Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: None

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX-1 and RPC-XXX-2 are to be kept in separate containment chambers, at least 10 meters apart. Any fluid coming from either RPC-XXX-1 or RPC-XXX-2 is to be reported immediately, then cleaned.

Description: RPC-XXX-1 is a red hardback notebook that contains writings from an unknown humanoid author, RPC-XXX, who is now assumed to be deceased. The writing itself is neither memetic or anomalous, but does describe anomalous events and criminal acts, which are currently under investigation. RPC-XXX is the perpetrator of these acts, and used their anomalous abilities1 to cover up the crimes.

RPC-XXX-2 is a blue hardback notebook with the name "Jenny" written on the front. The writing inside of RPC-XXX-2 is noticeably more incoherent, but still not anomalous. The name Jenny refers to Jenny R█████, a 2█ year old woman who disappeared on 10/20/18. The police case has since been dropped at Authority request.

When RPC-XXX-2 is in close proximity to RPC-XXX-1, they both begin to emit a thick fluid resembling ink. The fluid will then form words on the page. This is only briefly visible however, as it drys and disappears quickly.

Addendum RPC-XXX-A: RPC-XXX-1 Excerpts

Addendum RPC-XXX-A: RPC-XXX-2 Excerpts

Addendum RPC-XXX-A: RPC-XXX-1 and RPC-XXX-2 Experimentation

Dream Love

Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Epsilon-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols:

Description: Subjects affected by RPC-XXX are to be referred to as RPC-XXX-1. RPC-XXX-1 are most susceptible when in a weakened mental state, usually caused by romantic issues. Cases of RPC-XXX-1 also exhibit similar personality traits, such as being a homebody, untidy, and being generally alone. Once affected, RPC-XXX-1 consciously start to spend more time sleeping to the point where it becomes unhealthy. This had lead to numerous deaths of RPC-XXX-1.

RPC-XXX is an entity which inhabits dreams. RPC-XXX-1 interviews have suggested that RPC-XXX's appearance changes based on what RPC-XXX-1 finds attractive2. However, RPC-XXX's personality does not appear to change, as it is always described as being outgoing and forward. Unlike most dreams, RPC-XXX-1 vividly remember what occurs in dreams with RPC-XXX. It is currently unknown whether RPC-XXX is a physical entity or not.

Addendum RPC-XXX-A: RPC-XXX-1 Interview

Addendum RPC-XXX-A: RPC-XXX-1 Experimentation

Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be kept within a standard humanoid containment chamber. There must be at least one outlet within the chamber for RPC-XXX's charging station. RPC-XXX must be plugged into the charging station once every 12 hours. During the charging, engineers are to repair RPC-XXX if any rusting has occurred.

Description: RPC-XXX is a humanoid automaton designed to look like a woman in their mid 20s. Despite its vaguely human appearance, RPC-XXX was presumably made to look robotic, as instead of synthetic skin it has steel plating covering it. The technology composing RPC-XXX's body is thought to be from the late 1980s3. The software inside of RPC-XXX is also archaic, as the only computation software found inside is to move the limbs, jaw, and various other parts.

However, even though it has no AI whatsoever, RPC-XXX is capable of rationalizing and experiencing emotion. Researchers have now come to the conclusion that an entity the Authority cannot view by any known means is located inside RPC-XXX. This entity will now be referred to as RPC-XXX-1. Though we cannot see it, RPC-XXX-1 can interact with us. Namely, it controls RPC-XXX, and can speak through it. Secondarily, RPC-XXX-1 has the ability to degrade certain materials, such as metal and flesh. Despite some hostility towards the Authority, RPC-XXX-1 has only used this ability on itself during containment.

Addendum RPC-XXX-A: APAS Interrogation


Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX-1 instances are all to be kept in standard humanoid containment chambers, and are to have a psychologist assigned to each. Weekly evaluations of their mental health are to be undergone, as well as a normal medical checkup.

Description: RPC-XXX is a group of 37 humanoid anomalies of various race and stature. The individuals in RPC-XXX are dressed in formal attire, have been anomalously modified in some way, and are to be referred to as RPC-XXX-1. The anomalous modifications of the RPC-XXX-1 instances are diverse, but are either cybernetic or organic in nature. This includes highly advanced prosthesis, mutations in DNA, and other technologies, all of which are beyond current modern science.

RPC-XXX-1 have been conditioned to respond to and complete given commands. Once a command is given, only the person who first gave the command can stop RPC-XXX-1. RPC-XXX-1 will also go to extreme lengths to complete the task, . However, commands that are impossible, such as drying out the ocean, are ignored. Attempts to undo this conditioning are underway.

