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Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained in an opaque, soundproof cell in Site-XX. Daily rations are to be provided to RPC-XXX through mechanical means. Personnel are not allowed to refer to RPC-XXX by male or female pronouns any pronoun. Personnel who are found to be under RPC-XXX's effect are to be given therapy if requested.

Description: RPC-XXX is a blindfolded 5'5" humanoid. If one sees RPC-XXX and labels RPC-XXX as male or female, the observer becomes unable to grasp the concept of alternative genders. This causes discomfort if the observer has identified as an alternative gender prior to seeing RPC-XXX.

Incident XXX.1: During testing of RPC-XXX, D-6283 labeled RPC-XXX as an indeterminate gender. No effects were observed, however, when he went to relieve himself, he entered the female washroom. Upon retrieval, he was questioned and found to be unable to grasp the concept of male and female. Containment procedures were updated to reflect this.

Interviewed: RPC-XXX

Interviewer: Researcher ?

Foreword: This interview was held in order to discover the intentions and/or origin of RPC-XXX. Researcher ? was blindfolded to prevent visual exposure to RPC-XXX

<Begin Log>

Researcher ?: Greetings, RPC-XXX.

RPC-XXX: Really? Blindfolded too? You flatter me too much.
Researcher ?: Are you aware of your effects on those who see you?
RPC-XXX: Aren't you even the least bit surprised that I can see you despite wearing a blindfold?

Researcher ?: That is irrelevant. I know about other things like you that do not conform to normality.
RPC-XXX: Pfft. Normality. A mutable concept. For example, didn't most people see people with genders like mine as abnormal? But now they don't.

Researcher ?: You have not answered my question.
RPC-XXX: Fine, I'll answer. Yes, I am aware of that. People who see me can't recognize genders anymore. But this is inevitable.

Researcher ?: Explain.
RPC-XXX: Are you that close-minded? Think on the last two centuries. 'Male' and 'female' were once separated by gender roles.'Male' works, 'female' nurtures. But then came 'women's' rights. Gender roles soon didn't matter that much.
'Women' soon appropriated 'masculine' clothes. Then came the 21st century. Genders that blur the lines popped out. Though some are plain silly and probably made by 'phobes, the rest do make sense. The 'normal' rebelled against this, but are becoming more accepting.

Researcher ?: Are you saying that you are the catalyst for this paradigm shift?
RPC-XXX: Yes. Even if I'm detained indefinitely, gender will become a thing of the past. I am human. My 'gender' is just a label.
Researcher ?: Why the blindfold?
RPC-XXX: Isn't it obvious?
<End Log>

Closing Statement: Researcher ? exhibited symptoms similar to those under RPC-XXX's first recorded effect. When questioned, it was revealed that she had attributed a gender to RPC-XXX because of RPC-XXX's voice. Containment procedures were updated to reflect this.


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