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Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazards: Mechanical Hazard, Electric Hazard, Metaphysical Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX is to be contained in a standard Containment locker in Site-018.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a heavily modified laptop, black in colouration and composed primarily of parts from multiple IBM and Sinclair computer parts in between the years 1980-86 with two exceptions:

  • an optical disk drive with a modified read-write protocol and an ad-hocced EM emitter replacing the original laser light emitter used originally in the component, hereby designated RPC-XXX-A
  • a set of wireless network cards with a vastly different printed circuit board to the original component, allowing for ███% increase in buffer cache and ██% increased wireless efficiency - item is non-anomalous and can be replaced, currently being studied to implement design in other PCB-based electronics

RPC-XXXX can be charged using a standard 9 volt Sinclair ZX Spectrum power adaptor. The means as to which RPC-XXXX stores the electrical charge supplied is currently unknown, as no battery is stored within and all other components are accounted for. It is currently hypothesized that the charge is stored using the heatsink of the device's CPU. Researcher Simmons is to remain banned from any discussion mentioning RPC-XXXX or other modern electronics for the near future.

RPC-XXXX-B is an optical disc that will only operate when placed inside RPC-XXXX-A when connected to a computer with the exact same technical specifications as RPC-XXXX. Once inserted and recognized by RPC-XXXX or a similar computer, RPC-XXXX-B will automatically run on the user's computer. The program will only fail to run on Windows 2.0, Mac OS X and alternative or later operating systems.

RPC-XXXX-B's program is ██,███.█ ████bytes in length and is named "Physicist Phil's Phailing Physics Program". RPC-XXXX-B also contains a short text file named "readme" that warns users without full knowledge of physics, reality and geometry to 'remove the disc and leave the PC'. The only instruction on the text file states 'If you know what this does, then why do I need to tell you?'.

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