Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha-White

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is contained within a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-XX. It is placed on a 2 meter long table. A television should be placed in front of the table, continuously running the Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN). Staff are to be aware of when the American College Football season is on and to maintain a constant rotation of College Football games.

RPC-XXX is to be injected with muscle relaxant every 4 hours. The dosage will vary depending upon RPC-XXX's reaction to the previous dosage.

Description: RPC-XXX is an 1.5 meter long mass of muscle. RPC-XXX appears to be a combination of biceps, triceps, trapezius, abdominal, and pectoral muscles. RPC-XXX is in a state of constant regeneration, developing new muscle tissue and absorbing dead tissue for energy.

RPC-XXX was contained on 15/10/2015 after COD operatives in Austin, Texas were alerted to the discovery of a strange organic substance found in the apartment of Jason Naysmith, a Junior at the University of Austin Texas. Jason Naysmith had been reported missing the day before by his teammates in the University's American football team.

On 02/01/2016, communication was established with RPC-XXX when Biological Researcher Jacobsen noticed a section of RPC-XXX's muscle tissue which rapidly contracted when Jacobsen jokingly said "Good Morning" to RPC-XXX. Jacobsen then set up a electromyography procedure to test RPC-XXX's ability to respond and recorded the results.

Experiment XXX-07:

Researcher Jacobsen: [I've set up this machine in order to communicate with you. Every set of contractions you make within two seconds of the last contraction will count as a number, which will correspond to a letter in the English language. So 1 contraction is the letter 'A' and 2 contractions is the letter 'B'. Do you understand?]


Researcher Jacobsen: [Good. Good. Can you tell me who you are?]


Researcher Jacobsen: [What hurts?]


Note: [RPC-XXX ceased communication and went into a state of exhaustion for several hours.]

On 03/01/2016, testing of RPC-XXX's communication abilities continued following the introduction of a muscle relaxant into RPC-XXX.

Transcript of Experiment XXX-08:

Researcher Jacobsen: [How are you feeling now?]

Researcher Jacobsen: [That's good to hear. Can you tell me who you are?]


Researcher Jacobsen: [Do you know how you ended up in this condition?]

RPC-XXX: [I TOOK A PILL FELT MYSELF GROW We might need to lower the dosage next time to prevent the possibility of complete sedation.

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