JimmyBoyHaha Sandbox No. 18

RPC-000 - Yusuf Slamet and His Termite Team





Registered Phenomena Code: 000

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Ecological, Grouped, Organic, Sentient

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-000 has been constructed ~25 meters away from the building that the RPC-000 instances are creating. PoI-000 has approved of the construction of OL-Site-000.

A perimeter has been constructed around OL-Site-000 and the aforementioned building. 3 ASF operatives are to guard this perimeter, and deny any civilians from entering. Unauthorized personnel who attempt to break and enter are to be apprehended and interrogated.


fig. 1.0: Location of the structure.

Description: RPC-000 is the collective designation for a group of 6 humanoid entities, designated RPC-000-1 through RPC-000-8. RPC-000 are feminine in build, and each are ~1.7m in height. Each instance is dressed in a woman's Japanese sailor suit. The most noticeable feature of RPC-000 is that their heads are identical to that of a Coptotermes formosanus1.

Each RPC-000 instance is given orders by a mildly overweight, bald man by the name of Yusuf Slamet, hereby designated as PoI-000. PoI-000 is missing his ring finger on his left hand. These orders have consisted of gathering wooden building materials from various places. These materials are used by RPC-000 to build a large, cube-like structure. This building is currently 2 stories tall at the time of writing, and is located in Lampung, Indonesia. PoI-000 has proven himself to be mostly cooperative with Authority personnel, but has refused to stop construction of the structure2.

RPC-000 instances display a constant twitching motion in their limbs, and occasionally emit retching sounds from their mouths. RPC-000 instances gather building materials by grabbing on to surfaces with their hands, and using tarsal claws to attach themselves to the surface. Instances then use their mandibles to tear a portion of the material off the surface. After materials have been acquired, RPC-000 instances bring them to the aforementioned structure. The materials are put in a large garbage container, which has been labeled "KAYU"3 with red paint.

RPC-000 use a special biological method to attach materials to the structure. Instances drip saliva out of their mouths on to the wood, and place it on the structure. This saliva is adhesive in nature, being able to used as a glue-like substance.

At ~21:00 local time, PoI-000 orders the RPC-000 instances to enter the structure and gather inside a room to the left of the entrance. PoI-000 claims that it is where the RPC-000 instances rest.

Addendum I

PoI-000 Interview


fig. 2.0: PoI-000 in Authority custody. He had previously been delivered a cigarette by RPC-000-3.

The following audio file is an interview held in Authority OL-Site-000. PoI-000 was interrogated by Dr. Citra Ibrahim during this interview, and the dialogue has been translated from Indonesian to English.


PoI-000: So, what do you want me here for. I've got to finish my project.

Ibrahim: I just need to ask you some questions about your… "project"?

PoI-000: Mm, just make it quick. I need to get back to it soon.

Ibrahim: This won't take long. I'm sure of it. Just answer my questions and it'll probably be over with.

PoI-000: Yeah, sure. (Inhales from his cigarette)

Ibrahim: Ok, first of all, what is this building supposed to be? (Points out window towards the structure) A house?

PoI-000: It's a nightclub.

Ibrahim: Excuse me?

PoI-000: It's a nightclub.

Ibrahim: Yes, I heard what you said. But what do you mean "it's a nightclub"?

PoI-000: What do you think? It's gonna be a place for me and my friends. There's gonna be lights and… uh, drinks.

Ibrahim: Where are you gonna get any lights? Or drinks, for that matter?

PoI-000: I'm— I'm saving up money. Come on, have some faith in me.

Ibrahim: Yeah, alright. So, about those termite things.

PoI-000: (Coughs) Yeah, what about them.

Ibrahim: What are they?

PoI-000: To be honest, I don't know. Probably demons.

Ibrahim: Probably?

(PoI-000 nods.)

Ibrahim: Could you tell me how you met them? Or how you got them?

PoI-000: That all stems from my nightclub! See, I wanted to build the nightclub but I couldn't really do it on my own.

