"Wow, I never noticed that building there before." "Really? It's been there for years." "Oh, okay."

A guy who is all like "how do you do fellow kids" and does something "hip with the kids". The next thing you know, all people under the age of 18-20 are doing it

An alternate dimension where everyone hates you

Hallways that slowly get narrower


The most convenient convenience store in the universe

Predatory hay bales that prey on livestock

Amazon boxes that are alive and walk around on all-fours on human-like arms. They go to people who have ordered something from Amazon and regurgitate it out of their mouth

The Wonderful Wizard of Site-074

Aliens that abduct non-anomalous things and examine them

Some sort of weird fungi that can broadcast to radios and just plays animal noises

A cookbook called "Recipes For Disaster" that you can use to make disasters

The exact opposite of SCP-173 that can't move when your eyes are closed

A ghost that died as a bedsheet ghost so nobody takes it seriously

Large clusters of flesh floating in the ocean that lure people in making them think it's an island. The people are then pulled in to add more "mass" to them

A weapon made of flesh that gains mass as it is used on other living things

STIs (Sexually Transmitted Ideas)

A cardboard box fort made by a bunch of kids that is its own republic

Crazy old hobo that has succumbed to his insane delusions and has become what he thinks he is


A park bench that makes you feed the ducks. Bread spontaneously appears out of nowhere

Coffee that makes you unable to sleep

A stoplight that stops you when it turns red


Very disturbing online reviewer

Two gift shops run by rival wizards always trying to out-antique each other

Humans are just skeleton eggs

A Theta-class collection of animal masks. When you put on one of these masks, people perceive you as the animal on the mask. The Authority uses these masks to infiltrate high-threat gois

Living amazon delivery drones

Infinite house where the back door takes you to the front door. Each iteration has slight changes

A species of moth that can shrink down to molecular levels so it can get inside jars and sealed packages

A restaurant floating through space

Dark bulbs. They're like light bulbs but instead they make darkness

A free-to-use video game texture, that starts changing the game it's put in

Something that is accidentally destroyed by the Authority, and they find a note with coordinates inside it. Every time they get to the coordinates, they find another note with coordinates on it

A phenomenon that causes police to arrest good people and let bad guys go

This really aggressive guy that has an effect over everyone, causing them to be perfectly fine with him. It does not work on the people he kills in broad daylight


A VHS copy of the Simpsons episode, "Lemon of Troy". Upon each playback, it has more to do with lemons

All data on the rpc has been lost, except for the exploration logs

A mentally-ill guy whose hallucinations manifest in reality


A deadly disease, which has a memetic effect on people making them not want to help you


A room. Whatever is in there, creates a universe related to the objects in the room

A corner store that suddenly grows huge arachnoid legs and walks off, with the store clerk still in it

A twitter account that suddenly starts posting random stuff. The guy who runs it has been dead for five years

This normal guy but there's like a passageway somewhere in the world connected to him and like it's a portal that is a passageway into his body which is bigger on the inside and people have made a home inside him and carved houses out of his bones

Something about a zoo where you're the attraction

Extra-dimensional talk show

A pool that leads into underwater caves full of sea monsters

A big mountain floating in the sky with lots of exploration logs

Monster under the bed that can only be seen by children

A thing that makes you lose weight but it keeps making you lose weight until you're dead

A phenomena causing people to make new religions


Infinite fridge

The exact opposite of SCP-087, but it affects many different staircases

A guy who cannot be killed, but then gets killed anyway

Some entity that poses as a child's parent and lures them into some abandoned building. The child thinks it's caring for them and giving them food and stuff when it's actually giving them nothing

A recurring dream that specific people have. They dream about a childhood memory, but with an unidentified humanoid figure in the background

Streetlight creatures that eat people who are walking home late at night

A parking spot that acts like quicksand and your car sinks into it

A phenomena where people randomly bring up the topic of a non-existent thing in conversation

Alternate dimension where everything is vehicles

A species of cockroach that group together to form shapes and they form the shape of a gigantic monster abomination and fuck shit up

A guy that's just walking around the world and is indestructible. He's just walking around and sightseeing

Kawaii Korps realizes that the Authority is tracking them, so they engineer super-soldiers that are basically just *teleports behind u* nothin personell, kid

Creatures that live in the dark, and are weak against light

A species of spider that are the size of a human child and have a human face on their abdomen, and they pose as schoolchildren to lure kids into their nests to be eaten

A hypothetical bus. The driver can control what the bus does with their mind.

