Amazing! Co. Life Printer
an "amazing co.'s printer" that makes the entities coming out have life




Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Pending

Hazard Types: Pending

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX-S is located at Site-81471 as personal property and is currently only available to local personnel2. All RPC-XXX-A and RPC-XXX-B instances are located within a warehouse at Site-876, kept inside their original packaging when possible, which serves to block communications to the instances. Access to these RPC-XXX instances is restricted to experimental use only.
Precautions for using RPC-XXX are listed on location at Site-8174 and provided below.3

Precautions for RPC-XXX

  • Never use the product below level 2!
  • If you think it's too dangerous, command the printer or printed thing to stop!
  • Avoid duplicating staff who are not affiliated with THQ!
  • Printed entities shall be designated RPC-XXX-P.
  • Records of printing tests must be submitted to a Research Department superintendent.
  • Any unauthorized use of the printer will be met with disciplinary actions accordingly! Owner of RPC-XXX-S
  • No RPC-XXX-Ps are allowed to utilize the parent RPC-XXX printer to create a secondary RPC-XXX-P instance. ~ THQ Director

RPC-XXX-P prints generally do not obey commands for self-termination and their strength will not be degraded by sunlight until they are incapacitated, as stated in the instruction manual., but other RPC-XXX-P instances will obey commands to terminate another print.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation for three "life printers" sold by (the) GoI "Amazing! Co.". This includes two standard models, RPC-XXX-A and RPC-XXX-B, and a special edition model sold online labeled RPC-XXX-S. RPC-XXX-A supports printing in 2D and RPC-XXX-B supports printing in 3D.
Objects printed with RPC-XXX4 are sentient, intelligent, and capable of handling the printer's instructions. RPC-XXX-Prints do not display any form of life cycles and will become incapacitated should the person who printed them pass away. As a result of being mistaken for a "live printer" and an attack on the manufacturer by the mass-produced RPC-XXX-P, sales of this product have been discontinued.

Due to RPC-XXX-A and RPC-XXX-B instances being initially mistaken for RPC-XXX-S model printers, Authority raids on the manufacturing facility producing them have resulted in their discontinuation.

Someone says.

RPC-XXX-S is capable of adjusting the ego and intelligence of its prints, and by setting both to the lowest value, it is possible to reproduce results achieved by an RPC-XXX-B model. RPC-XXX-P instances from RPC-XXX-S, even those printed with the lowest ego setting, display the capability to vocally communicate with people, and with the parent printer; itself displaying some form of artificial intelligence during these correspondences.
RPC-XXX-B and RPC-XXX-S are both resin printing methods, and are based on Form3L architecture, capable of producing clear-colored objects by using the special booster and adjusting the Elements of Resin settings within the Formlabs Color Kit.
The reason why ego and intelligence levels cannot be raised on the RPC-XXX-A/B printers is that those models have a "regulated sapience value" hard-coded into their artificial intelligence that can't be manipulated unless RPC-XXX-S is used. It's worth noting that when asked about the reason for the lack of ego and intelligence regulation in the product, the uniform response was "because it's not cost-effective".

Discovery: RPC-XXX-S was the subject of a lottery sale, and although Director of Site-[REDACTED] Ichika Akagi and 50,000 others applied for the prize, she describes on the back cover of the instruction sheet that she was selected by non-anomalous luck.
RPC-XXX-S was purchased by Director Ichika Akagi for personal use under her name.

  • Breakdown of applicants for the RPC-XXX-S lottery sale, including her
Reason for application Percentage(*Max 100% and with duplicates)
Collection of Abnormalities 5%
Unethical Uses 24%
Personal effects 1%
Use to work 75%
I thought it was the Live Printer 75%
No answer 10%

The other RPC-XXX groups will be mass-produced and sold after the lottery sale of RPC-XXX-S is over. The price was disclosed during the lottery sale of RPC-XXX-S, and some of the mass-produced products were Some people mistook it for a Live Printer and bought it immediately. On the same day, it was discovered that some Authority personnel had applied for the job because of the collection of unusual items, and they were pre-screened It turns out that they were dropped in. Cash poisoning for 3D printers was also identified.

