One of the subjects of RPC-345

Registered Phenomena Code: 395

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: Access to room RPC-345 is strictly prohibited to all personnel. All the walls of RPC-345's room are made of a 50-inch thick soundproof transparent glass. The RPC-345's room has to be monitored 24/7, both with cameras and live. No weapons are allowed in the room of the RPC-345. Personnel who violate this rule will be punished the most severely. To prevent a possible breach, the gate of the RPC-345 is reinforced with lead.
If RPC-345 is observed to be exhibiting aggressive behavior, we immediately proceed with Doctor Wickeline should be notified.
In the event of an assay or escape attempt, the chamber containing RPC-345 should be gassed and not entered until the object has been neutralized. To carry the RPC-345, the right arm must first be attached to the bottom of the stretcher, while the left arm must be placed above the throat.

Description: RPC-345 is a Green-eyed female with white long hair, estimated to be 26-27 years old. The face of RPC-345 does not match any faces in the database. Therefore, his true identity could not be identified. RPC-345 has a height of 1.87 centimetres and a weight of 67 kilograms, a sphere made entirely of human eyes where his right hand should be, and a light filter where his left hand should be. The RPC-345 has a white dress on it and a necklace made of human eyes around its neck, but for safety purposes these accessories have been replaced with the subject shirt. The right arm of the RPC-345 was cut on the order of the personals, but about 20 seconds after the cut, the arm of the RPC-345 was moved and a new arm was formed again, although the staff repeated this experiment 21 times by Order of the management of the institution was not successful.

The first experiment of RPC-345 is a 60-centimetre tall humanoid creature with human fingers in place of its eyes, made up of fully fused human bodies.

The second subject of RPC-345 is a creator with a dog body with two human tongues instead of eyes with a human head.




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