RPC-XXXX-1, Instance 1.

Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-3216

Object Class: Beta-Orange Neutralized (Reclassified 9-04-19██, See Discovery XXXX-2) Gamma-Red (Reclassified 7/12/19██, See Discovery XXXX-3)

Hazard Types: Incorporeal Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: Subjects affected by RPC-XXXX are to be contained within individual cells, provided with appropriate tools to produce instances of RPC-XXXX-1 for further study. A camera is to be mounted in each cell to record the effects of RPC-XXXX on affected subjects. Viewing of said camera footage is only to be done after said subject is successfully terminated. Each cell should have ventilation equipment installed capable of dispersing of large quantities of carbon monoxide, effectively terminating the subject when needed.

Due to the unpredictable and contagious nature of RPC-XXXX, further testing involving RPC-XXXX is forbidden. Any sign of RPC-XXXX symptoms among Clearance Level-0 subjects whom are used exclusively for testing of other RPC anomalies or have directly or indirectly interacted with anomalous objects must be immediately terminated.

Should it come to the event that a subject affected by RPC-XXXX create or be suspected of creating RPC-XXXX-1, the living quarters camera of the affected subject must be immediately switched off and the entrance to it quarantined until the subject is successfully terminated via internal gas nozzles.

Should RPC-XXXX spreads to non-Clearance Level-0 Class subjects due to a failure in proper termination or accidental prolonged viewing of RPC-XXXX-1 instances produced by affected live subjects, Site Protocol-XXXX must be issued to ensure full termination of all affected subjects without further spreading of RPC-XXXX.

Instances of RPC-XXXX-1 produced by deceased subjects previously affected by RPC-XXXX should be documented under Instance XXXX-1 Logs.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a non-physical anomaly which manifests itself randomly1 in Clearance Level 0 subjects which have interacted, whether it be physically or indirectly, with objects that possess anomalous properties.

RPC-XXXX's anomalous properties may take up to 24 days to fully manifest in subjects, and symptoms of exposure before full manifestation is alike to schizophrenia or mood-related mental impairments, with the most common reported symptoms being as following:

  • Anti-social behaviour, such as gross noncompliance or inappropriate reactions to certain situations.
  • Hallucinations, primarily auditory. Subjects describe said hallucinations normally as incoherent voices, footsteps when there are none, and 'clicking' emanating from their head. Subjects who are close to full manifestation of RPC-XXXX will often report seeing shadowy silhouettes of humans in the corners of their eyes.
  • Paranoiac and deluded behaviour. Subjects often believing bizarre and false information, with most claiming that they are "haunted" or "possessed" by anomalous objects, and going to far measures to hide or protect themselves from other RPC threats, even when no danger is present. Subjects will become increasingly rebellious against testing of RPC anomalies, with late-stage manifestation even leading to suicide or unpredictable and aggressive irrationality in subjects when exposed to the threat of anomalous objects.

Once full manifestation of RPC-XXXX has occurred, subjects will forcefully seclude themselves and start creation of RPC-XXXX-1 instances. If no tools are available to create such instances, subjects may go as far as cutting themselves to use blood in effort to create instances of RPC-XXXX-1. Subjects that are in the process of creation of instances of RPC-XXXX-1 will not respond to any exterior interaction whatsoever, and will continue creating instances even while in a state where it is difficult or impossible to reach their goal of creating an instance of RPC-XXXX, with subjects holding unparalleled resistance to mental responses such as pain or shock, being able to continue functioning even when they are heavily physically damaged.

After a subject in full manifestation of RPC-XXXX has finished their creation of an instance of RPC-XXXX-1, they will attempt to present their instance to as many other unaffected subjects in their vicinity in an act to spread RPC-XXXX. Subjects often create several almost exact copies of instances of RPC-XXXX to induce its spreading. The method in which said subject presents their instance varies, although all affected subjects show a similarity in that they hold no regards to their own well-being during their attempts, going as far as possible to create as much attention to themselves and their instance.

RPC-XXXX-1 refers to the creation of subjects under full manifestation of RPC-XXXX. If these instances are viewed directly with the naked eye for a prolonged period of time,2 RPC-XXXX will spread to the viewer if they are unaffected. Instances of RPC-XXXX-1's anomalous properties may become completely inert if the following circumstances are met:

  • The original creator of the instance has expired.
  • Any subjects who have contracted RPC-XXXX from the certain instances are also deceased. Unrelated instances of RPC-XXXX do not apply.

Instances of RPC-XXXX-1 are often disturbing to the viewer even after all anomalous properties are rendered inert, and consist of uncannily accurate information regarding other RPC instances or the RPC Authority itself, even if the creator of the instances hold limited knowledge or no of the Authority itself. Information from said instances may even expose knowledge that is completely unknown to the Authority itself regarding other RPCs. Instances may take the form of text or visual imagery, however all known instance have some connection to the RPC Authority itself.

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