JimmyJohnJohnson effect and cause





Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Beta-Purple)

Hazard Types: (read it and tell me what it should be)

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX’s corpse is to be kept in Site-279’s morgue. Experimentation with RPC-XXX requires permission from the head researcher.

Description: RPC-XXX is a white male aged at 18 years that has a normal outward appearance.

RPC-XXX’s main anomalous effect is the ability to potentially bend reality in an infinite amount of ways (See examples in Test Log-XXX). Every anomalous action produces a consequential effect.2 Despite its regenerative abilities, RPC-XXX exhibits indications of pain during regeneration of previously lost tissue. Severity of pain is relative to the dimensions of the wound previously inflicted.3 Because of the fear of newfound pain RPC-XXX is averse to learning/using new abilities abundantly.

Discovery Log: RPC-XXX was discovered when reports of a “boy saving a woman from a car crash by stopping the car in it’s tracks” was heard in the town of ██████, Arizona on ██/██/2018. When agents were dispatched in the area RPC-XXX was found laying on the road with lacerations on both arms. Amenitics were given to all witnesses, and a cover story of a hoax was spread.

Addendum: This log contains a few of the tests done with RPC-XXX.

Addendum: Interview Log

Addendum: Incident Log

Addendum: Autopsy Report

Addendum: Dr. Puer’s vacation note


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