Chapter I

“The Authority operates in secrecy as an international extragovernmental agency which protects Humanity from threats to normalcy. The Authority works to suppress, destroy or understand anomalies in reality which can have harmful effects on human society, culture, thought and existence. Through constant and unwavering covert work, the Authority seeks to preserve the Terrestrial sovereignty of the human species and prevent civilization from descending into chaos.”

— Mission Statement of the RPC Authority

You know, when many people began exploring the community of the RPC Authority months ago, at the time of this writing, they never really stopped questioning the ambiguity of what the Authority truly is. Sure, we've got some of the history and structure of the Authority, but we never really captured the critical idea of how its being governed.

To start this off, we need to talk about the departments and the divisions of the Authority. The RPC Authority is divided into three divisions: Research, Protection, and Containment.

Each of these divisions have different roles and responsibilities, and departments within them. It's important to note that some departments are not necessarily assigned to a division, depending on their role and circumstances, and are given an independent status. This means that independent departments, such as Office of Financial Affairs, are not oversighted by a division.

But, who oversights these independent departments?

Well, nobody knows, not even myself, but we can simply assume that these independent departments are supervised by an official, appointed by either a Regional Director or someone within the Global Directorate.

Speaking of the Global Directors, we've known quite some time that the Authority has a committee or council within the organization, a group comprised of one of the most high-ranking officials. We often refer them as the Board, Global Directors, or Global Directorate, either of which are correct to use.

Okay, here's a tricky question: Who are the people within the Global Directorate?

It's impossible to say, we do know for a fact that they're comprised of high-ranking officials acting as the administrative body responsible for running the RPC Authority as a whole, yet, we don't know for certain that is the case. The certainty of what is or isn't the Global Directorate will remain unknown for quite some time. But what we can say is that they're presumably comprised of 11-13 individuals which always ends at an odd number, perhaps to prevent ties during GD resolutions? We're not sure.

On the other hand, the Authority runs installations worldwide, both Site and Area facilities, which are overseen by a Regional Director. However, facilities like Sites are internally managed by the Site Director or Area Director when referring to an Area facility. There isn't much to say about these two positions since they're merely senior officials of the aforementioned facilities, and report directly to their respective Regional Director.

Now, Regional facilities can be interpreted into multiple ways since the Authority divides the world into continents, continental regions, and so forth. Regional Directors are responsible for overseeing Authority facilities in their given region, such as a Regional facility in Europe that is responsible for overseeing Authority facilities within the entire Europe continent, or a Regional facility in Germany responsible for overseeing Authority facilities within the country.

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