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Item#: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Gamma

Threat Level: Red

Containment Protocols: No male personnel excluding staff who have passed the cognitohazard resistance test, are to be provided access to RPC-XXX, any unauthorized personnel engaging in visual or verbal contact with RPC-XXX are to be detained, questioned and exposed to a Class 4 Exergito Glyph. Should this fail the individual must be quarantined from all other male personnel until their eventual scheduled termination. Any information known to trigger cognitohazardous effects must not be released, if information leakage isn’t prevented it is to be considered a major security breach, and containment of any effected individuals is considered high priority. Therefore only females should be assigned to RPC-XXX.

RPC-XXX is to be restrained to a hospital bed within a modified humanoid containment chamber within the humanoid anomaly research sector in Site-016. RPC-XXX should be sedated whenever maintenance staff enter to repair the restraints. The chamber is to be constructed of aluminium to insulate heat to maintain a humid temperature required to maintain RPC-XXX’s life function. Once per month, RPC-XXX is to be drip-fed 2.20 litres of bovine blood, blood extracted from D-Class personnel may also be used as a substitute in the event of a shortage.

Routine cleaning is to take place bi-weekly to remove any dangerous excretions produced by RPC-XXX, full hazardous waste protection gear must be worn during the process. If any webs or strands created by RPC-XXX are discovered, transportation to a new containment cell should begin immediately. In the event that RPC-XXX breaks from its restraints, A mass evacuation is to occur and nitrogen gas at around -55 degrees is to be released throughout the facility to prevent mobility in the entity, should this fail, Mobile Strike Force-Zeta-13-Black Widows are to be dispatched immediately in an attempt to subdue the entity.

Description: RPC-XXX designates a humanoid arthropod with an exoskeleton consisting of chitin, glucose and various other minerals consistent with Aranea. It is 1.8 meters tall and 2.75 kilograms in weight. RPC-XXX has eight limbs resembling those belonging to arthropods in the Aranea family, the top and bottom pairs however resemble human arms and legs respectively. RPC-XXX can communicate exclusively in fluent Japanese and claims to have been born and raised in █████████ prefecture, Japan. It has been determined to have limited intelligence; although it can speak fluent Japanese, it relies on learning information from other humans. RPC-XXX is capable of standing upright and wearing clothing to mimic the posture of humans.

It has eight bio-luminescent eyes and has a diet consisting of large mammals although it prefers to prey on humans as opposed to other lifeforms. Biopsies have determined that RPC-XXX has certain internal structures which match that of those found in Aranea including silk glands located in its lower abdomen, poison canals within its teeth and a mouth consisting of chelicerae. RPC-XXX lacks components of the respiratory and circulatory systems and does not bleed nor respire, notably there seems to be external scarring in a location of empty space which a heart such occupy. It can produce a venomous substance from its teeth which causes necrosis upon contact with skin cells. It seems to leisurely enjoy consumption to a sadistic extent and feeds by piercing the decaying tissue.

It’s capable of secreting silk from orifices in each of its appendages which is transported from the glands in its abdomen, it’s very tensile and attempts to break it apart have been unsuccessful. Upon contact with living biological tissue the substance will become stiff and immobilize the organism it is attached to, The entity displays behaviour consistent with several species of spiders, noted behaviours include, spinning a large web to immobilize and store prey, releasing a strand of silk for the purpose of descending from dangerous heights safely and waiting for up to 6 months for food. The entity moves notably slower and becomes increasingly hostile when deprived of a food source.

RPC-XXX is highly hostile towards females although it has been shown to elaborate on its motives and emotions in a civilized manner when being interviewed by Authority psychologists. RPC-XXX has been known to stalk women who it deems physical attractive or privileged in some regard. It will usually follow them to a secluded area before restraining them and melting their skin for feeding purposes. RPC-XXX typically provokes fear in its targets resulting in severe psychological distress thus even if an individual survives an encounter with RPC-XXX they will likely become afflicted with severe mental trauma.

RPC-XXX has a unique cognitohazardous effect on males with fully developed testes, if they make visual or verbal contact with the entity, they will perceive it as an adult female it has previously consumed and will compulsively make all of their decisions influenced by the entity. When in this state, females will still perceive RPC-XXX as an arthropod. They will often become infatuated with RPC-XXX wanting to express their sexual attraction to the entity even if they are aware of the person’s deceased status. The entity seems to be aware that it is easier to manipulate individuals if it is disguised as someone the target has a sexual attraction to or relationship with. And uses this as an adaptation for survival. RPC-XXX will begin to express affection towards the prey in the form of seduction or victimizing itself or in an elaborate ruse to manipulate them into comforting it so they will begin to succumb to its manipulation.

RPC-XXX will then attempt to convince the prey to assist it with multiple immoral acts. Examples include Theft aimed at wealthy individuals or businesses, assistance in the murder of animals and individuals considered prey to RPC-XXX and the murder of individuals who have a cult following so RPC-XXX can impersonate them. The effected subject will attempt to satisfy these demands regardless of how immoral they may seem to the subject, it is believed that the cognitohazard removes the ability to feel empathy causing the subject to be capable of making immoral decisions regardless of whether the subject has previously shown a strong aversion to making such decisions. The individuals who can accomplish tasks with confidence and ease are rewarded with items RPC-XXX has stolen such as currency. Individuals who are injured

As affected individuals continue to help RPC-XXX they will begin to become increasingly frail and weakly,

Discovery: RPC-XXX was discovered in Osaka prefecture, Japan in 193█ after reports of people dying after word of a "Spider Wh█re Killer" had spread. Reports indicated that a serial killer was seducing and murdering men under the guise of a performing prostitute at several geisha districts, the corpses of an undetermined number of male individuals were found skinned alive. The Authority became suspicious of an anomalous serial killer when around ██ individuals were arrested and charged for suspicion of murder. However, it was reported that certain individuals who had been determined to have disappeared or expired via unknown means had been observed having verbally sexual interactions with males throughout Japan thus it was believed by residents that the culprit was a demon mimicking their appearances. It was also reported that several witnesses including law enforcement officers made no attempt at intervening. Police officers attempting to investigate the case had also been determined to have disappeared. The Authority was unable to investigate at the time due to the global conflict occurring.

RPC-XXX was successfully contained on 25/10/19██ when an

Addendum-XXX- On 25/10/19██ Head Site-016 Psychologist Dr.████ successfully established communication with RPC-XXX. The entity discussed how it had acquired its anomalous traits which has led to the possibility that RPC-XXX was once a human female.
Interviewed: RPC-XXX
Interviewer: Head Site-016 Psychologist Dr.████

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