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Registered Phenomena Code: 711

Containment Rating: Alpha

Lethality Rating: Red
h-radiation.png Radiation h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-emotional.png Emotional

Containment Protocols: RPC-711 falls under the Ministry of Paranormal Defense and Regulation's1 jurisdiction, and is kept inside their headquarters as a means of auxiliary containment and spatial stabilization. The Authority, due to its extensive knowledge on Groves radiation2 and artistic anomalies, has received temporary permission to examine RPC-711 alongside MPDR researchers within their facilities in hopes of reverse-engineering its properties.

Description: RPC-711 is a marble statue made by Fabricio Olavarria de Bardales, deceased Spanish sculptor and known graduate from the Accademia della Vera Arte. The statue depicts two people embracing; a female sculpted in Carraca marble, and a male in Nero Marquina. Both had their heads and hands crudely removed by blunt force prior to their exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Bilbao, Spain.

Attempts to acquire further information through Academy contacts has proven futile; Fabricio Olavarria cut all contacts with past colleagues and the institution as a whole in 2002, following the death of his wife, Nohemi Echeverria, from a malignant brain tumor. Likewise, MPDR officials confirm Fabricio to have gone “missing” from government records during that same year, with his last public appearance being the day of RPC-711's exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Likewise, Fabricio's residence contained no documentation on the making of RPC-711. Paintings depicting similar scenes to RPC-711 in various states of completion were found inside his workshop, but none displayed clear anomalous properties. Joint efforts will have to continue to replicate its anomalous properties in a controlled manner until further notice.

Discovery: On June 13th, 2017, a new exhibition to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao was announced, advertising itself as the long-awaited return of famous sculptor Fabricio Olavarria de Bardales, known locally as “El Negro Barbdales”, after a 15-year-long retirement. Previous works such as "The Whispers of the Devil", "The Made-Man", and "The Mill's Woes" were to be displayed alongside a new piece more than a decade in the making. 748 people, including well-known critics and artists, attended the exhibition that afternoon, with the event being televised by local news channels.

It is currently unknown if Fabricio was aware that "Memory of Summer's Past", a minor anomalous painting with visual-altering properties, was being displayed in the same level as RPC-711. Shortly after its arrival, RPC-711's properties began to take place, continuously expanding due to the painting's passively-directed effect on a full auditorium. The presumed accident resulted in 589 casualties, 142 injuries, and 107 missing persons. It is believed the area of effect could've expanded beyond the museum if not for the combined efforts of MPDR and Authority assets in evacuation after anomalous activity in the area was confirmed.

The event, recorded by various media sources, was covered as a biochemical terrorist attack from an unknown cell. Casualties not explainable by the cover-up were discretely disposed of, then added into the "missing" body count. The museum was closed-off from the public until the MPDR was able to successfully transport and contain the anomaly in their facility. Fabricio himself was found dead, resting against RPC-711. The cause of death was identified as a seizure; most likely the result of an Aberration.

Despite several attempts by the Ministry to bring Academy officials to an UNAAC hearing for compliance in terrorism (unrelated to the nature of the cover-up story), no clear motive for Fabricio's actions has been identified, and records corroborate the Academy's claims of no contact to and from the artist in over a decade. So far, the only piece of evidence regarding his purposeful involvement in the accident is found in the form of a short poem, carved at the base of RPC-711. Below can be found both the original Spanish transcription and a direct English translation.

The possibility of a planned suicide is not to be discarded until proven otherwise.

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