"Bureaucracy at its finest."

It was a troublesome day when Maria passed through the security that had just been set up within the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. There was no press or any other news network present while Maria's associates and herself arrived, and were greeted by other delegates from other countries. Her superiors were with them when they arrived and were redirected to a small-room with other world leaders, presumably the P5 Members of the UNSC, and she awaited outside to get something to drink while the 'unofficial' meeting took place.

Now, the delegates with her within this very room were one of the handful officials to know the existence of anomalies across the globe, some had known the existence of the Authority while others continue to act innocent until this very day. While Maria was getting something to drink, she bumped into Ambassador Feng Lau, the Chinese delegate for the People's Republic of China, and both had discussed mostly about their lives.

"I have heard that you have been appointed as the Attaché for the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee, and I must say it is kind to meet you." Ambassador Lau compliments Maria as she was recently appointed as the Authority Attaché for the UN.

"Ah, why thank you Ambassador. How is things with the PCAAO?" Maria wonders, but was met with a small chuckle made by the Ambassador.

"Haha, it is funny of you to ask me government activities while we are just relaxing for the time being until our superiors have finished discussing in the UNAAC assembly. Speaking of which, should you not be in that meeting?"

"Well— no, I was directly asked by my boss, who is the Director of the External Affairs Department, to sit down on this one. He wanted to personally brief the UNAAC regarding our discovery of some Omega-Black anomalies."

"Hmm, interesting. I professional view the UNAAC as an obstruction of our independent activities that may cause future harm of the Chinese people. Tell me again, why must we allow a uniting body to interfere in such times?"

"Good question Ambassador, I don't know much about the diplomatic talks— but, what I know is that the Authority was involved establishing this committee after many governments made their own anomalous department, which got out of hand, and caused a lot of harm. Therefore, the Authority had to somehow control and prevent anomalies from being taken by the hands, and thus the UNAAC was born."

Ambassador Lau and Maria continued to discuss face to face until two gentlemen walked in to join the conversation between the two. Maria was quite skeptical about this but knew the two gentlemen very well, it was both the Russian and British representatives.

"If you don't mind ladies, may we join in your little conversation?" Sir John Pennsworth was previously the Defense Secretary for the British Government, and now was a Section Chief for British Monarch Security. He appears to have some odds with the Russian delegate, whom so happens to be the Director of Federal Security Service, Vladimir Putin.

"Ah, Section Chief Pennsworth and Director Putin it is a great pleasure to meet you both." Maria stirs handshake with the Director of FSB, along with the British Section Chief.

"If you don't mind, we have distinctly heard you and the Chinese Ambassador to be discussing UNAAC affairs. Would you care to explain?" Asks the Director Putin.

"Oh, no, there is some mistake. We were simply discussing the history of the- uh, UNAAC and its creation."

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