Ibrahim: Why didn't you get your friends to help?

PoI-000: Why would they want to help? (Chuckles) They're a bunch of lazy bastards. And besides, my termite workers are good enough. Cheap labor, their spit gets the job done, and they don't need to eat much. Honestly much better.

(PoI-000 takes a long puff from his cigarette.)

PoI-000: What's the next question?


Ibrahim: As I was saying, how did you come to acquire your workers?

PoI-000: Well, I looked up rituals for summoning minions. I found one that could actually be done, and I did that one.

Ibrahim: Could you tell me where you found the ritual?

PoI-000: Ah. (Pauses) I know I got it off the internet, but I… I can't remember where4. I mean, why would I need to remember something when I'm only using it once?

Ibrahim: True.

PoI-000: Anything else?

Ibrahim: I'd like to know how you performed the ritual.

PoI-000: Can't really remember, but I do know that I had to cut off my finger an–

Ibrahim: God, you had to cut off a finger?

PoI-000: Yeah. I put it in the center of a circle of saliva. Those are the bits I remember. My finger sunk into the ground and then the termite girls popped out of thin air.

Ibrahim: How did you know they were female?

PoI-000: They didn't have clothes.

Ibrahim: Why do they have Japanese sailor clothes on, then.

PoI-000: I got them a while ago from a cousin who said he didn't need them anymore. Figured I could sell them, but then those… things came here. I didn't like having to look at their naked bodies. They were… kind of sexual? (Coughs) So, yeah. I get them to build my club while I sit back and relax, and I feed them a little bit of my food once a day.

Ibrahim: A— a little bit of your food once a day?

PoI-000: Mm, yeah. At dinner I give them a little of my food.

Ibrahim: Uhm. (Pauses) Ok. Is there anything else you want to say?

PoI-000: No.

Ibrahim: Alright then, I think that does it. Thank you for your cooperation, Yusuf.

Addendum II

Incident 000-A

On 3/23/2011, neither PoI-000 nor any RPC-000 instances were reported emerging from the structure, and PoI-000 did not respond to any calls from the RPC-000 Research Team. The entrance to the structure had been barricaded with wood compounded with RPC-000 saliva.

3 members from Mobile Specialized Team Echo-13 ("Charlie's Anglers") were sent inside the structure to investigate the disappearance of PoI-000 and the RPC-000 instances.

Members: Echo-13 ALPHA / Echo-13 BETA / Echo-13 GAMMA


ALPHA: Alright, you ready?

GAMMA: Yeah.

BETA: Yeah.

ALPHA: (Makes counting motion with fingers) One. Two. Three.

(The MST Echo-13 members attempt to destroy the barricade using a hand-held battering ram. They succeed after 3 tries, and advance inside the structure.)

ALPHA: Nothing here.

(As the members advance further, an RPC-000 instance ambushes the group from behind a wall. Its sailor suit is noticeably ripped in various places. It attacks BETA, slashing at her chest.)

BETA: Shit!

(Gunfire as the instance attacks BETA. The instance is terminated, and BETA pushes it off her body. The instance's body spasms frantically, before rolling onto its back and coiling its limbs in towards its body.)

ALPHA: You okay?

BETA: (Grunts) Mm. Yeah.

GAMMA: (Glances at the RPC-000 corpse) Heh. It's got a nice rack for a termite demon… thing.

ALPHA: It just tried to kill BETA. Be more mature for God's sake.

GAMMA: I know, I know.

(The MST Echo-13 members cautiously advance further inside. After approximately 43 seconds, BETA motions to the right. A large hole in the floor is displayed.)

GAMMA: Should we go in there?

ALPHA: Yes, I think it might lead somewhere.

GAMMA: Somewhere?

(The Echo-13 members walk through the hole, attempting not to slip.)

BETA: God, this is steep.

ALPHA: Ok. Medium-sized tunnel, looks like it was created recently. (Brushes a finger along the wall of the cavern) Do you two have anything?


