967. Construction Foreman, 1967-1983. Prison Architect 1983-1998. Authority Senior Engineer 1998-present.
  • Education: PhD in Engineering and Physics, University of Minnesota, 1968-1975.

Psychology Profile: During his early years, Dr. Isaac was marked by strict discipline under his father and poverty in an America recovering from the great depression. Dr. Isaac clawed his, and his family out of poverty through hard work and multiple jobs. These hardships during his early years shaped Dr. Isaac into a hard man, frequently described as "cold" and "harsh." Dr. Isaac has a notable lack of any sense of humor, instead focusing on practical matters such as his assignments. This has made Dr. Isaac a particularly effective employee of the Authority, but has earned him a rather negative reputation among Authority staff. Dr. Isaac is well aware of these nicknames, and has responded with apparent disinterest whenever these matters are brought to his attention.

Despite his reputation, Dr. Isaac is frequently referred to as one of the most reliable employees by all levels of staff. His research is thorough and his expertise in containment is second to none. He is frequently asked for advice regarding containment procedures and his contributions play a significant role in both preventing containment breaches and minimizing ASF causalities, a fact that has earned him the respect of many ASF officers.

Dr. Isaac has significant respect for both MST and ASF personnel, possibly due to his father fighting in both world wars. He will earnestly listen to concerns and request from both groups, and will often incorporate their recommendations into containment procedures, should they have merit. Aside from military personnel, Dr. Isaac only respects those he believes to be competent and reliable. Notable professional relationships include Dr. Apth, Major Howard Parkinson, and Agent Johnathan Wesley.

Current Duties: Dr. Isaac is currently assigned to the containment of the following entities:

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