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Item #: RPC-042

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-042 is to be stored in a sealed opaque plastic envelope of A4 format at the "Anomalous Documentation" Archive of Site-14. Under no circumstances are staff allowed to unseal the envelope outside the testing area. If retrieval is necessary the seal must be checked for integrity before transportation. Access to RPC-042 for research and testing purposes is allowed only with written permission of the head of The Anomalous Documentation Containment Unit (currently Dr. ███████████) and RPC-042 research team lead.

Description: RPC-042 is a standard issue Form-56/A of the RPC Authority, containing markings with memetic properties. Both the information and markings on the document were added with a standard ballpoint blue pen, which belonged to Dr. Breiter (detailed profile and research history is stored in Employee Database and can be requested from Level-2 staff). The markings on RPC-042 are described to be symbols outlining an approximately 15x15 cm circular shape with a logotype, similar to one used by The Authority, drawn inside. Carbon analysis of the paper corresponds with results from paper produced by ███████████ Inc.1. Paper, printer ink and pen ink analysis so far have not revealed any anomalous properties.

RPC-042 was created on ██/██/████ in the Memetic Research Department of Site-14 by Dr. Breiter, who was working with RPC-███'s research group. Immediately after production, Dr. Breiter (henceforth RPC-042-1) was affected by the memetic properties of the markings, although none of the symptoms manifested. Approximately 7 hours later when coworkers began to take notice of the behavioral anomalies of RPC-042-1, an official request for medical examination was filed. After analysis confirmed memetic influence, RPC-042-1 contacted staff with suspicions of a containment breach and initiated a facility lockdown sequence. ██ of the staff who tested positive on the memetic influence test were placed under quarantine while containment teams attempted to locate the source of influence. After 4 hours RPC-042 was located inside a drawer with one of the members of RPC-███'s research group and was subsequently contained.

Although no apparent symptoms are present after initial exposure, subjects display a decrease in agreeableness and extroversion in the Big Five personality tests. Most affected also state that they wish to spend their time studying or reading literature. All subjects who reach hour 14 begin to interject any written media with statements or facts they had no prior knowledge of2. Interjections so far have been consistent with the media presented, even when read by subjects with mental impairment or otherwise incapable of emulating the style. When presented with official documentation, all verifiable statements added by the subjects were confirmed to be true.

By the 18th hour after initial exposure, all subjects report anomalous media to shift its tone to referencing future events, despite style or setting of given media. At this point, those affected become acutely aware of social cues, especially those showing lying or manipulation. From hour 18 and further all interviews must be conducted by relatives or close friends3. More than once subjects expressed that inability to see anomalous media is effect of the anomalous event that affected everyone except them. After 24 hours of exposure subjects refuse to divulge perceived knowledge to anyone and refuse all social contact. Most are diagnosed with major depressive disorder with suicidal tendencies, which grows more severe over time. Administration of amnestics so far has proven to be ineffective with more trials currently underway.

Dr. ███████ requested administration to be amnesticized after interviews with RPC-042-1. Request was granted along with bi-monthly psychological evaluation for signs of PTSD for a one year period. Tests on D-Class personnel were conducted by the new team lead - Dr. ██████. Access to results of further tests can be granted with her written permission.

Due to spontaneous creation of RPC-042 it is possible that similar objects can be produced. Formal request to create monitoring group is awaiting approval of the Board.

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