Mors 13’s Drawing Board


Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols:
RPC-XXX's point of origin has been traced to an abandoned stretch of route ██ in eastern Pennsylvania. The Authority has purchased the surrounding land and the route has been redirected. No less than two (2) authority personnel disguised as police officers are to be patrolling the area around RPC-XXX and should remove any trespassers. The boundaries surrounding RPC-XXX are continuously expanding. As such, a boundary has been established approximately 15 m away from it. This area is to be expanded by 17 cm every six (6) months and fifteen (15) days.

RPC-XXX is a road, specifically a 4 km section of Route ██ leading to █████████, Pennsylvania. On the outside of the anomaly, it appears as an abandoned road completely covered with graffiti and numerous cracks. Its anomalous traits take effect whenever a subject happens to cross the boundaries of RPC-XXX. When this occurs, they immediately enter a pocket of space that completely resembles the original road and its surroundings. The only difference being the complete ignition of the subject's surroundings.

The fires within RPC-XXX have shown to be able to reach temperatures ranging from 1,300°C to ████°C. Despite these extreme temperatures, they do not damage the objects they are set upon. It is notable that anyone that enters RPC-XXX is not exempt from the dangers that the flames present. Due to these conditions, prolonged human habitation within RPC-XXX is virtually impossible. As such, only flame retardant drones are allowed to traverse it. See Addendum XXX.2.

The only way to exit RPC-XXX is to return through the approximate entry point that a subject entered from. Should a subject attempt to exit through any other point, it will only lead them deeper into RPC-XXX.

Starting from a 3 m by 7 m area, the boundaries of RPC-XXX have been continuously expanding by approximately 35.5 cm annually ever since its sudden appearance in 05/██/19██. Since then, it has expanded by approximately ██ m. Its growth has been increasing at a rate of 0.2 cm biannually and it is hypothesized that RPC-XXX will reach ██ km by ██ km in the next ██ years.

Addendum XXX.1: Recovered Expedition Log Transcripts

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