JimmyJohnJohnson human fallibility

It was a mundane day at the supermarket. I was in line between two men. The man behind me didn’t have a thought nor opinion he can call his own, and the man in front of me had to much agency, to the point of arrogance. The man in front moved walked off, thinking he was most righteous. I walked forward to the cashier then blinked.

I was suddenly in a new land, an empty field. The grass was a dull green, almost blue. And the sky was grey like light graphite. I walked for some time till I was met with a stone. There was a being sitting upon it. Despite the fact I couldn’t comprehend the being’s form I knew it was staring at me. And despite the fact I didn’t know it’s name I knew it should be referred to as Him and He. He then asked “Why haven’t you adhered to my Law, my Word?” I said to him “I’m not arrogant, only ignorant. Please tell me your laws so I can follow them.” He told me “There isn’t point you wouldn’t understand, I’ve already shown you men enough signs.” “Please.” I said. So he sighed and told me “Sit upon the clay the same color of your skin and listen.” He then sat upon the rock and began to speak. His words were a garbled mess, like vile mud and mucus, revolting and loud, almost deafening. I could barely understand Him and what I could understand contradicted each other. With statements akin to “Fear Me!” intertwined with assertions of self-claimed mercy. When He was finished He finally said something I could fully understand. At the end of his forever long explanation he asked “Do you understand now? Will you listen?” Despite his warnings, upon hearing this I was angry. In an act that could arguably be defined as arrogance I yelled and shouted at him. “Understand?! How can adhere to laws that I cannot even properly hear?!” He stood up from the stone and sighed “I knew this would happen. I knew the future but still acted, and spoke.” He looked at me with a solemn look on his face and no pity for the human condition. “I’m telling now to follow my Law, cease in sin, and you’ll avoid my punishment, I’ll bestow upon you my mercy.” My Sin? “What?! How is this fair?! How does anyone deserve this?!” He then turned his back to me and like a child I finally shouted. Damn you!

I was back in the supermarket, staring blankly at the cashier register. The cashier then asks me “Sir… are you ok?” I looked upon him and simply said “No.”

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