Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Animated, grouped, Sentient

Containment Protocols: All RPC-XXXX instances must be contained in a medium-sized alpha-class biosphere located in site-██. The temperature inside should remain at a constant of 290 K and 50-70% air humidity. RPC-XXXX must be at all times overviewed by at least two (2) Level-2R personnel, one (1) of which must be a Biology Department official (R-BIOD); with previous written approval from the on-site Anomaly Experimentation Team (AET).

Description: RPC-XXXX is the label given by the Authority to a distinct group of two hundred and thirty-six toy-like wooden humanoids (designated RPC-XXX-1 through RPC-XXXX-236). Said toys present various designs and finishes with no discernable marking or manufacturer signage, showing a handmade appearance. All these humanoid entities show signs of sentience in spite of their lack of measurable animate qualities, and display behavior that resembles many eusocial species, with the unusual features of total docility and a lack of any apparent hierarchical structure. In addition, RPC-XXXX iterations seem not to behave in any known day-night cycles or circadian rhythms, appearing wholly spontaneous in its conduct.1.

Addendum XXXX-A: Recovery Log: RPC-XXXX was accidentally discovered on a brandless crate the day of █/█/1950 via reports from the on-site ASF, preceded by the deployment of MST Alpha-2 "Maritime Praesidio Subvehi" in response to a pirate-manned cargo ship coming within ██ km of Site-██. Protocol 13-Bravo2 was successfully executed resulting in the rescue and treatment of the original crew, who was treated with appropiate amnesiac procedures, and phantom memories were implanted. Said crew was dropped on a makeshift raft near the coasts of [REDACTED]; the aftermath of the amnestics were treated by mainstream doctors as dehydration and early signs of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Addendum XXXX-B: Behavior: Authority's R-BIOD official ██████ & associates describe RPC-XXXXs social demeanor as "similar to that of Atta sexdens (leafcutter ant) and Polistes dominula (European paper wasp) but with very unsystematic and often contradictory behavior"3. All unusual behavior must be reported to Prof. J████████s secretary with promptitude; notable examples can be found below:

<Incident Log XXXX-23, ██/██/1972, 18:22>
Overview: RPC-XXXX communicates using a language based on dancing patterns.

Description: Starting at the pre-established time, RPC-XXXX takes 47-minutes to divide into seven groups of five entities each (designated XXXX-A to XXXX-G). All groups excluding the remaining two hundred and one part ways from each other, as if to scout the area. All groups except for XXXX-C stopped advancing at various points before the 3-minute mark showing mayor motor difficulties. XXXX-C seemed more successful, as it as the only grouping that returned to its point of origin; only after reaching the southern wall. Immediately after homing XXXX-C behaved in a that implied the use of a dance language. All instances stopped moving after the 98-minute mark and were brought together following Prof. J████████s orders.

Commentary: For the first time since recovery RPC-XXXX has shown proper colonial behavior, that is an interest of its surroundings. Considering the previous is needless to RPC-XXXX due to its apparent autotrophic nature these are now considered attempts of containment transgression; however, after points made between the authority's Office Of Analysis And Science and The Prolab administration, it was agreed on that future events should remain undisturbed, as the dangers they present are nonexisting. Regarding RPC-XXXXs waggle dance: to date the R-BIOD subdivision has not been able to make sense of it, it is often described as a farrago of motions. On-site sensors did not display abnormal chemical releases, nor temperature fluctuations nor electromagnetic interference.

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