kk style guide

When creating a KK article it is important to keep in mind that KK articles should not be pornographic, arousing, or erotic. This is a human trafficking group selling mistreated human chattel that has been modified or created to be used for the pleasure of their customers (whether that be in an overtly sexual way, or otherwise). There is nothing "hot" about KK as a group, or the products they produce, and any article should be entierly framed around the horrors of what they're doing and the harm they're putting on their products, more than the wish fulfillment they offer their customers.

KK brands itself with an air of deniability around the sexual nature of their products. While it's pretty much an unspoken understanding that what they are producing is for sexual use, their marketing does not directly focus or draw attention to this element of their business practices in overt ways. They frame themselves as producing a high class luxury item for distinguished clientele, rather than glorified brothels.

KK is also incredibly discrete about their operations, striving to keep their own messes clean. Partly to maintain their image, and partly to ensure groups like the Authority view them as lower threats (perhaps even as an unspoken understanding, that they keep their own operations clean, and they benefit from being a lesser focus). If, say, a catgirl breaks her conditioning and kills a wealthy oil baron, KK will dispatch a squad not only to hunt down the escaped product, but to cover up the crime itself and keep their record clean.

You do not need to lay out every detail of the anomaly in question if it's not relevant to the story you're telling through the article, it's not going to make it more interesting if you write unprompted about the sphincter elasticity of an anomaly, it's just going to make it worse.

KK is a Western company that markets itself using "Kawaii", or cute, Japanese aesthetic as marketing.

KK's employees come from a wide range of acceptance of their actions, from dejected scientists working only for the pay, to marketing staff who get by through not veiwing their products as human, or even those who actively take pleasure in abusing their produce. KK tolerates all these viewpoints within reason (Damaging products is, of course, treated appropriately) and remains safe in the knowledge that their generous pay and deadly reprocussions for trying to speak out or act a hero are enough to keep such a broad group functioning.

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