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Malicious rating






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Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-038-J

Object Class: Omega-Yellow

Hazard Types: Info-Hazard, Incorporeal Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-038-J cannot be accommodated by its very nature and requires the use of an info-hazard or similar actionable hazard for termination, but it is likely to occur infinitely after termination. Should consider whether RPC-038-J-2 is the author of the article or not.

Description: RPC-038-J is a set of evaluations unrelated to the articles that occur in the Authority database. This is mainly considered to be an evaluation of the author of the article, but in rare cases, it may try to keep only certain articles.

The main behavior of RPC-038-J is a low opinion on the victim(RPC-038-J-1)'s article. This has been done using a separate account designated for RPC-038-J-2 since the Authority blocked RPC-038-J's own account.

Ace Polshade is RPC-038-J-1, but she is also RPC-038-J-2. There is also RPC-038-J of her type.

Addendum: RPC-807-JRPC-807-J has also been deleted as being RPC-038-J-2.

Does anyone know how many times my posts have gone this way? - THQ Director Ace Polshade

Incident Log: RPC-038-J has been detected in the database.

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Individual things I take issue with:
"Should consider whether RPC-XXX-J-2 is the author of the article or not."
This is not a sentence.

"…for termination, but it is likely to occur infinitely after termination."
This needs to be reworded.

"…but in rare cases, it may try to keep only certain articles."
This needs to be reworded and clarified.

"The main behavior of RPC-XXX-J is a low opinion to the victim(RPC-XXX-J-1)'s article."
This should be reworded to be more clear, also what exactly RPC-XXX-J-1 and RPC-XXX-J-2 are is not established beforehand.

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