For RPC-XXX-A and RPC-XXX-B, Authority used RPC-XXX-S to print out the output of those locations and then dispatched agents to the output of the location by the product to retrieve it.

Addendum: Printed records are kept in document XXX-P.

Incident Log XXX-109: The ego product used RPC-XXX-S to print the Ace Book based on the picture.
Face and limbs were already attached to the drawing, but her wings, which were not drawn, were printed as working parts along with goggles. But the face didn't appear until the product completed the Ace Book, and its eyes, unlike the painting, were a fluorescent green color.
Products were unaware that RPC-XXX-S was regulating its ego and intellect, and the printed Ace Book took notice and saved the day.
It should be noted that the printed Ace Book wants to become a THQ director.

Video Log XXX-750:

Video shows RPC-XXX-S. Due to the update, RPC-XXX-S has a face.

RPC-XXX-P: Frozen maker, good. Freezing food, good.

RPC-XXX-P: Shooting takes up a lot of space, so you'd better get an SD card and extra batteries!

RPC-XXX-S: Life Printer supports printing of the same object, but does not support infinite capacity printing. But it's a good thing that I don't have to replace it anymore, thanks to the endless supply of resin base. Unlike someone else, I just shine a special light on the resin.

RPC-XXX-P: Printer, how do you know those resin elements are infinite?

RPC-XXX-S: No matter how much I spend, it doesn't diminish the content. That's it.

RPC-XXX-P: That's all it is, isn't it?

RPC-XXX-P(Ace Book): I've analyzed that printer, but I've analyzed a laser that can have life and other anomalies just by shining light on it. It's like a built-in laser. But those lasers are designed to be disabled as soon as you remove them.

The frozen maker turns on.

RPC-XXX-P(Frozen maker): There's no food in me.

RPC-XXX-P: Sorry, sorry, I'll just be a minute.

[Omitted, maybe due to recording limit, record cuts out.]

RPC-XXX-P(Frozen maker): If you're comfortable with that food, please press the start button.
Video playing on PC: 1, go!
A cue from the video activates the Frozen Maker. The PC plays Eurobeat as background music.
RPC-XXX-P(Ace Book): These are all products. The medium is disparate.
RPC-XXX-P: But why did they add voice input in the update?
RPC-XXX-P(Ace Book): With voice input, there are some details that are impossible to reproduce with standard input, but the printing method seems to be the same as with standard input.
RPC-XXX-P: What has changed inside the printer other than the laser in the example?
RPC-XXX-P(Ace Book): There was nothing unusual about it except for the lasers.
A shaved ice-like red-painted yellow object is output from the frozen maker.
RPC-XXX-P: What I used was a yellow apple printed with voice input and dipped in red paint.
[Omitted, record cuts to.]

RPC-XXX-P: Print out the ponkan!

RPC-XXX-S: I'm ready

RPC-XXX-S prints the ponkan using only non-transparent orange resin.

RPC-XXX-S: Amazing! Co. sells a machine that converts water and juice into resin. It's compatible with 3D printers that use resin from other companies, so if you can't afford a life printer, you sh… Whops! That's the in-store demo.

RPC-XXX-P: How do you adjust the transparency?

RPC-XXX-S: In an infinite resin environment? The original resin is transparent, and as the original amount of color mixed in increases, it becomes less transparent. You can't do this without applying a dedicated patch for the infinite resin environment.

RPC-XXX-P(Ace Book): The patch was downloaded at the printer's will, sort of?

RPC-XXX-S: It's done of print!

The video jumps to the scene where the video is edited and the freshly printed ponkan is cut with an RPC-XXX-P knife.

The cross-section of the RPC-XXX-P's ponkan was all orange.


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