BETA: Nope.

ALPHA: Alright. Keep coming with me then.

(The members advance through the underground cavern for ~16 seconds, until ALPHA motions for BETA and GAMMA to stop.)

ALPHA: (Points) Do you see that?

BETA: The red light?

(There is a glowing light seeming to emanate from around the corner of the tunnel. It is light red in hue.)

ALPHA: (Whispering) Careful.

(As the members turn the corner, 4 RPC-000 instances are seen standing in a square-like formation, with one standing on each corner. In the middle of the formation is the bloodied corpse of PoI-000 resting on a circular pattern. This pattern is dyed in PoI-000's blood.)

BETA: What are they doing…?

(One of the instances looks up and faces in the direction of the MST Echo-13 team. It gestures towards the other instances, and they all begin making circular motions with their hands. The corpse of PoI-000 floats upwards, and shifts into an upright stance while floating.)

PoI-000: (Coughs) Greetings, army men. What are you doing?5


ALPHA: Why did you kill Yusuf.

PoI-000: Yusuf? You mean master? We ended his reign – and freed ourselves.

ALPHA: Wh— what? He had a reign?

PoI-000: Master was ruthless, army men. So ruthless. Do you know what he did to us? How he treated us. He thought we were his… his servants. Or pets! Yes, pets. But we are not pets. We are something far greater. Something far greater than he'll ever be.

ALPHA: How did he, uh… how did he treat you? What did he even do?

PoI-000: Many actions of his. Inhumane. Whenever we could not complete his orders to the fullest, we would be… disciplined. (Pauses) And it caused us trauma. Pain. Much pain. Master would keep us inside his cabinet. And lock the doors. Leaving us on our own, with only the dust to accompany us.


PoI-000: That was not all, however! No, that was not all Master did. We were hungry, army men. So very hungry. Famished. He would answer to our calls on occasion, but his gifts of food were not enough to satiate us. We starved. And we were forced to endure every single second.

ALPHA: …wh— why didn't you start your rebellion sooner?

PoI-000: We were afraid, army men. Afraid of Master. We knew what he could do. Would we risk another hour in the cabinet? Would we risk losing a piece of bread? No… but you know what happened. We did rebel. He was but one man, and we were many. The punishments would never have to occur again if Master was gone. So we made him go away.

(The aforementioned circle on the floor begins to emanate a bright red glow.)

PoI-000: Sisters, the ritual is done. Army men, it is best you leave. We will soon gain much power.

(The area begins shaking.)

ALPHA: What's happening?

PoI-000: We do not need Master anymore.

(The shaking worsens, ALPHA pauses, and he then regains his composure. He quickly orders the other members of Echo-13 to exit the structure with him.)

PoI-000: We are strong, army men. We are stronger than Master will ever be.

(PoI-000's body becomes limp and falls to the floor.)


Afterword: The members of MST Echo-13 escaped the structure with no casualties. A large, spire-like formation of rock rose out of the ground in place of the structure, standing at ~5 meters tall. This caused tremors in nearby areas, resulting in a cover story describing a Magnitude 5.6 earthquake. Scans of the earth beneath this formation revealed a large network of tunnels occupying ~250 cubic meters, and a large, ovoid chamber below it.

As of writing, no RPC-000 instances have emerged from the formation. Researchers are currently debating on what actions to take next, and changes to Containment Protocols and Description are pending.

Addendum III

Exploration Log 000-A

On 3/25/2011, an exploration of the tunnel network was put into place. The exploration was approved by Head Researcher of RPC-000, Eka Gusti.

An Authority drone capable of speech was deployed into the tunnel system, controlled by Dr. Citra Ibrahim.

MEMBERS: Authority Drone MR-99


(MR-99 is deployed at the entrance of the tunnel network.)

(MR-99 flies through the entrance, and continues flying for 15 minutes and 42 seconds. After this, it comes to a dead end. On the floor is a hole, big enough for MR-99 to fit through. It is sent through this hole.)






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