Indiecon Entry 8




Registered Phenomena Code: 479

Containment Rating: Omega

Lethality Rating: White
h-emotional.png Emotional h-infohazard.png Info-Hazard h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal

Containment Protocols: Current Authority operations regarding RPC-479 have been organized in three phases.

Phase One - RED: Primary directive is OBSERVATION. No direct actions regarding public perception of RPC-479 are to be taken, as current secrecy tools are ineffective (memetic treatment, amnestics, traditional concealment, etc).

Available Research Division units have been redirected from lower priority projects to study of RPC-479's nature. Protection Division intelligence assets are conducting disinformation campaigns, reinforcing public denial, and intervening various media groups to minimize spread where possible. Containment Division departments are on stand-by.

Total memetic quarantine is currently being enforced.

Phase Two - WHITE: Secondary directive is CONTAINMENT. Direct actions to limit and reverse spread will be undertaken when the vector of the contagion is identified. Multiple Protocol Laboratory units will be assembled to test parallel methodologies.

Sanitized information regarding RPC-479 may then be released to other Research Division departments.

Phase Three - GREEN: Tertiary directive is CONCEALMENT. Secrecy must be restored by all means available. Emergency funding and assets will be redirected to Authority Central Intelligence for the removal of sensitive information, confiscation of materials, and dispersal of amnestics. The Authority Special Assets Act will be lifted for the duration of GREEN PHASE operations, permitting usage of all subclass Utility items, entities, and phenomena deemed suitable for the task.

ACI leadership may recruit any and all Authority personnel from any Division if deemed necessary.


Description: Poorly-defined sensorial contagion1 [RPC-479] spreading throughout the American continent. Though difficult to precise, it is roughly describable as a "contagious,2 recurrent oneiric experience" that is unusually concrete and emotionally pervasive. No memetic vector has yet been made apparent, but the regional progression of the anomaly (beginning in Central America and spreading both north and southwards) strongly suggests a verbal mechanism.3

The oneiric experience in question [RPC-479-01] slightly varies between subjects, but typically consists of awakening within a familiar house, followed by a brief walk to a dining room populated by nondescript familial figures eating a meal, and concluding when the dreamer approaches a closed window and stares outside, to a somewhat distant tower-like structure.

This final scene can last anywhere from five minutes to several hours while the dreamer is relatively lucid and experiencing time at a near-real pace. RPC-479-01 occurs at least once per night, and is currently understood to entirely replace all other dream experiences.

At an impossibility to confidently describe other features of the anomaly or its effects upon sufferers – which count anywhere between 500,000 to a few million4 –, a compilation of relevant excerpts, artistic works, summaries, and other illustrative and official documents are attached below in lieu of a formalized file.

Commentary by the author of this temporary document, Researcher M. Stedman, will be attached where helpful.

1. A Testimony of September 9th, 2019

Excerpted from the personal journal of “A”. Earliest known record of RPC-479.

2. Critical Eye: The Tower and the House [TRANS. ES]

Excerpted from The Moth's Gazette. Published in Issue #47. Written by Salvador Baxter.

3. Christ as the Tower [TRANS. PT]

Excerpted from [REDACTED]. Brief column written by P. Henriques.

4. Exploration Attempt

Courtesy of the Department of Oneironautics

5. Failed Attempt to Describe a Dream [TRANS. PT]

Short Story by Suélen Mendes

6. File Update


7. Interview with Ms. Castillo [AUDIO ONLY: TRANS ES.]


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