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Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazards: Extreme Temperatures, Extra-Dimensional

Containment Protocols:
RPC-XXX's point of origin has been traced to an abandoned stretch of route ██ in eastern Pennsylvania. The Authority has purchased the surrounding land and the route has been redirected. No less than two (2) authority personnel disguised as police officers are to be patrolling the area around RPC-XXX and should remove any trespassers. The boundaries surrounding RPC-XXX are continuously expanding. As such, a boundary has been established approximately 15 m away from it. This area is to be expanded by 17 cm every six (6) months and fifteen (15) days.

Alpha classification may be subject to change in the future due to its sustained expansive properties.

Description: RPC-XXX is a spatial anomaly connected to a 4 km section of Route ██ leading to █████████, Pennsylvania. On the outside of the anomaly, it appears as an abandoned road with the majority of its surface area covered with graffiti and numerous cracks. Its anomalous traits take effect whenever a subject crosses the boundaries of RPC-XXX. When this occurs, they immediately enter a pocket of space that completely resembles the original road and its surroundings. The only difference being the complete ignition of the subject's surroundings.

The fires within RPC-XXX have shown to be able to reach temperatures ranging from 430°C to ███°C. Despite these extreme temperatures, they do not appear to damage the objects they are set upon. It is notable that anyone that enters RPC-XXX are not exempt from the dangers that the flames present. Due to these conditions, prolonged human habitation within RPC-XXX is virtually impossible. As such, only flame retardant drones are allowed to traverse it. (See Addendum XXX.2)

The only way to exit RPC-XXX is to return through the approximate entry point that a subject entered from. Should a subject attempt to exit through any other point, it will only lead them deeper into RPC-XXX.

Starting from a 3 m by 7 m area, the boundaries of RPC-XXX have been continuously expanding by approximately 35.5 cm annually ever since its sudden appearance in 05/██/19██. Since then, it has expanded by approximately ██ m. Its growth has been increasing at a rate of 0.2 cm biannually and it is hypothesized that RPC-XXX will reach ██ km by ██ km in the next six years.

Within lies a large cathedral, designated as RPC-XXX-1, that does not presently possess a counterpart outside of RPC-XXX. In contrast to the majority of the space within RPC-XXX, RPC-XXX is not subject to the same flames affecting its surroundings. The inside of RPC-XXX-1 also has the same properties, being in almost perfect condition. While evidence of current human habitation is absent elsewhere, a gathering of what seems to be non-anomalous humans dressed in garb typical of 18th century era Euro-American settlers are usually found there.

Addendum XXX.1: Recovered Expedition Log Transcripts

Expedition Log XXX-01:

Acquired Personnel: Dr. Ulysses, Senior Researcher Marks

Miscellaneous Personnel: D-1004 is a 35-year-old Caucasian male of average build and an unremarkable psychological background. D-Class designation is a result of demotion due to mishandling of RPC-███. D-1004 is equipped with flame retardant clothing, as well as a handheld camcorder fitted with a transmission stream, and an audio headset for communication with Dr. Carmichael at Control.

Foreword: In an effort to inspect the contents of RPC-XXX and ascertain its properties.


Dr. Ulysses: Alright D-1004. Please enter RPC-XXX.

(D-1004 passes the boundaries encompassing RPC-XXX. D-1004 immediately disappears from external and internal video feed.)

D-1004: Fuck, it's so hot out here! Everything is—(static)

Ulysses: D-1004? D-1004, are you there?

D-1004: Yeah, I'm here. Where are you guys? I walk a little bit and next thing I kn—(static)

Ulysses: Hold on, I'm trying to re-establish video feed.

(Internal video feed comes back on, showing multiple large-scale fires and red skies. Shortly afterward, the video feed cuts out. Further attempts to re-establish connection ended in failure.)

Marks: RPC-XXX is interfering with the signal somehow. D-1004 what do you see?

D-1004: Everything's on fire! (coughs) It's really hard to breathe in here. Hey, how comes that guard isn't—(static) me?

Marks: Just comply with our orders and you'll be fine. Do you see anything abnormal besides the fires?

D-1004: Not really. Everything's just on—(static). God, it's so fucking hot in here.

Ulysses: Please proceed D-1004.

D-1004: (cough) Uh, you sure that's a good idea doc? There's fire everywhere around me. I don't really see anywhere that'll—(static). I think the heat's starting to get to me.

Ulysses: Refusal to follow directions is grounds for termination, Mr. ██████.

D-1004: Alright, I get it.

(D-1004 proceeds deeper into the recesses of RPC-XXX until they eventually encounter a building similar in appearance to a cathedral of which is not present in the original location.)

D-1004: Hey uh, this place is supposed to be an alternate reality kind of place right? Was this church always here?

