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Item #: RPC-028

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-028 is to be kept in a standard type B cell designed for humanoid assets carrying foreign and possible unstable organisms in basement level 4 of Site ██ when not under experimentation, research, or maintenance protocols. Entering RPC-028 containment facility without a full body security suit is strictly forbidden as RPC-028 is to be treated as dangerous and feral asset. Failure to do so may result in severe injuries or possible infection which will result in termination followed by incineration. Bio-medical research Head, Dr ██████ strongly discourages referring to RPC-028 as his pre-infection name, [REDACTED], as all evidence indicates that human brain activity is minimal and practically void

During research, experimentation, and maintenance protocols. RPC-028 is to be transported to the medical research wing of Site ██ in a high-level bio-hazard container after being sedated with substance ███

  • Maintenance protocols regarding RPC-028 correspond to those of a fit, middle aged human subject; nutrients and proper hydration must be administered intravenously.
  • Research/experimentation protocols are to be carried exclusively by Dr ████████, this include, but are not limited to amputation of any mayor limbs, controlled infection of class-D personal, bio-metric scans, pain threshold and toleration measurement, behavioral analysis and intelligence tests.

As of ██/██/███, RPC-028 has been subject to multiple procedures aimed to increase its tolerance to pain with unsatisfying results.

Description: RPC-028 is the body of a Caucasian male weighting 134 pounds and measuring 6'2 feet. Ever since infection, RPC-028 has stopped producing hair and its eye color has shifted from a clear green to a milky blue. After acquisition, routine tomography and body scans revealed 9 gastropod-like lifeforms nested in key locations of RPC-028 brain and innumerable microscopic eggs across its multiple corporal fluids. All authority personal that was exposed without proper equipment to RPC-028 was placed under Quarantine Protocol C. No other infection cases in human subjects were found. It seems that contagion occurs only through direct contact with a mucous membrane, damaged tissue or an injection into the bloodstream.
The gastropods within the brain where labelled RPC-028A, RPC-028B and so on. Attempts to remove RPC-028A through a neurosurgical procedure were worthless and stopped altogether after several trials, as soon as the slug’s home in the brain was compromised the life signs of RPC-028 dropped drastically. Head of bio-medical research, Dr ███████ and professor ██████ deemed the asset too valuable for termination.

RPC-028 showed a degree of plasticity as several days after its containment the asset was able to walk upright, sit and and excrete in a controlled manner. As of ██/██/201█, RPC-028 visual acuity is considered optimal and is capable of mumbling simple words such as “security”, “no”, and “infection”. Dr Vasiliev has proposed a program to [DATA EXPUNGED FOR ANY PERSONAL WITH A SECURITY CLEARANCE LOWER THAN 3]

Acquisition:RPC-028 was retrieved from the shores of Lake ██████, England after an anomalous meteor shower caused an authority security team to be dispatched to the area; RPC-028 was found naked, crawling, with multiple scratches and consuming what was later identified as the late wife of [DATA EXPUNGED]. An amateur telescope along with [DATA EXPUNGED] were found near the site, suggesting that the couple had some sort of connection with the meteor shower. (Further data and theories can be found in “Asset retrieval file n# ██████”) RPC-028 attacked the team on sight in a manner that displayed a clear lack of fine motor skills. According to field reports, RPC-028 suffered minor bruises during acquisition, however, when the asset arrived at Site ██ , all of his injuries had healed, an event which revealed extreme healing abilities.
Following retrieval, a 5 km radius around Lake ██████ was cordoned; bio-metric scans displayed several unknown life forms matching those found in RPC-028. Requests to preserve the site for further research were denied by Site director McArthur. Subsequently, protocol ARDEO IV was executed and Lake ██████ tainted with class X chemicals and its immediate surroundings scorched.

Addendum:RPC-028 has displayed a level of astronomic awareness. During the Eta Aquariids meteor shower of 201█, RPC-028 experienced a series of violent convulsions starting at 03:28 am. Before proper personal could be deployed to the containment facility, researches theorize that RPC-028 underwent a “growth spurt”. Multiple full grown, eyeless slugs of a silvery color began emerging from RPC-028 nose, mouth and rectum. However, none of the gastropods could be harvested for future research as they died after aimless moving for about a minute. (Dr ████████ theorizes this was caused by the lack of a proper environment after analyzing their remains) Medical exams revealed RPC-028 and RPC-028A-I were unharmed by the event. The petition of Class-D personal in preparation for the next “growth spurt” has been approved by [REDACTED] in order to create multiple instances of RPC-028.

Diverse class D-subjects have been injected gastropod eggs by using RPC-028 various bodily fluids but have not shown any sign of hatching or any kind of regeneration abilities for neither minor nor mayor limbs, possibly due to the lack of proper environmental conditions for slug development. Those that have been proved to be a viable host for eggs are contained in the south wing of Site ██ awaiting the next Eta Aquariids meteor shower and a possible growth spurt.

Experimentation on RPC-028 has led to the discovery of extreme regeneration abilities akin to type A immortality.

RPC-028 has been capable of:

  • Regenerating a whole arm
  • Surviving a .38 Smith & Wesson SP to the head
  • Regenerating its heart after having it surgically removed

However RPC-028 does not show inability to feel pain and whenever a mayor limb is removed, the new one usually shows severe anatomical errors.

Commercial applications: Head researchers of bio-medical applications have proposed numerous ways to harvest RPC-028 healing properties and apply them to normal human beings, should this be achieved, we could be on the verge of creating a truly invulnerable soldier. This, coupled with powerful painkillers, will mean several military commercial deals with the governments of ████████, ██████████ and ██████.

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