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The following file describes an anomalous arthropodean entity, and is Level 4/000 Classified

Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Registered Phenomena Code: 000 Level 4/000
Object Class: Beta-Yellow Classified


fig. 1.1: Sagoyawa Apartments, Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Entrance to Kabushiki Kawaii facility located at bottom left.

Hazard Types: Organic, Sapient

Containment Protocols: RPC-000 is currently contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber in the Humanoid Containment Wing of Site-279. RPC-000's containment chamber is to be fitted with a king-size mattress with a large duvet, to account for its size and weight. RPC-000 is to be fed only low-calorie and low-sugar food, but may be provided with a bowl of chocolate pudding as a reward for good behavior to make RPC-000 less likely to attempt a breach of containment.

Description: RPC-000 is the designation for an approximately 1.8 meter tall female humanoid entity with arthropodean attributes commonly observed in lepidopterans1. Despite external features, RPC-000's internal anatomy remains identical to that of a human's. RPC-000 has a pair of antennae originating from its head, but these do not function and are presumed to only exist for cosmetic purposes. Other physical abnormalities include light-grey pigmented skin of soft texture. RPC-000 additionally contains a pair of compound eyes; however, RPC-000 states that its eyes exhibit perception and image resolution equivalent to that of a human's.

RPC-000 exhibits very little external nasal anatomy, with the exception of two small nostrils in its nasal region. RPC-000's neck is surrounded by soft, white fur, and bears two large wings on its back. These wings are similar in structure and appearance to that of opidhthera eucalypti2, but do not support RPC-000's weight in flight.

RPC-000's possesses a defective hypothalamus, resulting in a diagnosis of adiposogenital dystrophy. RPC-000 has often reported experiencing minor headaches as a result of this.

RPC-000 is severely overweight, weighing at ~186 kilograms3. Despite this, RPC-000 has not displayed any significant health problems other than experiencing difficulties standing up. RPC-000 has shown itself to be attached to common junkfoods4. RPC-000 is fluent in Japanese and basic conversational American English. RPC-000 refers to itself as "Mizuki".

Addendum 000.1


RPC-000 was originally discovered on 7/20/2012 in an underground facility owned by the current Group of Interest, Kabushiki Kawaii, in Sagoyawa Apartments, Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. MST Romeo-7 ("Suited Gentlemen") had been deployed to perform a raid on the facility on accounts of information received from a former member of Kabushiki Kawaii.

RPC-000 was discovered in a room in the eastern portion of the facility, sleeping on a mattress on the floor. In the corner of the room was a running CRT television with a paused game of Galaga. After being incentivized by MST Romeo-7 to enter Authority custody with promises of more comfortable living space and food, RPC-000 was happy to oblige.

Addendum 000.2

Interview 8/11/2012

Addendum 000.3

Recovered Files

During the exploration of the facility, MST Mike-82 discovered a computer seemingly manufactured in the mid-1990's. On this computer were a number of files that have been confirmed to be related to RPC-000. The following files have been translated from Japanese to English.

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