JimmyBoyHaha Sandbox No. 14

RPC-000 - The Archive of Falsehoods





Registered Phenomena Code: 000

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Grouped, Organic, Sentient

Containment Protocols: The entrance to RPC-000 is to be blocked with a chainlink fence, guarded by 2 ASF operatives. Personnel involved with exploration operations of RPC-000 are to be equipped with proper equipment suited for the environment1.

Any unauthorized personnel attempting to enter RPC-000 are to be apprehended and questioned.

h-grouped.pngGrouped h-organic.pngOrganic h-sentient.pngSentient

fig. 1.1: Interior of RPC-000.

Description: RPC-000 is the designation for a vast underground structure located in Antarctic Region 17, hereby referred to as AR-17.

RPC-000 is specifically located on the lowest floor of AR-17. The entrance to RPC-000 is a stone three-pointed arch, 7 meters in height. The archway's interior consists of a 30-meter tall stone staircase that leads into the chambers of RPC-000. Above this archway is a steel plaque that reads "THE ARCHIVE OF FALSEHOODS". Below it is another plaque, which reads "PROTECTING THE HISTORIANS OF BABEL FROM FALSE HISTORIES". Attempts to access RPC-000 from outside the archway result in failure. Occasionally, personnel have reported hearing sounds from RPC-000's entrance. These noises have been heard as wet slapping sounds, footsteps, and rarely, the rustling of paper.

RPC-000 consists of many walkways and chambers, built out of stone. These range significantly in size from tight, cramped spaces to gigantic, spacious rooms. Some floors in areas of RPC-000 are submerged in water. Many of the walls and floors are covered in a black, slime-like substance. Analysis of this substance displays it to consist of materials including water, hair, paper, and black ink.

Multiple humanoid entities inhabit RPC-000, designated as RPC-000-1. These entities are of average build, and wear outfits suitable for long-term survival within RPC-000. RPC-000-1 instances wear black masks, obscuring all their facial features except for their eyes, which are covered by large goggles that partially blind them. RPC-000-1 instances continuously put scraps of paper inside various holes embedded in the walls of RPC-000, as a method of storage. These papers have many different sentences and phrases written on them. These writings all share a common trait, which is describing historical information that is untrue.

In the event of an individual reading one or more of these documents, they will be apprehended by an RPC-000-1 instance. The instance will then turn the individual towards itself to make direct eye contact with the person. The individual and the RPC-000-1 instance will remain this way for 5 seconds, at which the instance will then set the individual free. After this, the individual will completely forget all information they gathered from reading the document(s). It has been noted that RPC-000-1 instances do not notice mechanical devices within RPC-000.

Addendum I: Recovered Documents

Addendum II: Incident 000-1

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This is my entry for Below Zero, and my first entry for a community event. Hope you enjoy.

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