Infinity Cafeteria

Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: The entry to RPC-XXX is to be locked and guarded by at least six (6) officers assigned to MST Delta-20, "Hall Monitors." The Robert Strong Memorial School has been bought by the Authority, and is to be guarded by four (4) Delta-20 personnel.

Description: RPC-XXX is a spatial anomaly within the cafeteria of the Robert Strong Memorial School in ████ County, Delaware. At the time of writing, there is an estimated 12,000 cafeterias within RPC-XXX, with new instances manifesting daily at 11:00 AM. Research has suggested that the cafeterias are arranged so to form a labyrinthine structure. The appearances of the cafeterias in RPC-XXX, although possessing the exact same structure as the original cafeteria, vary. Notable changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Dimmer lights.
  • Lack of tables.
  • Addition of tables.
  • Presence of corpses.
  • Changing signs and menus.
  • Damage to the room consistent with substandard maintenance.

If anyone below the age of eighteen (18) years comes within twenty-five (25) meters of the entrance of RPC-XXX, they will express a desire to order foodstuffs from RPC-XXX-A, and will gain the anomalous ability to perceive RPC-XXX-A's precise location. Exploration logs have estimated that it takes two to three days to reach RPC-XXX-A. Most deaths within RPC-XXX are attributed to either malnutrition or exhaustion. However, some signs of struggle and bloodshed have been observed.

RPC-XXX-A is a heavyset Romanian female of the Romani ethnicity in a standard school lunch lady uniform who serves food to subjects within RPC-XXX. RPC-XXX-A resembles Mihaela Haluska, one of the former culinary staff at the Robert Strong Memorial School.

Addendum: Exploration Log XXX-1

Personnel: D-2832

Equipment: 1 flashlight, 1 body-mounted camera, 1 recovery harness, food rations (6 days).

Foreword: D-2832 was a Romanian immigrant imprisoned at age 17. He was chosen to explore RPC-XXX, as he, being a Romanian teenager, would prove useful in locating and communicating with RPC-XXX-A.

<Begin Log, 1:21>

Control: Is your mic operational?

D-2832: [Tapping his mic] Yeah.

Control: You're clear. Go in there.

A minute passes.

Control: Do you know where RPC-XXX-A is?

D-2832: She's a long ways away. Somewhere in that direction.

D-2832 gestures forwards.

Control: Alright. Continue.

<Extraneous Logs Expunged, Continuing at 21:10:21>

D-2832: Oh God!

The camera reveals multiple corpses of malnourished children.

D-2832: Control, are you seeing this?

Control: Affirmative. Get closer so we can get a better visual.

D-2832 moves closer to the corpses.

D-2832: Eugh, God, some are opened up…like a shark attack, or something.

Control: Continue.

<Extraneous Logs Expunged, Continuing at 48:30:00>

D-2832: Alright, here she is…

RPC-XXX-A: Bună ziua. What is you want?

[Much of the following conversation has been translated from Romanian.]

D-2832: [Looking at menu] What the-…Does that say "Duck Toes?"

Control: Begin your interview.

D-2832: O-Okay…Uh, Ma'am, uh, what happened here?

RPC-XXX-A: What do you mean?

D-2832: I mean, uhm, how did this place become…you know…what it is?

RPC-XXX-A: I would not like to talk about it. It's many years behind me.

D-2832: Please?

RPC-XXX-A: Alright. But it's a long story. When I worked here…I mean, when I was free, there was this kid. He would just eat, all the time. It was no good.

D-2832: What do you mean, Free?

RPC-XXX-A: I mean that I lived a life before this curse.

D-2832: Curse?

RPC-XXX-A: I cursed the boy. If he likes to eat so much, he should be hungry forever, but something went wrong. Now I'm in here too…

Footsteps are audible through microphone.

D-2832: Do you hear that?

Control: Affirmative.


D-2832 turns his head and then falls to the ground, presumably from blunt force, before standing back up and starting to run.

D-2832: Holy Shit! Control! Pull me out!

Control begins to recall Robinson.

D-2832: Faster! He's right fucking there!

Camera goes black. Audio feed is corrupted from this point forward.

<End Log, [48:35:15]>

Closing Statement: Robinson's remains were recovered, along with his equipment. The camera was damaged and the lens was covered in D-2832's blood. The use of minors to explore RPC-XXX has been suspended indefinitely.

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