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Image taken within RPC-XXX-1 by Authority personnel during Exploration Log XXX-1.


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: An 150 meter exclusion zone has been set up around RPC-XXX-1's location. This area is to be maintained by no more than four (4) Authority vessels, as to avoid suspicion of the general populous. Any ships passing by the area are to be routed away with force, if necessary. RPC-XXX-3 instances that attempt to leave the exclusion zone are to be executed on sight.

Only authorized personnel are to be allowed access into the exclusion zone. Under no circumstances are any important personnel to enter the exclusion zone (See Addendum XXX-X). Only exploration units compromised entirely of no more than six (6) CSDs are permitted to enter, only after being screened for any traces of Japanese ancestry as to avoid the anomalous effect of RPC-XXX-2.

Description: RPC-XXX-1 is a fast-food restaurant appearing to belong to the █████████ food chain, covering 419.52 square meters of ground. Despite being underwater, the building does not sustain any structural damage. RPC-XXX-1 is impervious to all tested forms of damage. The structure resides on the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean, approximately at the coordinates ██°N and ███°E. RPC-XXX-1's exterior is described as being non-anomalous in both nature in design, but the presence of a 'drive-thru' is absent in the structure.

The interior of RPC-XXX-1, unlike the outside, contains many anomalous properties. All items inside appear to be intact, despite being submerged, and any utensils in the kitchen section of the structure that produce extreme heat and/or fire are still capable of doing so. All furniture, such as the seats, seem normal. However, after close inspection, it was discovered that they were constructed from the skin of instances of Homo sapiens1. RPC-XXX-1 is inhabited by instances of RPC-XXX-3.

The menu provided at RPC-XXX-1 appears to be non-anomalous in nature. However, there are many deviations from the norm. For example, any eggs served are composed of various parts of the ocular globe, and any item of meat is replaced with the meat of Homo sapiens. Consumption of the items produced by RPC-XXX-1 do not leave any effects on subjects who consume said food items. However, the foodstuff do differ slightly when it comes to nutritional value. Any trash or waste materials generated by RPC-XXX-1 are dispensed outside of the structure to float to the ocean surface. Objects generated by the anomaly that normally do not have buoyancy will be able to float by means not known by the Authority.

RPC-XXX-1 continuously produces an anomalous radius 132.56 meters around it by means not currently understood by the Authority. Under normal circumstances, any entity that enters within this area will undergo no anomalous effects. However, should a humanoid of Japanese descent enter the radius, said entity will appear to 'disappear' from existence. It is theorized that The subjects who disappear are transformed into the various food items and furniture (see Addendum XXX-X).

RPC-XXX-1 is inhabited by entities designated as RPC-XXX-3. These entities appear to be extremely small instances of Balaenoptera musculus2, averagely measuring 2.1 meters in length. RPC-XXX-3 instances possess many bodily functions not present in normal blue whales. The organisms have fairly sharp teeth, comparable to the teeth of an instance of a shark. Despite not possessing opposable thumbs, the creatures are capable of grabbing items with relative ease. The entities are able to communicate by vocal cords, and can only do so in English. RPC-XXX-3 instances display no need for sustenance or sleep of any kind.

RPC-XXX-3 instances possess an exponentially larger intelligence compared to the average blue whale, comparable to a twenty-two (22) year old human. The instances have formed a rudimentary society within and around the area of RPC-XXX-2, estimated to include somewhere around 760 individuals.

The collective anomalies making up RPC-XXX came to the attention of the Authority after multiple reports of scuba-divers going missing in the waters south-west of Japan. Subsequently, a Japanese platoon was lead to investigate the occurrence, ending in the wiping of the entire squad due to the anomalous effects of RPC-XXX-2.

At this point, the Authority was notified of the situation, and two different squads were sent into the area to investigate the anomaly. The first squad, comprised of armed MST units, were attacked by a large number of RPC-XXX-3 instances, leaving only one survivor out of seven. The second squad, composed of four unarmed CSD personnel, were more successful and able to explore RPC-XXX-1. After the events of the initial discovery, rudimentary procedures for containment were put into place. The current Containment Protocols were put into place after the secondary expedition inside of the colloquial area of RPC-XXX.


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