Marks: No, it wasn’t. Please describe it further.

D-1004: Well, it’s more like a cathedral than a church actually. Really big.

(At this point video feed spontaneously returns.)

Ulysses: Hey ████, the cathedral isn’t on fire.

Marks: Seems like the only thing that isn’t actually. D-1004, please proceed into the church.

D-1004: Got it.

(As D-1004 enters the church, various people are sitting in pews, also deprived of any evidence of fire. In the front, another person appearing to be an elderly man, presumably the head of the people there, is speaking.)

Unknown Speaker: While our hard working (Unintelligible) are trying their best to (Unintelligible) , those good for nothing (Unintelligible) spew their worthless words and give us false promises!

D-1004: (Whispers) What should I do? They don’t see me yet.

Ulysses: Could you get a bit closer D-1004, it’s difficult to understand what they’re saying.

D-1004: (Whispers) Um, are you sure? I don’t know what they’re gonna do if they see me, and I don’t think it’d be anything good.

Marks: D-1004, must we repeat ourselves?

Unknown Speaker: Those things are (EXPLETIVE) heretics! They keep (Unintelligible). That should be goddamn witchcraft!

D-1004: (Whispers) Okay, okay, okay. I’ll try.

(As soon as D-1004 attempts to move, the whole assembly notices their presence and turns towards them.)

D-1004: (Whispers) Shit.

Unknown Speaker: Hello? Who’s there?

D-1004: (Whispers) What should I do?

Ulysses: Comply with their requests for now.

D-1004: Uh, hello?

Unknown Speaker: C’mon here son. Nobody here’s gonna hurt you.

(As D-1004 stands, the person at the front gestures for them to come up.)

Unknown Speaker: See? Told ya nobody was gonna hurt you. That is, unless you’re a heretic. (Everyone besides D-1004 begins to laugh in unison.)

D-1004: What do you mean by heretic?

Unknown Speaker: Son, you ever washed your hands before? No heretic would do that, that’s for damn sure. You ever kept your house clean? No heretic would do that either. It’s pretty easy to tell who’s a heretic and who’s not around these parts.

D-1004: Oh, um, good thing I do those things then I guess. (Laughs uncomfortably)

Unknown Speaker: You really wanna know what a heretic does and what they live for? Let me ask you a question. And you gotta answer this truthfully for me. Can you do that?

D-1004: Sure?

Unknown Speaker: (Unintelligible)

Marks: D-1004 what did they say?

D-1004: I-uh, erm-

Marks: D-1004?

Unknown Speaker: Hey. You haven’t answered my question.

D-1004: Oh, sorry. Um, could you repeat the question for me?

Unknown Speaker: (Unintelligible)

Ulysses: D-1004 we can’t understand them.

Unknown Speaker: Look son. I know it’s hard for you to truly grasp what I’m putting down. Especially for the boys in white that keep pestering ya. If you can’t say the answer now, that’s fine. You can answer it later.

D-1004: How do you-

Unknown Speaker: Just come with me for a second would ya?

D-1004: Uh…

Ulysses: Comply D-1004.

D-1004: Um, yeah. Sure.

Unknown Speaker: That’s the spirit. Now, before we do, lemme just…

D-1004: Hey, hey! What are you doing?! Cut it ou-

(Upon the possible tampering of D-1004 equipment, audio and visual feeds immediately terminated.)

Ulysses: D-1004? D-1004 what happened? Goddamnit.

(From there onward all communication was severed with D-1004. All attempts to reconnect ended in failure. It is to be assumed the unknown person D-1004 was interacting with was the perpetrator of the communications failure.)


Addendum XXX.2:

Unmanned Expedition Log XXX-01:

Researcher: Dr. Ulysses, Agent Dillinger

Miscellaneous Personnel: In place of the standard D-Class personnel, a flame retardant aerial drone has been designated for use in the exploration of RPC-XXX.

Foreword: Further inspection of RPC-XXX's contents and more accurately ascertain its properties. Exploration is monitored by Dr. Ulysses while Agent Dillinger operates the drone.

<15:30:29> Drone is activated and is sent towards spatial anomaly. After passing RPC-XXX's boundaries, drone's immediate surroundings indicate instantaneous ignition. Attached thermometer measures nearby temperatures at 520°C. Drone maintains forward movement towards nearby town of █████████.

<15:30:42> Front facing camera displays a multitude of dilapidated buildings currently aflame. Agent begins to experience unwarranted sweating as attached thermometer begins detecting rapidly rising temperatures within RPC-XXX. High rising flames and thick smoke obscure vision of further distances.

<15:31:01> Two civilians are witnessed roaming the streets and on fire, but do not seem to notice. Dr. Ulysses notes the two continuing to walk straight through areas completely burning without apprehension.


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