Item #: RPC-XXX
Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained in an opaque, soundproof cell in Site-XX. Daily rations are to be provided to RPC-XXX through
mechanical means. Personnel are not allowed to refer to RPC-XXX by male or female pronouns any pronoun. Personnel who are found to be under RPC-XXX's effect are to be given therapy if requested.

Description: RPC-XXX is a blindfolded 5'5" humanoid. If one sees RPC-XXX and labels RPC-XXX as male or female, the observer becomes unable to grasp the concept of alternative genders. The speed of this paradigm shift is dependent on the observer's certainty of their judgment.

Mental discomfort is experienced by observers who have identified as an alternative gender prior to seeing RPC-XXX. Such complaints are to be addressed in an ethical manner.

Incident XXX.1: During testing of RPC-XXX, D-6283 labeled RPC-XXX as an indeterminate gender. No effects were observed, however, when he went to relieve himself, he entered the female washroom. Upon retrieval, he was questioned and found to be unable to grasp the concept of male and female. Containment procedures were updated to reflect this.

Interviewed: RPC-XXX

Interviewer: Researcher Lloyd

Foreword: This interview was held in order to discover the intentions and/or origin of RPC-XXX. Researcher Lloyd was blindfolded to prevent visual exposure to RPC-XXX

<Begin Log>

Researcher Lloyd: Greetings, RPC-XXX.

RPC-XXX: Really? Blindfolded too?

Researcher Lloyd: Are you aware of your effects on those who see you?

RPC-XXX: Aren't you even the least bit surprised that I can see you?

Researcher Lloyd: That is irrelevant. I know about other things like you that do not conform to normality.

RPC-XXX: Really? I guess you've seen things that boggle the mind, and things that are probably understandable, as long as it's viewed correctly. Which one do you think I am?

Researcher Lloyd: Answer the question.

RPC-XXX: Ah, sorry. Yes, I know. People who see me can't recognize genders anymore.

Researcher Lloyd: Do you know how long you have been able to do this?

RPC-XXX: It's not on purpose! As to how long, I'm not sure. Before I was brought here, I mostly wandered around. People didn't seem to notice me, so I have no idea if they were affected or not.

Researcher Lloyd: When did you become aware of your effect?

RPC-XXX: I remember when I accidentally ran into someone. I apologized, but the guy I bumped into started acting differently. He used to act normally, but after our meeting, he acted, I dunno, a bit more masculine? Also, he started having migraines and panic attacks.

Researcher Lloyd: Did you figure that out by stalking him?

RPC-XXX: No! It was just general hearsay. Then I started interacting more with people. I guess I was kind of curious about why the guy started acting the way he did. Then the weird stuff started happening. Some friendships of the ones I met with began to fall apart. It was really unnerving. I mean, they had been friends for a long time! Then I realized that the friendships had one thing in common: at least one was genderqueer. I put two and two together and went back to being alone.

Researcher Lloyd: Thank you. That is all.

RPC-XXX: Wait! How did you know that I was the cause behind all that?

Researcher Lloyd: We didn't. The person you ran into received therapy. We found out about you from him.

RPC-XXX: Tell him I'm sorry.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Researcher Lloyd exhibited symptoms similar to those under RPC-XXX's first recorded effect. When questioned, it was revealed that she had attributed a gender to RPC-XXX because of RPC-XXX's voice. Containment procedures were updated to reflect this.


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