Addendum-XXX-A: Discovery Log


Anomalous Phenomena Acquisition Society (APAS): T-02


Overview: The APAS is a non-profit group dedicated to the collection of anomalies for entertainment purposes. The members of the APAS are those who are considered to be in the highest level of society. Going into specifics, many of their members fall into one of these categories: celebrity, CEO, kingpin, or politician. As for their relationship to the Authority, they have managed to raid several of our sites and transports, stealing RPCs in the process. These attacks are carried out by paid mercenaries (usually veterans and ex-cons) who are fed information from an unknown source. How this information is leaked is also unknown.


The Philosopher Device


Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Procedures: RPC-XXX is to be housed at Site-88 in a locked containment chamber of 10m x 15m x 5m. No personnel higher than level 3 are permitted to enter the cell under any circumstances. Researchers and guards assigned to RPC-XXX are to be rotated out every 2 weeks, and given psychiatric evaluations.

Instances of RPC-XXX-2 are to be taken off RPC-XXX, and given a vacation week to recover.

Description: RPC-XXX is a alchemy based machine produced sometime during 174█. RPC-XXX is composed of beakers, flasks, and primitive versions of modern chemistry equipment4 laid out in a circular fashion on various tables. Most of the technology RPC-XXX is composed of was not available in the 18th century.

In the middle of RPC-XXX is a slab of stone with engravings on it, this is the primary input. To the left of the stone is a crushing mechanism meant for hard materials, this is the secondary input. The output is located at the back of the slab.

The purpose of RPC-XXX is to create gold through a chemical process, which the exact science of is unknown. The secondary input is reserved for lead, which is crushed manually in the mechanism, then placed into a beaker filled with water. The primary input is 1 live human(now referred to as RPC-XXX-1), which is to be placed on the slab, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The beaker with lead and water is to then be [DATA EXPUNGED]. The contents of the beaker are then funneled into the rest of RPC-XXX, until the gold is produced.

Additionally, prolonged exposure to RPC-XXX makes individuals experience a strong desire to be put into RPC-XXX, and are now referred to as RPC-XXX-2. RPC-XXX-2 instances become increasingly more obsessed with RPC-XXX the more they are in contact with it.


Registered Phenomena Code: 563

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: Extreme Temperatures Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-563's perimeter is to be maintained at all times. Assigned personnel are to check RPC-563 with thermal binoculars hourly for signs of activity. In the event RPC-563-2 is present, the site administrator is to be immediately notified.

Only teams of 5 people or less may be sent into RPC-563 at once. Due to high fatality rates, these teams are to be comprised only of D-Class or low risk personnel. The equipment to be supplied per person includes: 1 lighter, 1 set of matches, 3 food rations, 1 water canteen, and a heavy winter outfit. Additional items can be assigned if necessary.

Any letters for RPC-563-1 are to be reviewed by a Level 4 official before delivery. This also applies to any received letters from RPC-563-1.

Description: RPC-563 is an area with a circular radius of approximately 2,000 km located in Antarctica. Below are all of the the currently known anomalous properties inside of RPC-563.

  • The average temperature within RPC-563 is -105°C5, deviating heavily from the surrounding area's temperature (-49°C).
  • Most technology (including non-electronics) invented during or after the 17th century are rendered inoperative once inside RPC-563. This includes firearms, recording devices, cameras, heaters, etc.
  • The plant life inside of RPC-563 consists of multiple pine tree and shrub species not native to Antarctica. This flora creates a large, dense forest encompassing most of RPC-563.

Two known entities are present inside RPC-563, which are referred to as RPC-563-1 and RPC-563-2.

RPC-563-1 are multiple sapient humanoid entities that are dressed in colonial era clothing6. A community of RPC-563-1 are located in a settlement roughly 5km from the northern edge of RPC-563. The area around this settlement is warm and humid with a high concentration of vegetation occupying it, contrasting with the rest of RPC-563. Several experiments have shown that RPC-563-1 refuse to leave RPC-563, even when threatened/bribed.

RPC-563-2 is an entity with an undocumented appearance that possesses telepathic abilities7. It is presumed that it uses this ability in order to subdue prey for consumption8. All major expeditions (6 or more personnel) into RPC-563 have been halted due to interference from RPC-563-2. However, RPC-563-2 is much less likely to interfere with small operations (1 to 5 personnel). See document 563-B for details.

Addendum 563-A: RPC-563-1-12 Interview

Addendum 563-B: RPC-563-2 Experiment Log

Addendum 563-C: Recovered Journal

Closing Statement: The aforementioned entries provide various eyewitness accounts pertaining to the interior nature of RPC-563, as well as the cognitohazardous effects of RPC-563-2. Page 6 is currently under observation, but is believed to have no memetic or infohazard properties.

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