Giant Incorporeal Species measuring 500 meters in height. The creatures have no effect on the physical world and just seem to observe places that experience large conflict. You can usually find these things in warzones. The creatures are only visible through the usage of veridics. Credit for the idea goes to Charlie DS on discord

A type of dynamite/bomb invented by the soviets during the cold war. When it's dropped, it explodes but the smoke assembles into a humanoid figure capable of going around destroying stuff. It dissipates after an hour

A warehouse made by PETPO that forms meat brought into it into animal shapes, and they attack all humans

A period of time where all birds in one area suddenly become really aggressive and capable of self-replication

Infinite cola can that actually leads to an alternate dimension that is an ocean of cola

A vast area of desert that has loads of giant partially-buried statues in it, and it's populated by weird mutant creatures

A road where it's more likely you'll crash your car

Some sort of household pest type of creature that effects families, making their relationships worse

An alternate dimension where everything doesn't make sense and is jagged and geometry doesn't follow natural laws. Ganbreeder could be a good image source

A group of hillbillies that appear somewhere in the northwest united states each night and hunt bigfoot

An event that randomly happens throughout the world, causing normal situations to be like they're in a sitcom

A phenomenon that causes billboards and signs to be really aggressive and rude

A town in Australia that is in a time loop, which causes it to be eternally stuck in the 1980's

A bullet that was fired from a gun and cannot be stopped by anything and keeps going forwards at a high speed and nothing can stop it

Something based on this

A memetic phenomenon that causes people to believe in a person known as Michael Jackson. The title for this one will be: Hey, remember Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson really happened!

Oh, also here is a list of outrageous deleted SCP's that are amazing


Adolf Hitler

Item #: scp-4301


Back Story:
Most of the people think that Adolf Hitler suicided by shooting at himself, that's not true. Hitler was captured by our agents. Hitler knew that the war already lost, so he had 100 nuclear bombs to bomb every central city in the world. Exactly before he made the decision our agents captured him and transported him to [REDACTED] and he was never seen again. "The Hitler suicide" story is fake, to make an excuse why he disappear. If we didn't do it so the world was in chaos.

Adolf Hitler is an SCP Because of his mustach. The mustach is an Alien from the planet [REDACTED]. His mustach made him an alien, it controls his mind. The mustach made Hitler to kill people from a random race or species, in this case it was the semitic race. There is a planet full of jumping mustaches, and they just want to find someone to control. Adolf Hitler get his mustach when his was 21 years old. Before that he was just a facist man. The mustach made him to speak that powerfull speeches, The mustach made him to go to war, The mustach did everything! Adolf Hitler was After party with his facist friends, he was drunk. While go home he heard something. He saw a cockroach. So he try to kill him and the cockroach jump at his face. The facist man try to take it out but the mustach already take control of his mind. After this Adolf Hitler never be the same.


Hitler is now Contained in Area [REDACTED]. We put him in a simulation where he is still in the war so he won't notice that something is different. While he is in his simulation we make experiment on him. Our agents make experiments on his mustach to find out the cause of his actions because if we find out we can use it. It will make our agents to think nothing but the target or mission they have to do, if it to Secure all the SCP, find some SCP or just kill someone. This research is very important and can help our foundation a lot. To be part of the reserch just to the next instructions:

Find an Alien mustach( it can be on your father, friend or just someone in the street) than tear it off from the victim's face quickliy, it will fight so hold it strong, than put it in a jar and send it to our foundation. It will help us.

The Mustach 4301-1:
The mustach came from the planet gylguwerpoptualionbibnaty, this means "Mustachia" in their language. Imagine a land that all you see is billions of billions jumping mustaches. Every mustach has his unique look and his unique race or species he wants to control and kill. They came to Earth by Galactic smugglers to make everybody dead on Earth but our SCP Foundation will not allow that.

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